Stella Confesses to Jordan She Stole Divorce Papers and Jordan & Curtis Are Still Married, and Liz Wants to Come Clean with the Cops

General Hospital recap for Monday, September 12, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Sonny interrogates Ava, Finn looks to his father for advice, and Ned gives Brook Lynn and Chase a warning.

We also have Friday’s GH recap where Ava told Trina how Spencer really feels about her and she rushed to him as he was taken to prison, and Sonny threatened Victor.

Violet leaps out of the pool to her impressed grandfather. Finn arrives with Curtis and introduces him to Gregory. Chase congratulates Curtis on his engagement and Violet asks if she can come to the wedding.

violet chase curtis engagement GH

As Chase and Violet swim, Finn gets ice tea with his father. Gregory recalls a crush Finn had when he was a kid and asks how things are with Liz. The doctor says she’s finally asking for help but he doesn’t know how.

gregory finn talk liz GH

Gregory points out she has a lot of family and friends. Finn tells him about her relationship with Nikolas and how dangerous he can be. He doesn’t know how to deal with this problem.

His father urges him not to rush. There must be a reason Liz has repressed her memories.

In the pool, Chase teases Violet about having a crush on a little boy. She asks who his girlfriend is.

Selina arrives at The Savoy. Nika the bartender says they are closed but Miss Wu says they are always open to her and demands some ice tea.
Cody wanders in. She’s not happy to see him but he has a proposition for her.

selina cody offer GH

They recall her associate beating him up. He pitches entering into another poker game with her financial backing. He needs some money so he can leave town.

She says there is no guarantee he will win. He talks her around. She agrees only if he follows her orders to help or hinder another player. Cody guesses this is about more than one game. Selina promises he can make more than he ever dreamed of and leaves him to think it over.

Nika calls Curtis to tell him Selina barged in. He runs over and demands to know who she was meeting with. She’s not telling him and informs him she’s updating his audio board and encourages him to focus more on local artists.

selina pressures curtis GH

Curtis reminds her that the club is his business, not hers. Selina wants Chase to perform. He doesn’t know why she cares. She thinks he could give the club a positive reputation.

After she struts away, he calls Jermaine

Stella nervously stands outside of Jordan’s office and remembers stealing her divorce papers before she could file them. She’s about to walk away when Jordan comes out and invites her in.

stella visits jordan GH

Stella asks her how she feels about the engagement. Jordan says it was hardly a shock. Curtis has moved on and she needs to do the same. The marriage has been over for a while.

“About that…” Stella starts, recalling how reluctant she was to support her marriage at first. Jordan wonders if she’s opposed to Curtis marrying Portia.

Standing up, Stella admits that she was a fool and meddled in her personal business. She took the envelope that contained the divorce papers. They were never filed. She and Curtis are still married.

stella screwed up GH

Jordan leaps up, furious. Stella knows she can’t apologize enough but she lost track of everything after the stroke. Curtis doesn’t know yet.

Stella hopes that she will find a way to forgive her in the future. Curtis barges in and wonders why his aunt is there.

He explains there is no record of their divorce and wonders how that could happen.

Over breakfast in the Quartermaine kitchen, Brook Lynn tells her father that she and Chase are dating. He’s happy to hear it but his attitude changes when she tells him she’s Chase’s manager.

ned warns blq GH

He recalls how hard the same situation was on his marriage. She insists this is different and it’s a way for them to share an interest.

Ned warns that maintaining a romantic and business relationship at the same time is hard. He urges her to be realistic. The things she likes about Chase as a boyfriend, may drive her crazy as a manager.

ned blq be realistic GH

Later, Chase stops by and thanks Ned for helping him find his new look.

Ned asks him about becoming a couple with his daughter and warns that he will hurt him if he hurts her.

Chase assures him he’s learned not to cross her.

chase with ned GH

Book Lynn overhears this and then bustles in. Her father brings up how much trouble dating your manager can cause. Brook Lynn chases him out and hopes that warning didn’t get in his head.

Chase admits he’s worried about what the music industry could do to their relationship. Is going after Linc worth it?

He knows they won’t always see eye to eye professionally and he doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their relationship.

She thinks he’s been an idiot and they can have it all.

Chase worries revenge will destroy them. She claims they have a bond that can’t be broken. He loves her passion. They cuddle.

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Dante finds Liz at General Hospital and asks to see the intake records for the night Ava was attacked.

He assumes her attacker knew her.

No one suspicious has crossed his radar.

dante quiz liz GH

Nikolas joins them and Liz says she has no further statement to add. The cop takes off and Liz tells the prince they need to talk in private.

Once they step away, she tells him about the time she lost. He’s sure she didn’t attack Ava. She wonders if she gave him an alibi to protect himself.

Liz may not suspect him but he’s been acting suspiciously.

liz nikolas suspicious GH

Nikolas claims that he has been nothing but frustrated and concerned. Whoever attacked his wife is still out there.

Why is she thinking the worst of him? Is it because her nerves are frayed?

The nurse admits to him that something is wrong and her life is out of control. As he hugs her and assures her it will be okay, Finn walks in on them.

Nikolas takes off and Liz tells Finn she just lost her cool. She feels like her friend is hiding something. They both know something is happening to her.

Liz wants to tell the police she doesn’t know if she was with Nikolas at the time of Ava’s attack.

Sonny visits Ava in her room and wonders who he is protecting her from. He assumes it’s Nikolas and notes they’re obviously going through some problems.

ava sonny bicker GH

She claims her husband would never stab her. When he admits he’d leave her for dead if it wasn’t for Avery, she asks him to leave.

He won’t and demands to know what happened with Esme.

Ava says she’s gone. He assumes she knows more about her disappearance than the cops do.

Sonny says Nikolas was acting like he was hiding something while she was in surgery.

sonny ava argue nikolas GH

He keeps pushing to know what happened with Esme. She complains that she was a viper and Nikolas was stupid.

He keeps demanding to know why she hasn’t told the cops she thinks her husband attacked her.

Sonny won’t let it stand if it turns out Nikolas is guilty. Neither will she.

sonny and ava discuss who stabbed her GH

Dante meets Cody in the park. He demands to know why Mac is out to get him.

The cop is baffled so his friend explains that Mac has been asking Britt all about him.

cody asks dante mac GH

Cody worries this could be pinned on him but Dante assures him Mac will follow the evidence.

Cody doesn’t want problems with the police again. Dante reminds him he was guilty back then. “I wasn’t the only one,” Cody says.

His friend assures him again that Mac is a standup guy and likely is only interested in him because of Dominique.

Cody thinks it might be time to move on. Dante wonders if he’s really ready to leave. He’s not and promises to try to behave from now on. The cop assures him he won’t take the fall for Ava.

Once Dante walks off, Cody calls Selina and tells her he will be her ringer in the poker games.