The Bond Tightens As Taylor Urges Thomas to Spend More Time With Douglas, and Deacon Helps Hope Learn Some New Moves

In the Wednesday, December 15, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor reunites with Thomas, Brooke worries to Katie about Ridge and Deacon, and Deacon and Hope bond over martial arts. We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Steffy and Thomas found Ridge in Taylor’s arms after he told her about the trouble in his marriage.

As Ridge and Taylor are hugging in Steffy’s, their daughter and Thomas eventually interrupt to get in on the reunion. Tearful Taylor throws her arms around Thomas and tells him how much she’s missed him. She’s so happy to see both her kids looking great. Ridge repeats that the doctor is looking as hot as ever.

thomas hugs taylor home bold and the beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

They sit around and chat about Douglas and his space project. Taylor feels like she hasn’t been talking to her grandson enough. Thomas admits he hasn’t been seeing his son a lot, but that should change when he has his own house. His mother insists that Douglas is a Forrester, not a Logan, and should be spending more time with him.

Taylor backtracks for being so adamant about this. Steffy backs up the point though. Thomas insists he’s grateful to Hope for all the help she’s been. It makes sense for Douglas to be with Hope right now. He thanks his mom, but explains he still needs to regain his balance and make some healthy changes in his life. His mother knew he would get through his issues.

Thomas is determined to be a positive force for his son. Ridge compliments Taylor on how she pulls the family together. They are in a good place and a lot of that is because of her.

After Taylor and her daughter take another look at the sleeping child, Taylor tells her she’s off to a good start with her marriage. But she still can’t believe that Sheila is Finn’s birth mother. When she starts tearing up again, she offers to leave for a hotel. Steffy insists that she stay there. That’s everything that her mom hoped for. It’s so beautiful to see her children raising children. This feels right to Steffy. They feel like a family again and have a group hug. Taylor and Ridge lock eyes.

At the main house, Katie asks Brooke if she really thinks Ridge can forgive Deacon and accept him into the family. Brooke certainly hopes so. She doesn’t want to think about what could happen to her family if he doesn’t. Hope and Deacon are bonding. She deserves to know her father and Brooke doesn’t see why this should be a problem for Ridge. He can’t seem to get past the past. She doesn’t want it to be painful for her husband but she can’t deny her daughter a relationship with Deacon.

brooke defends ridge protective bold and the beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Brooke is sure that Deacon is making an effort. It’s complicated and she doesn’t want Ridge to feel threatened. She’s certainly not threatened by his family with Taylor.

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Deacon is explaining self-defense to Hope in the cabin. They practice some moves. She thinks she’s going to need some time developing her skills. “All the best things take time,” he says, before asking why she’s so interested in self-defense. Hope explains that martial arts give her a sense of confidence as a woman.

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She’s been dabbling with martial arts for years but gets distracted by other stuff. It’s important for her to look empowered for her daughter. Deacon agrees it’s important for her kids to look up to her and she’s an amazing mother. Martial arts have always been important to him but he never thought they would bring them together.

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They laugh and joke around as they practice moves. She impresses him with more kicks. As they mock-box around the room, Brooke interrupts. Deacon tells her what a natural Hope is at martial arts. “Like father, like daughter,” he says. Sitting down, Brooke worries about safety as they show off their kicks. She gets sarcastic about Deacon showing off and Hope suggests he show Brooke some techniques. He’s sure her mom can stop a man with just a giggle. That gets uncomfortable so she volunteers to learn a move.

They laugh some more and Deacon talks about how great Hope is. No one could have done a better job of raising her than Brooke with her “blackbelt in overcoming obstacles.” He’s so proud of her. Smiles all around.