GH Spoilers Dec 25 – 29: Heather Gets a Visitor, and Spencer & Trina Discuss a Future

General Hospital spoilers from Monday, Dec 25 to Friday, Dec 29, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital this week

Heather gets a visitor, Spencer and Trina discuss their future, and Cyrus confesses to Nina.

The new year is not looking good for Nina as Ned threatens to expose her before she can confess to Sonny.

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General Hospital Spoilers Monday, Dec 25:

GH will be pre-empted due to Christmas Day. Sports will be seen in its place. The show will return on December 26.

General Hospital Spoilers Tuesday, Dec 26:

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Nina unwittingly seeks absolution with Cyrus, then asks Carly to forgive her.

Nina seeks absolution.

Spencer and Trina enjoy Christmas Eve together.

Esme calls during Spencer and Esme’s night and almost confesses she remembers. 

When Esme hears Trina’s voice, she tells Spencer to keep the kid overnight.

Ava is alerted. There’s someone in the castle, so Dante comes to have a look.

Sonny and Laura look for answers.

Esme almost gets caught.

esme having flashbacks GH recaps

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General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, Dec 27:

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Lucy has a crazy plan for Scotty to marry Tracy for her ELQ shares.

Alexis goes over legalities with Kristina and Molly.

Molly and Kristina tell their mom they can handle what comes their way.

Gregory collapses in yoga.

Finn and Chase are worried about Gregory.

Sasha warns Cody.

Sasha thinks Cody should reveal he’s Mac’s son.

Felicia asks Robert for help.

Felicia is now certain Mac is Cody’s dad.

Lucy makes a proposition to Scott.

molly kristina argue law with alexis

General Hospital Spoilers Thursday, Dec 28:

In Thursday’s GH recap, Lucy and Scott devise a plan for him to marry Tracy.

Lucy and Scott execute a plan.

Alexis goes to Sonny for advice.

Tracy thinks BLQ is doing a good job.

Cody worries when Felicia arrives on set.

Sonny and Alexis have misgivings.

Felicia does her own investigating.

Finn is upset after surgery.

Liz and Finn work on his defense.

Olivia makes a slip of the tongue.

Olivia is sorry for marrying her BFF’s ex.

TJ visits Kristina to discuss the surrogacy.

Kristina reads pregnancy books.

General Hospital Spoilers Friday, Dec 29:

In today’s General Hospital recap, Lois tells Sonny that his family is lying to him.

Spencer and Trina discuss their future together.

Spencer will follow Trina to Paris.

Cyrus makes a confession to Nina.

Nina cries, thinking she has to tell Sonny.

Esme visits Heather in prison.

Heather can tell Esme remembers. 

On New Year’s Eve, Lois learns shocking information.

Drew returns home early and has sex with Carly.

Coming up in January, the show will have a special story dedicated to Bobbie Spencer, Jackie Zeman

lois earrings for christmas on GH

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