General Hospital 2022 Spoiler Previews: Esme Plots Destruction, Spencer’s Future Looks Bleak & Port Charles Faces Shock Waves

Find out what’s coming in 2022 for Port Charles.

Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor share what’s coming for General Hospital in the new year which includes the fallout from the Nixon Falls storyline, Peter still hanging around, and more.

Shock waves are sent through Port Charles, and in particular for Carly and Sonny’s marriage and Nina’s future, now that the truth came out that Sonny and Nina were in love while he was Mike in Nixon Falls.

carly upset sonny lied general hospital abc soapsspoilers

A visit from a familiar face turns Laura’s world upside down and shocking news has profound ramifications for all in PC. Meanwhile, Valentin and Anna grow closer while contending with the threats from Victor and Peter. Incidentally, Peter is still longing to rejoin Maxie and the baby, which may rouse him from his coma, that is if nobody kills him before that happens. The truth about her daughter may be spilled from an unexpected quarter.

Drew has an unwelcome reunion and struggles with feelings for an old love, while Sam’s attention is drawn elsewhere while Dante plays peacemaker for the Corinthos family.

Elizabeth and Finn’s up and coming romance is threatens by their past loves, while Chase and Brook get a little too close for what they’re comfortable with as they maintain their charade of co-parenting. They attract attention from the most dangerous Quartermaine.

liz reunites with drew gh

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Alexis’ freedom leads her to the very brink of a crisis, while Curtis presents Marshall with an ultimatum to come clean or get out of his life. While Curtis and Portia prepare to take the next step in their relationship, several forces threaten to upend their romance.

alexis thanksgiving general hospital abc

While Brad resumes life in Port Charles, Britt is deemed a bad influence as she tries to run interference for him.

Sasha and Brady try to stay together under their difficult circumstances.

Shawn considers the best way to deploy his resources.

shawn interrupts marshall call general hospital

Nikolas and Ava consider their future and wonder if Spencer plays a part in it, while Spencer face a bleak future as Esme plots destruction for Joss, Trina and Cameron.

Victor gets much closer to Spencer and Laura doesn’t like it.

The Scorpio family comes to ether when a family member has surgery. Felicia returns.

kristina wagner back general hospital

Willow and Michael face a rocky road because of Nina’s trial and what came out. Willow gets bad news and prepares for a trip overseas.

Valentin has another warning for Martin not to mix business with pleasure. In other words, he should stop seeing Lucy.

val martin talk lucy general hospital

Scott and Liesl toast to their success over a power player in PC.

Ned and Olivia take steps together after learning of Leo’s diagnosis.

leo autism says doctor to olivia and ned general hospital abc soapsspoilers