Chelsea Reunites With Connor and Asks Adam Where They Stand as a Couple, While Victoria is Mortified Over Billy’s Antics

Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for Tuesday, December 14, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Wednesday, December 15. (Recaps live by 5:45 PM EST daily.) In the previous episode, Chelsea returned & Ashland kept a secret. In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chance gets word that his case is over, Adam and Chelsea catch up, and Devon is worried about Dominic. Meanwhile, Chance sees how close Devon is with his son, and Billy and Lily stage a fight for the lady in black.

At the ranch, Adam fills Chelsea in about giving Connor stability by moving him in there. She asks how it’s been for everyone else who lives on the property. “You’re asking about me and Sharon,” he says. She can’t help but be curious. He barely sees her anymore. She and Rey are building a life together and Adam’s focused on Connor.

Chelsea and adam talk connor young and restless

Chelsea thinks he sounds good and focused. He is. He’d love to live somewhere other than the tack house but Connor loves it near the horses. He says Faith has given him riding lessons. Chelsea’s relieved to hear he’s doing well. Adam admits he misses his mother and her surprise return will make his day.

She’s grateful for him for saying that. She asks if he misses her. He thought they discussed this. He thought he made it clear about how he felt. She asks if he’s willing to get past what she did. He feels more at peace but as far as forgetting and forgiving for her attempting to frame him for murder?

He doesn’t think they should get into that now, when Connor’s about to come home. Connor rushes in and sees Chelsea. They embrace. Victor appears and Connor takes his mom to the stables. Victor asks what her return means to him. There’s no room for him and Chelsea as a couple.

Victor’s glad to hear. Adam says they’ll co-parent and that’s all. Victor calls her toxic for his son. His work has gone well and what screws him up is his romantic entanglements.

connor chelsea reunion young and restless

Sharon notices that Rey’s on edge at Crimson Lights. He’s waiting to find out if Chance will return to GCPD. He has a meeting with the chief. She’s surprised he wants to go back so soon. She has concerned about him being emotionally ready. Rey thinks it’s up to him to figure out.  He wants his partner back.

She jokes about them talking sports and he says he was responsible for helping him watch sports. She’s just glad she doesn’t have to. He’s not finished with convincing her to watch. He talks up how wonderful Sharon is and calls her the love of his life. He kisses her and prepares to go cheer Chance on.

Rey moody misses Chance young restless

Chance puts on a coat at the Chancellor mansion as he tells Abby that he’s having a preliminary meeting with Paul. It’s the happiest he’s been in a while. She asks where he went last night. The doorbell rings and Christine tells them she’s got big news. The follow-up team caught the bad guys and those who set the bomb revealed the location of the person who set the bomb. He was tracked down. “This is over.” They’re happy to hear the case is closed and he no longer needs security detail.

christine big news young and restless

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At home, Devon thinks of Chance’s admission that he’s failed Abby. Amanda appears. She can tell something is weighing on him. Last night he left while she was asleep. He admits he’s worried about Chance. He fills her in on Chance’s guilt. They agree that with what he went through he’s struggling and it’s no wonder.

Devon doesn’t want this to affect Dominic. Amanda asks if he thinks Chance’s mental state will affect the child. He doesn’t think that. He wants the child to have the best life possible and he also wants to help Chance. He has an idea on how to achieve both those things by spending as much time with Dominic as he can.

Amanda with devon home young restless

Lily and Billy wander into Society. “Follow my lead,” Billy says. He approaches Victoria and Ashland and asks how married life is. Victoria finds that an interesting question. Lily tries to take Billy away. He tells them that he owes them a drink now that he’s a man of leisure. Lily tries to get him to stop. Victoria and Ash refuse a drink so Billy offers a game of poker. “You name the stakes.”

lily billy see victoria and ashland young and restless

Lily tries to stop his antics again and Ashland refuses to feed his addiction. “Really? That’s where your moral boundaries stop, Ashland? You got no problems setting a trap and stripping me of my dignity and now you’re a straight shooter? Now you’re Mr. Trustworthy?”

Ashland says he’d been warned. He told Billy that digging around in his past wouldn’t work out well. Victoria holds her hand to her head and tells Billy that it’s enough. They take off. Billy tells Lily that he thinks that went well. She agrees. “Too well.” She had concerns that he’ll get too caught up in this. What if he goes in so deep that he loses sight of the goal? Billy reassures her he’s fine. Lily wants him to tell Jack what’s going on.

“Let him know this whole thing is a charade.” She feels bad that Victoria doesn’t know. “She was mortified.” Billy says he has no need to feel remorse for rubbing what they did in his face. Jack won’t go along with this plan. He could blow it up.

victoria feeling crappy billy young and restless

Devon arrives at Chancellor estate to check on Dominic. Chance apologizes for last night. Abby tells Devon the good news that the bad guys who set the bomb are arrested. Chance takes off and Abby asks how Chance was when he ran into him last night. Devon skirts the question and they discuss how much Abby loves him.

devon gets good news young and restless

At Newman, Victoria tells Ashland that after seeing Billy, she is convinced that sending the kids to boarding school was the right thing to do.

vic ash work talk billy young restless

Sharon runs into Chance at Crimson Lights with Rey. They call him a hero and Rey talks about how he’ll be able to brag about his partner. Christine arrives and Chance thanks her for her news, earlier. He was too overwhelmed to say so when she was at the house. She’s glad to help.

She says breaking the news of his death to his mom and wife was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. She knows he had to do it for the mission though. He thanks her again and takes off to see Paul. Christine and Rey discuss Chance. Neither are sure he’s ready to go back to work.

chance with rey coffee house young and restless

Back at the ranch, Adam gets another video. This time it’s of Billy telling Victoria he’s off to do some gambling. Victor tells him to find out who is sending the videos. Later, Chelsea and Connor reappear and Adam suggests he go to his mom’s tonight to stay over. Connor’s psyched.

Back at Society, Lily and Billy see the woman in black with the blonde wig and hat. Lily thinks it’s Sally in disguise. Billy decides to give her a show. He digs cards out of his pocket and Lily plays along. She loudly says, “Billy, please put those away. I’m not amused. Gambling is not a joke.” Billy argues that he’s feeling the cards. She grabs her things and takes off and Billy takes a drink and goes after her, while the blonde in the hat covers her face.

sally disguise young and restless

Chance returns home. He watches Devon chatting with Dominic about sitting up on his own. He hopes he’s not tired of seeing his face because he’ll be visiting him all the time.

chance watches over devon young and restless

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