General Hospital Spoilers January 24-28: Victor Makes a Discovery, Tensions Escalate, and Esme Initiates a Game

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, January 24 to Friday, January 28.

Monday, January 24

Sonny and Carly remain at odds.
Curtis has a change of heart.
Ned and Olivia share good news with Leo.
A hurt Maxie makes an unfortunate realization.
Victor questions Valentin’s motives.

sonny lectured by carly GH

Tuesday, January 25

Tensions escalate at The Savoy.
Victor makes a discovery.
Britt asks Austin about Leo’s case.
Harmony has something for Alexis.
Esme stirs the pot with Cam.

britt austin dating GH

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Wednesday, January 26

Josslyn, Cam, Trina, Esme and Spencer arrive at Sonny’s cabin for their long-awaited get-away.
Carly’s quest for inner peace is disrupted by Ava’s arrival.
Britt gives Peter some news.
Victor makes an inquiry at GH.
Valentin meets with Martin.

spencer wishes he could see through trina's eyes gh

Thursday, January 27

As night falls at the cabin, Esme initiates a game.
Maxie desperately concocts an explanation.
Sonny has a meaningful run-in.
Valentin’s is piqued by a new possibility.
Sasha’s arrival at yoga causes a stir.

victor taunts valentin general hospital

Friday, January 28

Brook Lynn walks in on Chase in a compromising situation.
Sam and Scout cross with Drew.
Curtis has a reunion at Charlie’s.
Epiphany is surprised by an unexpected arrival at Kelly’s.
Tensions escalate at the cabin.

carly apologizes drew GH

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