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Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, September 13 to Friday, September 17.

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Monday, September 13

Nina tries desperately to keep things at the Tan-O from getting worse.
A common adversary gives Nikolas and Spencer a chance to bond.
Valentin gets a worrying call, and tells Anna.
Maxie and Brook Lynn hit a crossroad.

Tuesday, September 14

Drew plots his escape plan.
Sam and Dante have a fun time at the batting cages.
Harmony and Alexis bond over their troubled pasts.
Jax keeps his word.
Josslyn confronts Spencer about his secret identity.

Wednesday, September 15

Sonny is horrified by what he sees at the Tan-O.
Carly gets ready for her wedding.
Britt can’t help but worry about Obrecht.
Spinelli offers congratulations to Jason.
Ned tries to discuss Leo’s developmental issues with Olivia.

Thursday, September 16

Friends and family gather as Carly and Jason’s wedding ceremony begins.
The heads of the Five Families also arrive and connect with each other, making clear a plot is afoot.
The situation at the Tan-O becomes desperate.
A surprising return of an old friend changes everything.
Maxie gets a call from Jax at an inopportune time.

Friday, September 17

Nina anxiously awaits word.
Maxie makes sure the wedding remains on schedule.
Brando steps in to take care of Gladys.
Carly and Jason are ready to begin their life together.
Novak and Buscema set their plan into action.

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