General Hospital Spoilers October 11-15; Sonny Confronts Jason — & Robert Unearths a Shocking Discovery

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, October 11 to Friday, October 15.

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Monday, October 11

Jax and Sonny forge an unlikely truce.
Jason catches Carly about to do something she might regret.
Brando and Sasha get interrupted by a visitor.
Ava advises Nikolas, who is deeply troubled about Spencer.
Shawn tells Alexis he’ll stop investigating if she asks.

Tuesday, October 12

Sonny lays down the ground rules with Nina.
Carly makes an unexpected choice.
Austin tries to win Jason over.
Brook Lynn takes things to the next level.
Exasperated Britt isn’t sure what to do next.

Wednesday, October 13

Sonny confronts Jason.
Carly and Josslyn have a heart-to-heart.
Trina’s surprised by her feelings.
Austin cautions Maxie.
Britt weighs her options.

Thursday, October 14

Sonny and Carly talk about the future.
Spencer is forced to make a choice.
Esme makes an emotional appeal to Nikolas.
Britt seeks help from an unexpected source.
Robert unearths a shocking discovery.

Friday, October 15

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Curtis reveals more about his past to Portia.
Spinelli confirms Jason’s suspicions.
Anna and Robert make a surprising decision.
Sam and Dante are thwarted.
Victor dictates malicious commands.

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