GH Recap: Michael Tells Sonny That Nina Called the SEC, and Carly Learns Bobbie is Dead

Tues Jan 2, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Sam worries she’s made a mistake, Willow and Nina bond, and Olivia and Lois have a blow-out.

Friday’s GH recap: Lois told Sonny his family was lying to him and Trina and Spencer decided to move to Paris as Heather told Esme to move on.

Drew and Carly and lounging in bed after sex. She feels like this is too good to be true and she must be dreaming.

drew and carly in bed

He offers to prove that he’s really there.

They have some champagne and he says he’s hungry. She offers to go down to the kitchen but he knows how good she is in there and decides to head down on his own.

drew carly in bed on his return to GH soapsspoilers

She reminds him of her brownies and he points out they come out of a box.

They go to the kitchen and he eats Joss’ leftovers before toasting his return and kisisng.

She thought he was staying on in Australia but he says that he got impatient dealing with board members and decided to leave it to someone else to handle it.

drew laughing in kitchen

Carly doesn’t think that sounds like him at all.

He asks if she’s been reflecting for New Year’s. He’s realized he fell into a role he’s not comfortable with: being a peace-keeper.

That’s not working for him anymore. Ned got him sent to prison.

Carly loved how kind and generous he is. Drew is reaching his limits. His forgiving nature only got him months in prison.

She points out that they haven’t talked about his time in prison. He’s different.

carly and drew talk trip

She brings up the situation with Scout’s school. He’s sure it’s the right choice.

Carly just worries that he went through hell and it changed him. She doesn’t want him to go through it alone.

carly worries about drew

If he ever needs her, all he has to do is ask. He hears her and appreciates her.

Just knowing she is there for him is all he needs. If he needs any support, he will come to her.

He suggests they try making some resolutions they can keep, like more time in bed.

drew and calry talk resolutions

They kiss and he goes off to start a fire. She tells himself he will be okay.

The phone starts ringing.

When he returns, she explains the embassy in Amsterdam just called. Her mom is dead.

carly learns bobbie dead

At the penthouse, Sam (temporarily played by Lindsay Hartley) and Dante stand on the balcony and watch the fireworks. This is both where they want to be.

sam and dante on balcony

He picks her up and carries her in to bed. Before they can get in, Scout bursts in and declares she had a bad dream.

scout interrupts parents

He gets her some ginger ale and she tells them her nightmare was about the new school and her teacher being a monster.

Her mom assures her she doesn’t have to go if she doesn’t want to.

sam dante interrupted

Once they get Scout back to bed, they discuss what the kid is going through. She was reluctant to agree to this at first, but now that she sees how upset she is, she won’t let her go.

The detective respects that but wonders how Drew will react. She says he will have to accept it.

damte sam talk drew

She realizes she just made a unilateral decision without consulting the other parent but doesn’t know what else to do.

She’s used to making all the decisions on her own. She and Drew were in step before he came back from Pentonville.

Dante is sure he’s just trying to move on faster than he should.

She worries that she just made a big mistake by telling her daughter that she wouldn’t have to go to the school without discussing it with Drew first.

sam wonders if she made mistake

The cop thinks Drew has put them in a rough spot but she should trust her instincts. She thanks him for having her back. They kiss.

BLQ and Chase sneak into the Quatermaine estate while it’s empty. She grabs some champagne.

blq pours chamagne

He assumes they were going to take it and run but she insists on staying and starts complaining about the “swill” they serves at that “dive bar” The Savoy.

chase and blq at quarterrmaines

He gets a text. It’s photos of his dad skydiving. They giggle as they look at them.

That’s the man he grew up with. He never thought he’d see him like that again.

Before the ALS, it never would have occurred to him to go skydiving. He’s really making the most of his life.

blq chase look at photos on phone

The cop doesn’t want to bring their night down by talking about this. She toasts to him and they kiss.

She prompts him to toast to her. He doesn’t know where to start.

He tells her how beautiful, talented, and kind she is. She makes him feel like he can do anything.

Before they can kiss, he gets a call and has to go on police business.

blq chase talk nye

He leaves and she polishes off the champagne.

At the pier, Ned and Olivia notice that Lois and Sonny haven’t made it over from The Savoy. They rush off to find them.

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In the Crimson office, Nina realizes she has to come clean with Sonny about everything. As she is about to run out the door, Willow pops up.

nina startled by willow

She explains that she snagged her dress and asks if she can help.

willow asks nian for help

Willow puts on a new dress and Nina gives her her necklace too.

When Willow takes her hand and says she knew she could count on her, Nina starts to weep.

willow nina chnage

Willow knows it’s early in their relationship, but she wants them to talk.

Looking at her, Nina realizes how much they have lost. When she learned she was pregnant, she was so happy and dreamed of all the things they could do. That never happened.

Willow assures her they will have lots more moments in the future. This is all getting heavy so she suggests they head back to the party.

willow and nina talk bond

Nina realizes her daughter could have got to the Quartermaine’s to change. Willow tells her she didn’t need to when she had a mother close by.

They hug and Nina tears up again.

At The Savoy, Lois tells Sonny that his family has been lying to him.

lois and sonny at savoy

She explains that Ned has been taking the fall for what happened with the SEC. He thinks she must have misunderstood something.

When she sots Michael walking in with Ned and Olivia, Lois urges him to ask him son.

michael ne dolivia arrive at club

Lois says they all know who is really responsible.

lois tells sonny to ask son

Ned admits he didn’t go to the SEC. Olivia backs him up.

Sonny asks his son to speak up. Michael flashes back to his father telling him that he wanted his relationship with Nina to last forever.

He admits that he knew about all this.

Everyone files out, leaving the father and son alone. Sonny demands to know why he didn’t come to him with the truth.

sonny asks michaell about lies

Michael says they he was only try to do right by everyone. Sometimes the truth can do more damage than a lie. He found out right after he and Nina got married.

michael on hot seat

Sonny thinks this has made their whole reconciliation a lie.

His son insists that he was worried that if the truth came out it would hurt him more than anyone else and break something between them.

Michael explains that exposing the guilty person would hurt someone else he loves. Willow.

As Sonny demands the name, Nina and Willow walk in.

willow and nina walk in on sonny

“It was Nina!” Michael declares.

michael tells sonny truth

Olivia, Lois, and Ned arrives at home and find BLQ there.

Lois rushes Liv into the other room and Olivia immediately lectures her for ruining Sonny’s life.

lois and olivia argue about lies

They argue about this and what it will mean to Ned. She accuses Lois of running her mouth and ruining everyone’s lives.

Lois thought that she would know better than anyone else how bad it was to keep something from Sonny.

lois and liv arguing

Liv can’t believes she’s throwing what happened to her son in her face right now.

liv livid at lois

Meanwhile, Ned fills BLQ in on all the lies and deals. “No wonder why this family scares me sometimes,” she says.

ned fills blq in

Olivia and Lois come out and she accuses her friend of keeping Dante’s shooting ready to unload in her face. Liv runs out the door with Ned chasing after her.

olivia tears into loiis

Lois tells her daughter she may have just lost her best friend.

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