Y&R Opinion: The Boresome Foursome Ordering Take-out Isn’t Compelling Story

Talking Keemo, Too Much Corporation Talk, and Singing Kumbaya

This article covers the episodes through Friday, February 25th, which may have been pre-empted in your area.

Missing conflict  

Not a great week in Genoa City for lovers of classic soap opera. All the drama is happening off-screen, from Dominic’s bone marrow transplant to Michael discovering that Ashland’s cancer is a major fake out. Why can’t we see those big moments happen? Where’s the conflict and THE DRAMA?

Sorry, but if you don’t have two characters on the canvas who want to literally murder each other, are you even doing soap opera? Besties heaping praise on each other’s moral standing and group hugging is not storytelling. So much sitting, so much coffee, so little action.

abby thrilled dom ok young restless

Character growth

A more mellow Jack and Victor putting aside their differences and having a realistic chat about mistakes and regrets was easily the highlight of the week… Phyllis turned down Summer’s job offer in Milan because she’s realized Genoa City is home. Character growth!

Victoria knows that Adam is at her company to make trouble. She doesn’t have any evidence but she correctly has her naughty brother pegged… Nikki thinks the whole Ashland story is far-fetched and hard to believe. So do we, Nicole. So do we… JILL! JILL! JILL is in the house! It was just a video chat but we’ll take what we can get.

Now call your son Billy and pull his head out of his backside… Neil Winters may have left this mortal coil, but his presence is still felt. Love seeing his photo in both Lily’s and Devon’s homes.

jill thanks lily young and the restless

Jack’s Mystery Texts 

Jack’s text message mystery is already full of holes. Legendary buttinsky Phyllis barely knew about Luan? Tracy didn’t know that Jack hasn’t spoken to Keemo in years? No one in the Abbott family has seen or heard from John Abbott’s eldest grandchild and never asked Jack about it?

Phyllis has done a little digging to figure out who has been sending Jack those strange text messages. She’s found the IP address and it’s a house owned by someone with the same name as Jack’s dead wife Luan’s long-dead father.

Could it be Keemo, Jack’s rarely mentioned first son and heir to all that is Abbott? Phyllis helps Jack do a Google and he’s crushed to find that Keemo has recently died. Bummer. Phyllis convinces Jack to hop a plane to Los Angeles find out what the heck is going on.

jack grieves young restless

Best lines:

“Jack Abbott is buying Victor Newman a drink. Will miracles never cease?”

Mariah saying that “you only get married once” in a room that included the much-married Sharon.

Billy: “So from now on I’ll just pretend that you don’t exist.”
Ashland: “I can hardly wait.”

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