Douglas Spills to Ridge He Saw Grandma Brooke Kissing Santa, While Grace is Upset Zende & Paris Aren’t Exclusive

In the Tuesday, January 25, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Zende’s date shocks Grace, while Carter refuses to have sex with Paris, and Douglas spills the secret to Ridge. We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Brooke begged her daughter to keep quiet about her secret and Steffy tried her best to get Ridge to dump Brooke for Taylor.

At the cabin, Liam tells Hope see can’t be serious. Hope confirms Douglas saw Brooke kissing Deacon. Deacon didn’t see his face but saw someone in a Santa hat. Liam freaks out. “Tell me Ridge doesn’t know!”

Hope denies it and admits that’s what her mom is terrified about. Hope goes on to tell him that they spent the night in her bed, though fully clothed.

liam curious deacon whereabouts bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

At the main house, Brooke and Ridge hug. He tells her they’ll make it through. They’ve faced bigger issues before. She wants to believe that.

“Believe in us. Our destiny,” He tells her, promising that he’s always there no matter what. She nods and smiles. Steffy walks through the open door and asks, “Dad, Brooke, what is going on?” Ridge covers. They were thinking about getting some fresh air.

Steffy asks how Brooke is. She can see something is wrong and asks how much longer they’re going to keep this from her. Ridge asks why she’s there. She wanted to see if he’d come to dinner tonight.

Ridge tries to beg off but Brooke tells him it’s obviously important to Steffy. He should go. They leave together.

steffy wants dad dinner bold beautiful

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Grace finds Zende at the Forrester design room. She thought Paris would be there. He doesn’t know where Paris is.

grace visits zende bold and beautiful

She admits she can’t stay out of her kids’ love lives and calls him a fine, upstanding and accomplished man. She’s glad Paris found someone like her. Sequoia wanders in and tells Zende, “I can’t wait to get our date started.”

Grace narrows her eyes. Zende asks the model to go wait downstairs and she smiles and says since she’s waited this long to have a date with him, that’s not a problem.

She goes and he explains to Paris’ mother that he and her daughter are seeing other people. He leaves her seemingly angry.

Paris and Carter make out at his place. He stops and asks what they’re doing. She doesn’t see the problem. “Of course you do,” he says.

It’s not a good idea, as much as he really wants to. “I cant.” He reminds her of what he did with Quinn and how it almost ruined him.

paris carter stop kiss v bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Paris says she’s not married but Carter says to get involved with another woman who is involved with a Forrester man…he trails off. She tells Carter that Zende has a date tonight and she’s fine with it. She kisses him and asks if he wants to be with her as much as she wants him.

They make out a while longer and her mom calls. “I need to see you,” she says. She’d like to talk in person. They agree to meet at her apartment.

Paris agrees to meet and disconnects. She wonders what could be so urgent but all he can think about is if she finds out he’s seeing another of her daughters.

carter shirtless monday bold and beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

At Paris’ apartment, Grace confronts her daughter about what’s going on with her and Zende. Paris sighs.

nosey grace bold beautiful

At home, Carter works out, gets all sweaty and hot as he drinks some water and thinks about kissing Paris.

carter being sexy bold beautiful

Brooke goes to the cabin and overhears Liam and Hope discussing her kissing Deacon. She can’t figure out why she did and says they need to ensure Douglas doesn’t say anything. She asks where he is.

Liam thinks he’s outside and goes to get him. Hope asks her mom to calm down. Liam returns and cant’ find him. Hope realizes today’s Thomas’ day. He left a voice mail and a text and probably stopped by already.

She checks her phone and says she’s right. He brought him to Steffy’s. Brooke freaks out. “He’ll tell Ridge and he’ll know that I kissed Deacon.”

brooke learns liam knows secret bold beautiful

At Steffy’s, Ridge is quiet. Steffy assures that she’s fine. “I know she’s your wife…” Steffy says. Ridge stops her. He doesn’t want to hear her trash his wife. Douglas rushes in with Thomas. The kid greets his grandpa and says he hopes Mommy isn’t mad at him.

Thomas asks why she would be. Douglas tells the room about sneaking out of the cabin to find his rabbit and that he went to the main house to find it. Everyone thinks that’s understandable. Ridge prods him. “Is there something else?”

Douglas is sorry he disobeyed them but getting to see Grandma with Santa Claus…Thomas asks for clarification. “I saw Grandma kissing Santa Claus,” he reveals. Everyone’s jaw drops collectively.

ridge learns truth bold beautiful