Y&R Recap: As Kevin Sets Fire to Gina’s, Ashley Goes Missing and Winds up at the Gala, Thinking Her Blanket is Her Stillborn Son

Fri Dec 29: Today on Young and Restless, Kevin holds Colleen captive as he sets fire to Gina’s Place, and Ashley goes missing and Brad finds her at the gala, where she thinks she’s holding Robert, their stillborn son. This is a repeat episode from 2003. 

Thursday’s recap: Ashley’s Stunned When Tucker Makes a Reveal, Phyllis Fakes a Date With Tucker, and Lauren and Michael Renew Their Vows

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Dec 29. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Outside Nikki’s house at the gala, Nick finds Lauren drinking and asks if Baldwin was trying to bribe her.

She says he was pushing to give more to Saffer’s products. She reminded him she’s partners with Jabot and threw him out.

lauren and nick

He didn’t make an offer but she knows that’s where he was headed.

She hasn’t told anyone but doesn’t think Victor would approve. She thinks he overplayed his hand. Raul turns up for a dance with Lauren and Nicholas says, “Bribery. That has to be it.”

Nearby, Sharon worries because she has no food to serve at the gala. Nikki watches.

sharon worries about no food

Brad calls for Ashley at their house and heads upstairs. He can’t find her so he jumps on a call to get someone to come look after Abby since Ashley’s missing. Francis arrives and rushes off.

brad calls francis on Y&R

Michael asks Victoria what he can do to help the night along. She sips champagne and says she doesn’t think so. He wants to get hammered.

She laughs and he tells her there’s a lampshade inside that would look great on him.

She laughs some more and is surprised he’s so funny since he’s supposed to be a real creep.

She invites him to dance and he does a little jig and calls himself a golden god. They dance.

michael and victoria

Kevin douses Gina’s Place with gasoline and inside the walk in freezer, Colleen sits and cries, begging to be let out.

Kevin appears at the door.

kevin douses gina's with gasoline

It’s been locked and he tells her he’s glad he doesn’t have to listen to her whining anymore.

colleen in freezer

“It’s called Karma, Baby.” JT calls on Colleen’s phone and Kevin ignores it.

His girlfriend is indisposed, anyway.

He gets tired of the ringing and hauls his phone at the wall, smashing it into smithereens.

kevin smashes phone

From Fenmore’s, TJ leaves a message for Colleen and wonders where she is.

He gets a phone book out and calls Gina’s, but nobody answers so he takes off to the ranch, thinking he got his wires crossed and is supposed to meet her there. 

JT calls colleen in old Y&R epsiode

Back at the party, Bobby asks Brittney if she wants to leave. She’d rather not.

He asks if seeing her ex has put her in a funk. He wants her to blow him off.

They decide to get drinks. Lauren and Raul watch and Lauren knows it’s killing him to be without Brittany.

bobby and brittany

He just wants to dance.

They dance near Phyllis and Jack.

dancing at gala

Later, Nick finds Victoria and can’t believe she’s here with that loser, Baldwin.

She calls the man sweet but Nick knows that Baldwin tried to influence Lauren.

Victoria says, “So what?” When her brother leaves, Baldwin turns up again.

He thinks it’s amusing that Nick doesn’t like him dancing with his sister. They drink.

victoria and michael b

At home, Lily isn’t hungry but Neil begs her to eat just a little. She samples the chicken.

He wants to talk but she worries he’ll just get mad at her.

He promises he won’t, but she snuck around with an older man from the internet and he needs to protect her.

lily upset with neil

She claims she doesn’t need protecting but he knows otherwise.

It’s his job to protect her as her daddy. He’s sorry if he let her down.

He has a lot to make up for.

She tells him she’s not a little girl and he needs to trust her. She’s not stupid.

neil is sorry he let lily down

He knows, but she could have wound up in danger.

She didn’t, though, she says. Neil would lay his life down for her.

Whether she likes it or not, he and Dru will be there to protect her. 

neil and lily at home

Back inside the freezer at Gina’s, Colleen pounds on the door while Kevin finds matches.

He lights the place on fire.

kevin plays with fire

Everything goes up in flames.

fire to gina's

Back inside Nikki’s place, Bobby introduces himself to Nikki, remembering her as a stripper at the Bayou.

She frowns and tells him she doesn’t want to discuss that.

He thinks she still looks damned hot and as she looks on shocked, he thanks her for having him and strolls off.

Nikki's yellow hair


Brittany finds Raul. he tells her not to worry about him. She goes to apologize and he stops her.

“About that human oil slick? Don’t bother.” She wishes she had come with Raul. He wishes he didn’t have diabetes. He wishes a lot of things.

raul upset

Nearby, Sharon’s on a call asking for food to feed all these hungry people at the party.

She gets nowhere and Nikki approaches, asking if she’s okay.

sharon worries about catering

As Brad drives, JT calls to ask if he’s seen Colleen. Brad says no and Gina’s is closed.

He has to go and asks him to call when he finds his daughter.

brad in car

JT turns up at Nikki’s and asks if Raul has seen Colleen. He hasn’t.

raul and jt

Outside, JT finds John with Gina and asks if they’ve seen Colleen.

John hasn’t and when JT asks about him meeting at Gina’s, John’s stunned.

Gina says she closed early and hasn’t seen Colleen, either. He’s starting to worry. 

john did not meet colleen

Nearby, Sharon tells Nikki that there is no food. No caterers.

“Oh dear,” Nikki says, unmoved.

Sharon scoffs that it’s all she can say.

She takes off to fix it.

sharon and nikki

Diane finds Victor inside and talks about the auction and bidding.

He says to thank Sharon.

Diane contributed to the auction and thinks she’s getting a painting.

He’s enjoying her investment in Jabot, too.

He smirks and says there is a sucker born every minute.

He thought she took him for a ride in the divorce settlement and when the company goes belly up, he’ll buy it back for pennies on the dollar and her retirement fund will shrink to nothing.

“Enjoy yourself,” he says, smoothly as he walks off.



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Michael and Victoria stare at the night. She doesn’t want to go inside. He goes in to check the results.

As soon as she’s alone, Damon shows up. She doesn’t want to hear his excuse as to why he couldn’t accept her invitation.


He says he never said he wouldn’t be there. Diane didn’t ask him until after they’d spoken.

It means he got to see her. She doesn’t believe him.

He needs to respect her father. He finds her radiant and wants a kiss.

damon and victoria

They kiss just as Michael returns.

He walks off after seeing the kiss.

damon kisses victoria

Inside, Sharon tells Jill, who is a woman from the arts council about the catering disaster, that there was an accident and they’ve no food coming.

Jill blames her. She stomps off and Nikki returns, offering to help.

jill and sharon

She calls Franscois for help while Miguel and Sharon look on.

Nikki tells the man she owes him a trip to Paris after he comes through.

She ends the call and says he’s sending over lots of food.

Miguel goes and Sharon asks why she’s helping.

miguel with sharon and nikki

Nikki says she’s saving her family from embarrassment and helping the arts council. Not her.

Sharon thanks her. 

Victor finds Nick who is preoccupied with Baldwin.

Victor has changed his mind about the guy and he’s not dating Victoria.

He permitted him to escort her to the party. Nick’s upset he and the man are a team. 

nick upset Baldwin there

Lauren finds Brittany and she’s pretty angry. Lauren says she moves fast with Raul.

Lauren says she’s not the one who became a stripper.

Brittany almost hits her but Bobby stops her.

brittany almost hits lauren

Back at Gina’s, the fire is burning hot and Kevin seems entranced as Collen whimpers from the freezer that she’s cold and needs help.

kevin in fire

Kevin continues to light up the place. He yells that she shouldn’t have messed with him.

He doesn’t get mad. He gets even.

He runs off as bottles explode and Gina’s Place goes up in smoke.

kevin is crazy

Back at the party, Ashley wanders around in her robe and nightgown, holding a towel that she seems to think is her baby.

She smiles down at it. 

In another room, Jill told Sharon it worked out well. Sharon credits Nikki.

ashley crazy

Nearby, Victor finds Ashley on the floor with her blanket baby.

He asks why she’s there and asks to take her upstairs. She cries. She wanted to see him.

ashley crazy

She doesn’t want to go upstairs.

She wanted to show him, Robert, the ‘baby’.

Brad rushes up. “Get your hands off my wife!”

victor helps ashley

Jack turns up and the party comes to a complete halt as everyone watches in shock.

Brad takes Ashley home and Jack shoots daggers at Victor, who tears up. 

nikki and michael shocked

Back outside, as JT, John and Gina wonder where Colleen is, John from the fire department calls from her restaurant to tell her the place is on fire.

The fire rages outside as he tells her the bad news.

Everyone runs off.

fireman at gina's

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