Y&R Recap: Christine Taunts Phyllis, Sharon and Summer Clear the Air and Lucy Plays Matchmaker

Weds Jan 3, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Lucy plays matchmaker with her parents and Danny notices, Phyllis tries to get Summer to try to get Chance away from Sharon, and Sharon confronts Summer over the conversation she hears. 

Tuesday’s recap: After Spending New Year’s With Sally, Adam Lashes Out at Family & Victoria Drops a Bombshell — She’s Taking a Leave of Absence

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Jan 3. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Lucy shifts out into the living room in a robe as Daniel’s tidying up.

He tells her that Heather left after midnight.

Lucy thought she’d sleep over.

lucy and daniel home

Daniel flashes to kissing Heather and questions his daughter. Lucy shrugs. “Old people get sleepy.”

Daniel scoffs. Lucy says they were passed out on the couch when she went to bed.

lucy and daniel sleeping together

He asks why she didn’t wake them up.

“No way,” she says, calling them adorable. She shows her dad the photo she took.

“Two ancient fossils preserved forever in the sedimentary layer of sleeping through yet another New Year’s.”

Daniel rolls his eyes.

She admits she was hoping they’d have breakfast together like old times.

daniel flashes back to heather

She heads to her room and Daniel thinks of that kiss again and Heather saying she didn’t know what happened but thought he felt it too.

He told her that her forgiveness meant the world to him.

She thought that he was back to his old self but he says no, there’s no going back for him and he’s with Lily now. 

heather flashback

They agree Lily doesn’t need to know about her blunder.

Lucy returns and asks if her dad’s okay since he seems a million miles away. He claims he was thinking about getting them breakfast.

Pancakes with bananas.

Lucy’s thrilled. Danny wanders in from his room, thankful to do the New Year right.

Daniel goes to cook and Lucy texts her mother, who is at The Athletic Club, to come over.

Heather asks if Dad knows. “Who do you think invited you?” Lucy lies.

heather gets invited breakfast

Victoria watches Claire sleep at Memorial and finds a doctor.

She lets her know she’s Claire’s mother and says she’s been sleeping a lot.

Has she said anything? She says they talked in the beginning but Victoria is afraid that she’s shutting down.

Shutting people out. The doctor says it’s normal for someone who has gone through her trauma.

victoria and the doctor at memorial Y&R recaps

Victoria asks if she can sit with her and the woman allows it.

She’ll be back to check on her.

Victoria sits with her kid and tells her that there are so many people who want her in their lives when she’s ready.

victoria sad on Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

They know there’s a lot of work to be done but they want to know her and to know the truth about who they are.

She knows Claire is strong because it’s in her DNA.

She promises that she’s safe with them.

She leaves some books on the bed and Claire gets up and Victoria wishes her a happy new year. 

claire asleep again

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis greets Christine before getting coffee.

She says it was nice running into her last night. Christine brings up Tucker, thinking he’s rather unsavory even for her.

Phyllis ignores that and says she’s glad Danny got to experience the woman she actually is.

Christine calls her night with Danny spectacular.

phylls vs christine

One Phyllis couldn’t have destroyed if she tried. Phyllis wasn’t trying.

She knows Tucker’s dangerous and provocative but he knows how to have a good time.

Christine knows she made a move on Danny and that it only has to do with this ridiculous rivalry she is holding on to.

Phyllis says she doesn’t know what Christine means. 

Christine says to take a hint.

He doesn’t want her. She says to bother someone else as Summer walks in, hearing Christine say that Danny thinks of Red as a mistake.

christine taunts phyllis

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“Seriously? Is this the way you two want to start the new year?” Summer asks, interrupting.

The women snark at each other and Summer attempts to stop it until Christine hugs Summer and takes off.

Phyllis thinks she’s trying to provoke her. She’s reconnecting with a friend.

Her mama admits she kissed Danny on New Year’s Eve and it was really nice.

summer intervenes on Y&R

They’re not in a committed relationship, she says, thinking it should bother Cricket that he has feelings for her.

She thinks Christine should be embarrassed since she’s still married. 

Until Danny tells her he’s 100% not interested, she’s keeping her options open.

Phyllis sees Danny as someone who can help her turn her life around.

Summer doesn’t buy it. Phyllis would push against any woman who tries to get in her way.

Summer thinks she’s just trying to stick it to Christine. Phyllis says no, and tears up as she talks in hypothetics.

summer tells her mama off

It’s hard to get through the past and then when you finally like what you see in the mirror, and the guy you like is so fascinating, that you start to realize you’re in love…

Summer asks if she’s in love and Phyllis deflects and asks if she is with Chance.

Summer is upset by that train of thought and that her mom is using her to deflect but Phyllis says life’s too short.

You don’t get brownie points somewhere because you didn’t go after what you wanted.

phyllis on Y&R

“What’s happened to you?” She says. Summer used to be brave.

Summer calls herself an adult who can control her actions but Phyllis thinks she’s afraid.

Summer calls old Summer entitled and a brat.

Phyllis says she’d never have let Chance go without telling him how she felt.

summer pouting crimson lights Young and restless recaps

With that, she kisses her daughter’s head and wishes her a happy new year.

Sharon listens from outside with an eye roll as Phyllis leaves.

Sharon approaches Summer.

sharon eye roll on Y&R

She guesses she could just pretend she didn’t hear that. Summer’s horrified and asks to pretend it didn’t happen. It’s wrong.

Sharon says it’s obvious she enjoys being around Chance.

Summer says she’d never do anything to make either of them feel uncomfortable.

Sharon calls that mature.

sharon asked if she loves chance Y&R spoilers

“I’m trying,” she says.

Summer says she doesn’t have to answer this if she doesn’t want to but she is wondering if she’s in love with Chance.

Sharon calls that personal and Summer apologizes. She knows it’s not her business.

She does want to know where things stand.

summer asks sharon if she loves chance

Sharon can’t speak for Chance but they enjoy spending time together but they have no labels or pressure.

Summer thinks it sounds casual. Sharon admits it’s all she can handle right now.

She just wants to have fun and figure out who she is again.

Chance walks in and greets them and Sharon brushes past Summer.

Neither greets him so he asks if everything is alright. 

chance finds sharon with summer

Christine drops by Danny’s.

He was about to invite her for breakfast.

He tells her Lucy’s making mango juice.

She has an errand to run.

Christine by the tree

They talk about how spectacular last night was.

It’s why she’s there. She asks if he’s free this weekend for an adventure.

He is. She wants to run away together to the lake. He agrees to it and they banter before she leaves. 

christine seducing danny

Heather arrives and when Daniel finds her, it’s awkward and obvious to Danny that something happened, though they try hard to hide it.

They have breakfast and Daniel has the women toot his horn since they were so good.

Danny asks for the recipe and Daniel says, “Yeah, as soon as you give me yours for your sauce.”

danny, daniel, lucy and heather breakfast

Heather says they tasted like home and then seems shy.

Danny notices the dynamic going on and when the women go clean up, Danny questions his son as to what’s going on.

Her daughter’s playing matchmaker and there’s something with how he and Heather are looking at each other.

danny tells daniel he's playing with fire

He asks his son to let her know where they stand so there are no miscommunications.

Daniel can see his dad has it all figured out. Danny’s been around the block.

Daniel’s been clear with Heather but Daniel’s not sure Heather can see it.

The gals return and Heather has to get to work.

Lucy runs to get into her gym gear so her mama can drive her to the gym.

Once Heather leaves to wait outside, Danny asks what the hell his son has gotten himself into. 

heather has to go to work

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