General Hospital Spoilers June 19 – 23: Selena Asserts Herself and Drew and Carly Reel Over His Sentencing

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for General Hospital from Monday, June 19 to Friday, June 23, 2023.

What’s coming up on General Hospital?

Coming up on GH includes Drew being blindsided, Trina trying to get Spencer alone, and Ava and Austin getting rattled.

Get your GH spoilers two weeks ahead! Catch what comes first in the General Hospital Spoilers for June 12 – 16.

Will Nina finally come clean, or will Ned losing his identity make her continue to keep her mouth shut? Take a look at the weekly spoiler video.

Monday, June 19

Monday’s GH recap: Leo learns his father has amnesia

Curtis and Trina connect.

Laura’s light-headed.

Laura asks Jordan to work with her.

Austin cautions Laura.

Jordan receives an intriguing opportunity.

Nina must think fast.

Nina lies to Sonny about losing her ring in the drain.

Pilar is on to Ava.

Austin asks Ava to get Pilar fired.

ava and austin talk about getting pilar fired

Tuesday, June 20

Tuesday’s GH recap: Sam’s angry when Drew says he’s off to prison

Ava is the voice of reason.

Drew confers with Sam.

Drew wants Dante to be there for Scout when they tell her about his prison sentence.

Liz offers counsel to Portia.

TJ opens up to Alexis.

Jordan receives a surprise visitor.

Jordan offers Marcus her job until Laura gets home.

Portia goes to confront Jordan.

drew kisses carly

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Wednesday, June 21

Wednesday’s GH recap: Trina confronts Curtis

Jordan takes the high road.

Jordan thinks Portia’s angry with herself for not taking her advice and revealing her secret earlier.

Curtis has some explaining to do.

Trina confronts Curtis for kissing Jordan and he explains how it went down and why.

Sasha is taken by surprise.

Cody summons Gladys.

Gladys is being duped by Spinelli and Cody and Sam.

Sam is interrupted while she tries to get Gladys’s confession.

TJ and Molly talk about their future baby plans when they learn she has bad eggs.

navarro says molly has bad eggs

Thursday, June 22

Thursday’s GH recap – Selena saves Gladys

Tracy unleashes her fury.

Drew is blindsided.

The judge tells Drew he is facing 20 years.

Zeke defends Drew, saying he didn’t benefit from this crime. 

Selina mediates a conflict. 

Selena shows Gladys she’s being bugged.

Michael is grateful.

Alexis makes a suggestion.

Sam and Kristina talk about Molly’s health.

Spinelli shows Sam that the bug is ruined.

zeke joins drew at court house

Friday, June 23

Friday’s GH – nEddie escapes

Carly is outraged.

Gregory and Tracy clash.

Olivia is desperate for answers.

Drew sticks to his guns.

Lucy confides in Maxie.

Neddie grabs at BLQ and Chase intervenes. 

Neddie escapes and finds Nina on a call talking about Carly.

Carly and Drew have a week to be together before he egos to Pentonville.

blq and chase with neddie

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