With Grace’s Pushing, Carter Ends Things with Paris & Steffy Wonders What Changed Thomas’ Attitude

In the Monday, March 14, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Grace demands that Carter end things with Paris, Hope urges her mom to fight for her marriage, and Steffy asks Thomas what’s changed.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Ridge was confused by Brooke’s divorce request and Grace confronted Paris and Carter.

taylor hands bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

At the Cliffhouse, Taylor and Ridge kiss until they almost fall over. She steps back to remind him there is no rush, no matter how nice that kiss was. If he does it again, she might be into it.

taylor let ridge down bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

He circles around her and she sighs before fondling her mug and talking about what freedom looks like for him. They can’t get back together unless he knows what he wants. “Do you even know if you’re ready to move on?” she asks.

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She doesn’t think he can just move on from Brooke. He does want to move on from the drama. They sit on the bed and she tells him she’s glad he’s there. It’s like they are becoming a big, happy family and she’s enjoying it.

Taylor has missed his company and has never stopped loving him. They kiss and cuddle. She knows his head is spinning. He thanks her for being so understanding.

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At home, Brooke thinks about telling Ridge that she is setting him free. Hope wanders in and wonders what’s going on. Her mom informs her that her marriage is over and she has no one to blame but herself. She told him to have a life without misery with Taylor.

“I did it for his sake,” Brooke explains, sobbing, claiming she has no choice. Hope reminds her that Ridge is the love of her life and she can’t let him go without a fight. Brooke doesn’t want to be an obligation and wants Ridge to be free. Maybe Taylor is better for him?

hope surprised by brooke bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Brooke beats herself up about what happened with Deacon and insists Ridge needs someone completely devoted to him. All she brings him is disappointment. She starts to wonder if she has made a mistake. Her daughter asks if she wants to save her marriage. If she does, she has to keep fighting.

Brooke doesn’t know how many times Ridge can forgive her for the things she does. Maybe Stephanie was always right about her being the slut from the valley. Hope says Stephanie had no right to say that, but Brooke understands where she was coming from now.

This is all baffling to Hope. She can’t understand why her mom is idealizing Taylor, who has made many of her own mistakes with Ridge. She can see through her whole “martyr act” and isn’t buying it when she knows she still wants a life with Ridge. Her mom admits she doesn’t want to give up and hopes Ridge will come back.

“I didn’t want any of this,” Brooke cries. Looking at her ring, she says she will always love Ridge and wonder why things went so wrong and she let her destiny slip away.

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steffy curious brother bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

At Forrester Creations, Thomas looks at his designs and thinks of Sheila confessing to him that she swapped the champagne labels. Steffy saunters in and finds him staring. She wants to know what’s going on. He screws up his face.

Thomas denies his sister’s suggestion he has had an attitude shift about Brooke. She thinks he sounds guilty about what’s happened. He points out that Brooke and Ridge have a child and work together so he will never be totally out of her life.

steffy annoyed with thomas bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

“What’s changed?” Steffy demands. He wants to see their parents happy but Brooke deserves some pity. His sister insists everything is Brooke’s fault.

Left alone, Thomas remembers Sheila telling him to stay quiet to keep his family together.

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At Carter’s, Grace is shocked when Paris and Carter inform her they are in love. She shakes her head and asks if Paris has feelings for the same man who caused her sister so much pain. The doctor says this is wrong and he’s not worthy of her daughter. She won’t let this continue.

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Grace declares that tying herself to him will be her downfall. She won’t let her destroy everything with the Forresters. Paris shakes her head. Her mother asks how Zende would react to the truth and prompts Carter to end things and sends her back to the other man.

Paris reminds her that she’s not a child and she has no right to order them around. Grace asks Carter if he agrees with her. Carter does. Turning to Paris, he tells her he loves her too much to ruin her life. If Zende proposes to her, she should say yes.