Summer, Kyle and Noah Return for Victoria and Ashland’s Wedding & Gaines Threatens Ashland

Soaps Spoilers has the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for the Monday, October 11, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Tuesday, October 12. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Gaines went missing. In this episode, Summer and Kyle surprise everyone at the party, Noah makes a big return, Leslie plays piano for the happy couple, and Gaines appears to threaten Ashland.

In Tuscany at the palazzo, Victoria can tell something is wrong and asks what it is. Ashland’s tired of keeping things from her. He’s about to explain when Victor stops him and says any threat to their wedding is under control. He leaves the room. Billy finds Jack and Nikki outside and they welcome him. He tells them the kids and Lily will be here any second. He’s cagey and says he needs to take care of something. He goes and they wonder what that’s about. “I don’t like the sounds of it,” Nikki tells her ex. Upstairs, Ashland explains to his bride that he had some breathing issues and Billy came to his rescue. She’s surprised. He assumes the man is laying low. She admits he’s been leaving messages on her phone, eager to confront her. Ash says there’s nothing he has to tell you that you don’t already know. She can’t wait to see how crushed he is to see his face when he realizes there’s nothing to tell her. He finishes getting ready.

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In their room, Phyllis is bummed that Nick wants them to leave Tuscany. She’ll do whatever he wants. He can’t think of anything else to do and doesn’t want to be a dark cloud hanging over her wedding. Phyllis is only there for him. She knows she’d never have been invited to the wedding if not for him. In walks Nick and Sharon’s son, Noah. He greets his dad and Phyllis, happily. He doesn’t want them to leave. He could tell how preoccupied Nick was. He did a great job covering but he had a look in his eye. Phyllis lets them chat. Nick talks about the issue between him and Noah’s aunt Victoria. Noah thinks if her forgiveness is important to him, he should stick around and wait for it.

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Outside at the palazzo, Nikki tells Victor that Billy seems skittish. He has his eye on Billy Boy Abbott and assures her that nobody will ruin this ceremony. Nearby, Jack tells Elena and Nate that he hopes his brother isn’t involved in this mess. Leslie Brooks turns up and Victor tells her she looks beautiful. Nikki agrees, she looks sensational. They’re happy she came. Jack appears at her side and they catch up. He introduces her to Nate and Elena. They’re excited to meet her and Victor and Nikki tout her magnificent piano playing. Billy reappears, searching for something. Jack spots him and inquires about what’s going on. “You’re sniffing around here like a bloodhound.” He says he’s looking for Lily. Jack’s suspicious. Bily shrugs. He always is. Billy pretends Lily just texted and is here. He rushes off and Phylis appears and they both wonder where he’s going. Inside, Ashland and Victoria are ready to greet guests. Everyone claps when they walk outside.  bride groom leslie brooks piano young restless

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Ashland charms Leslie right into playing Sonata Romantique G Maj. Everyone gathers around the piano to listen and Nate feels inspired as he watches how happy the couples are. Upstairs, Billy finds Lily in their room. He kisses her and she can tell something is on his mind. He apologizes. He missed her and is grateful she brought the kids all that way. Lily says Maddie’s good, brilliant and having a hard time finding people on her wavelength. She realizes that he’s flustered and asks what he’s done this time. He admits he learned Ashland committed fraud. He changed Camila’s will and named himself the beneficiary. Lily’s eyes widen in shock and he tells her the evidence is Jesse Gaines. He found him and paid him off. Lily’s upset to learn he paid him a duffle bag full of cash. She agrees Victoria should have heard this and is surprised once again that she doesn’t even know. “I lost the evidence,” he admits. He can’t find Gaines. Lily’s shocked he brought the man here. Billy says he can convince Victoria of the truth.

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Outside, Noah greets Victoria with a hug. Ash introduces himself and thinks Nate’s a great best man. He hopes that things are working out with his health. Ashland doesn’t mind. It’s in their vows. “Until death do us part.” He laughs and Noah laughs along with him. Victoria calls his sense of humor warped but Noah likes it. Nick appears behind him and then Summer and Kyle turn up. There are hugs all around and they discuss how amazing that their life is there and how glamorous is since Summer can’t walk around without someone recognizing her in the fashion area. Ashland asks where Harrison is and in the little guy runs. “Father!” He calls out and Ashland picks him up and holds him close. Nate and Elena asks Leslie if it gets old having to perform for friends. She loves it. Nikki finds Nick and they talk about how happy they are to see Noah. Nikki thinks Nick and Victoria have hashed things out but he admits they haven’t yet. She’s letting him stay though. Phyllis and Jack talk about her being happy that she’s staying there since she’ll get to spend time with her daughter. It was a surprise that Summer and Kyle showed up. Phyllis tells Jack she’s an outsider in the Newman family. Jack knows she’s not with Nick. Phyllis says he needs to stop overcompensating for admitting his feelings for her. He didn’t realize he was doing that. Everyone starts heading indoors.

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Inside, Noah tells Summer about Nick and Victoria’s fight. Summer thinks it’s silly. They must know they’ll make up at some point. Noah doesn’t think they grow out of sibling rivalry. Summer thinks they did. Noah misses family, but not the constant drama. Summer agrees. Milan is chaos-free. He admits he has issues thinking one relationship will last since their parents have been through a few. She brings up her and Kyle being off again and on again. He admires that they got it together now. She invites him for a long visit. She’ll introduce him to some women. He has been considering a change of scenery. Back upstairs, Lily’s shocked Billy took Gaines there. Was he going to do something theatrical? He denies it. He didn’t even want to crash the wedding. He just wants her to know the truth. Lily wonders if Gaines is lurking on the property. Billy assumes but he can’t find him. He wonders if Victor found him and kicked him out but Lily thinks he’d have done that with Billy, too. Billy’s worried that Gaines has his own agenda. Downstairs, Jack tells Kyle he’s glad that he has his life together. He misses him and Harrison but is proud of how they stepped up for that little boy and honored the bond between him and Ashland. Kyle says he’s a joyful kid. Letting him spend time with someone he loves like Ashland, makes Kyle happy. They all head outside again and Victor makes a speech to Victoria and Ashland. He respects Ashland and hopes everyone there will join him in welcoming him to the family.

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Inside, Ashland thanks Victor for the speech. He goes to find Billy and runs into Gaines. He asks what he and Billy Abbott are up to. Gaines wants to see him sweat. Ash calls him a bastard. Gaines threatens to announce his news tomorrow, before the ceremony or maybe he’ll make him so nervous that he’ll feel like he has no choice but to call off the wedding. Victoria interrupts and Gaines tells them to enjoy the rest of the evening. He takes off and Sshand is about to call security when Victoria says she knows how to handle this. Outside, Nate tries his best man speech out on Elena who loves it since it’s heartfelt. They kiss. Victoria goes to Billy to ask what the hell he thinks he’s doing.

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