Nina Takes Sonny Home and Gives Him an Ultimatum After a Tense Confrontation at the Savoy

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Tuesday, January 25, 2022 episode. Today, Sonny has a confrontation at The Savoy, Nina takes him home, Austin opens up to Britt, and Victor gets closer to finding Louise. We also have Monday’s GH recap where Victor noticed Valentin and Maxie’s sonograms and Jennifer made a mysterious call.

maxie bumps into victor GH

Maxie bumps into Victor at Charlie’s Pub. This accidentally knocks her purse to the floor where it spills. As he helps her pick things up, he discovers Louise’s sonogram. Turning it over, he reads the patient ID and asks if congratulations are in order. She tells him it’s Louise and brings up Peter.

After he assures her Mr. August is no friend of his, she asks him to prove it by killing him. He won’t do that but offers to help her. She snubs the offer and walks off. He smirks to himself.

felicia talks to maxie in silly shirt general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Maxie joins her mom at a table. Felicia tells her that Helena sent a video message to Luke’s memorial but is still dead. Her daughter wishes they could say the same about Victor. She explains what just happened and adds she’s on edge because her mom seems to be on high-alert to fix things. Felicia offers to try not to be overprotective.

She suggests they prepare for the trip to Pautauk by setting some ground rules. Maxie asks her to lay off any talk about her and Austin. Her mom likes him and says Lucy has a good feeling about what will happen tomorrow. One way or another, Louise is starting her trip back.

kristina in red general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Sam visits Kristina at the bar and they chat about their mom. Things seem to be looking up for her. Sam says she’s put Harmony on notice and she needs to steer clear of their mom. She assumed that Kristina wouldn’t want to sit with Harmony at brunch. Deciding this without speaking to her isn’t okay with her sister.

Kristina doesn’t want to get in the way of her mom having a friendship. She points out that Sam is dating her brother and didn’t bother to ask if she has a problem with it. She doesn’t, but if she did, she would keep it to herself.

harmony alexis stop being friends general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Harmony arrives at The Invader’s office where Alexis tells her about all the changes she’s making and how supportive Shawn is being. They talk about Luke’s memorial until Harmony hands her a gift and asks if she wants to grab a coffee. Alexis doesn’t think they can continue their friendship right now. Harmony understands and doesn’t want to do anything unfair to Kristina.

She’s sorry this didn’t work out but isn’t sorry that she got to know her. She only wanted to make amends but didn’t think she would get a friendship out of it. Alone, Alexis opens the gift. It’s a slogan from Gandhi.

esme jealous spencer trina general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Esme arrives outside of Kelly’s. Cameron is sweeping and informs her that Spencer is inside getting cozy with Trina.

After she glares through the window, he senses she has a problem with that. She’s convinced that Trina doesn’t want Spencer but someone else. He claims that he and Trina are only friends. She says there is an obvious tension when Trina interacts with him and Joss, but he insists there is no such thing.

trina spencer close moment general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Trina chats about skiing with Spencer at the bar inside. As they banter, he reminds her that he will be at her beck and call when he is working under her. She plans to be tough but fair. He marvels that he just spent five minutes without thinking about prison. She points out he doesn’t talk about going to prison much. He admits he’s afraid. She thinks admitting that is brave.

Spencer wishes he could go back to being the guy he was pretending to be when she met him. Trina reminds him of how badly he acted then and says the real him is growing on her. Cameron interrupts and sends Spencer back to filling up ketchup bottles. He asks Trina if she’ll be okay on the trip. She assures him she’ll be fine.

Esme has Tramadol, a pain reliever general hospital

When Trina exits, she bumps into Esme, who has just stashed some Tramadol, which is a painkiller. 

joss carly chat metro general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Joss and Carly go into the dining room of the Metro Court. She asks her mom why she’s the one who left when Sonny is the one who messed up. After some prodding, Carly explains that Sonny’s daughters spent nine months without him and need him. Her daughter doesn’t think that’s fair. Carly turns the topic to Joss’ trip and asks if she’s packed contraception. Joss assures her she is being responsible.

britt talks medical stuff general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Austin and Britt chat at a table. She brags about how good she is at ditching people and then asks why a single question about his private life makes him so emo. There are parts of his life he likes to keep private. She mentions how infamous her family is and he says that his are the opposite.

Finally, Austin explains that he has a connection to Leo’s case because his brother is on the spectrum too. She encourages him to share his lived experience with Ned and Olivia. He asks if she would be open about a medical issue in her family. She gets uncomfortable.

Victor saunters in, wanting to ask Austin about a sonogram. Britt immediately exits. Victor pulls out Valentin’s sonogram and claims he found it in the street. Austin explains the ID will tell them who it belongs to and they can sort it out at GH. Victor flashes back to reading the ID on Maxie’s sonogram. “Just imagine mixing up one baby with another,” he muses.

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sonny manic rent club general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Sonny interrupts Curtis and Marshall at The Savoy. He announces that he wants the club. Curtis tells him that he’s busy and they can discuss this another time. “I want The Savoy and I’m not leaving until I get it,” Sonny says. He wants to rent it to show Carly a good time.

nina sees sonny manic general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Drew interrupts as Sonny insists on covering all the costs for Saturday. It doesn’t work for Curtis and he suggests he find another club. “Nobody tells me what to do!” Sonny bellows. Curtis says that in his club, he does. Nina arrives and watches from across the room. Sonny starts apologizing and Drew reaches out to him, which only leads to Sonny biting his head off and calling him a knock-off Jason who should have been left to rot. As he returns to demanding the club, Nina asks him to leave with her before someone calls the police. “Whatever, let’s go,” he says as she leads him out.

Everyone is baffled. Curtis introduces Drew and Marshall. Once the father and son sit down again, Marshall asks how he came to cross the infamous Sonny. Until now, Curtis and Sonny were cool. He was even going to ask him to take care of Marshall’s problem. Marshall will have him do no such thing. Curtis doesn’t like being told what to do. “Don’t do it on my account,” Marshall says, walking out. Drew joins his friend and they talk about Sonny.

sonny in nina's face general hospital abc soapsspoilers

Nina takes Sonny home. As he pours a drink, he tells her to leave but she doesn’t think he should be alone. She says he matters to her and she may not know him, but she knows a manic episode when she sees one. He had no idea she was an expert on mental illness. Nina tells him that what she’s seeing looks like what Phyllis described to her.

nina says it's her or carly GH

When he repeats that she shouldn’t be there, she asks if he’s off his meds. She worries his daughters might be frightened of him. That sets him off. “I trust you with my life. Its the bipolar disorder I don’t trust,” she says. When he insists he has things under control, she threatens to call Carly. He forbids that so she says he has to deal with her or Carly. Sonny says she can stay if she stays out of his way.