GH Recap: Drew Fires Nina and Gives Carly Her Job, Joss Rails on Adam’s Father, and Laura Calls the Cops About Ace

Fri Jan 19, 2024: Today on General Hospital, Sam asks Carly how she can help Drew, Adam’s father arrives to check on him, and Esme pays Ava a visit about Nikolas.

Thursday’s GH recap: Drew was determined to get revenge on Nina, Esme went to Cyrus for help, and Jordan was abducted.

At General Hospital, Laura tells Cyrus that he is looking better. He claims his soul was unburdened by dropping the charges against Sonny. He took accountability of provoking him instead of being graceful.

cyrus tells laura about change of mind

He explains that he called her because there is a lost soul in need of her help. Spencer arrives.

Cyrus tells them that Esme came to see him last night and prompts Spencer to explain why.

He admits he saw his father last night. Laura’s jaw drops. Her son came and went without seeing her.

Slowly, Spencer admits that he let his father take Ace.

spencer lectured by grandmother

Spencer claims he had no choice but his grandmother doesn’t buy it. Cyrus explains Esme came asking for help tracking the prince down.

He and his nephew begin bickering and Laura lectures her grandson for handing a baby off like a package. Spencer won’t allow his brother to be raised by a psychopath.

laura yells at spencer

When Laura says that Esme has worked hard to change, he says she’s been lying about everything.

They are skeptical so he explains that she’s been saying things that sounded like her old self. None of this convinces Laura, especially her calling him by his nickname.

Esme threatened to go to the police so he threatened to have the investigation of her re-opened.

His grandmother accuses him of giving his brother away based only on a suspicion. Cyrus asks who else Esme will turn to for help.

spencer argues with cyrus and laura

As they debate this, Laura tells Spencer he should have stopped his father. Ace should have stayed with them.

Spencer is sure that his father just saved Ace’s life by taking him away.

Laura is glad he doesn’t see his father as a monster anymore, but he has shown some terrible judgement and that baby is now in danger.

When they walk out, he tries to stop her from calling the cops. She calls Dante anyway and tells him that Ace has been taken.

laura and spencer talk cops

Dex is with Joss in the chapel. He tracked her down from the dorm. If she’s going through something, he wants to help if he can.

joss dex in chapel

She wants to apologize to Adam. He tells her she has nothing to apologize for. The only people who should be apologizing are Adam’s parents.

He explains that Adam must have felt shame for failing. She asks if that’s how things were for him.

Dex only found peace with his family when he walked away and hopes it doesn’t come to that for Adam.

dex asks joss why he'd be angry

Adam wakes up in his hospital room. Willow informs him that his friend saved his life. He can’t remember anything from last night.

adam at gh

The nurse tells him Joss found him alone in the park and filled with pills. He claims they were for a cold.

She says he’ll have to be cleared before release. His stomach was pumped last night and he’s lucky to be alive.

willow looking confused

“Lucky me,” he says sarcastically.

When Portia shows up, he hopes she can sign him out. He apologizes for last night and says Joss just overreacted.

Portia doesn’t think Joss or the staff overreact. He’ll have to be evaluated by a psychiatrist before he can be discharged.

portia tells adam about procedure

It’s only if they give him a pass that he can go, otherwise they have to take the next steps. The diagnosis will determine what rights they let him have.

When she mentions his parents, he begs her not to tell them anything. They had to call his parents because they are his emergency contacts.

Technically, he’s an adult so they can’t share any information without his permission, but his parents will have questions.

portia explains things to adam

She urges him to be honest with the doctor, his parents, and himself.

She walks out and asks Willow where the psych doctor is. He’s on the way down. They worry about kids and all the pressures they face.

portia willow talk kids

Joss and Dex show up and ask after Adam. Portia can’t tell them anything.

Adam’s dad (played by Steve Mize) arrives.

mr wright, steve mize

Portia approaches him and he doesn’t want their bill run up with extra charges.

He demands to take his son home.

portia tells adam's father about his condition

When Portia walks off, Joss runs after her and tells her Adam can’t go now. His dad demands to know what she knows about his son.

They fill him in on finding Adam passed out in the park. His dad thinks this just proves Adam isn’t mature enough to live on his own.

adam's dad questions joss

Joss says his son has been hiding everything from him because he’s afraid of him. His father thinks Adam is squandering everything they’ve worked to give him his chances.

arguing with adam's dad

Joss says he’s been self-medicating. His dad claims none of this concerns her. “It should concern you that your son tried to kill himself last night!” Joss blurts out.

joss says adam tried suicide

He accuses her of lying but she says he pushed him to his breaking point. Portia asks Joss to go and leads Adam’s father to her office to talk.

Joss asks Willow to promise to keep an eye on Adam and Dex leads her out.

On the way, they stop and look in at Adam.

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Ava is startled when Esme shows up at the gallery, asking for help. The Jerome threatens to call the cops.

esme visits ava

Esme says that what she did was justified and then asks if she’s seen Nikolas. “He’s kidnapped my son,” she says.

She adds that Spencer betrayed her and let him take her son. “Like father, like son,” says Ava.

Distraught Esme panics about her son. He’s all that she’s got. Ava knows how she feels, but why come to her?

esme asks ava if seen nikolas

Esme assumes that Nikolas came to see her. Ava admits it but he’s gone now and she will never find him.

She asks if she helped him. Ava says she never would. She can’t help him find Nikolas. If Laura couldn’t find him, how can she?

Esme claims she has resources but Ava doesn’t think they can compare. Esme adds that she has a dangerous resource of her own: Cyrus.

ava esme argue about nikolas

That doesn’t make any sense to Ava. Esme gets more distraught, complaining that no one will help her and runs out.

Sam arrives at Bobbie’s and finds Carly has been trying to hire an assistant manager. They talk about how well the restaurant is doing.

carly tells sam long wait

When Sam mentions she’s waiting for Drew, Carly tells her it will be a long wait. He had a last minute a meeting at Aurora.

Sam mentions they have been out of step lately. They’ve resolved the issue with Scout’s school but things are still tense.

She asks Carly if she’s noticed he’s changed since he got back from prison.

carly sam talk drew change

Carly knows he’s struggling but that’s to be expected. They found out what Nina did to them and he’s angry.

Sam says Drew is angry at the world, not just Nina. Carly wants to be more like her mom and honor her rather than focus on Nina.

McCall assures her Bobbie would be proud of her. Carly thinks they need to give Drew a second chance and support him.

The PI is ready to help any way she can.

sam tells carly drew has changed

Carly thinks that all they can do is be honest and keep talking. What happened to Drew is on her and he took the fall to protect her.

She’s determined to do all she can to make up for it. Sam doesn’t think he’d want helping him would come at her expense.

Nina is shocked when she arrives in the Crimson office and finds her stuff being moved out. Drew pops up to announce that he ordered this. He reminds her that Aurora owns Crimson and he’s her boss.

nina's office being dismantled

“You’re fired,” he informs her. She asks what Michael will say about this. “Hooray?” he guesses.

nina gets fired

She assumes Michael doesn’t know. He’s not someone who lets his personal feelings interfere with business. She saved the company from bankruptcy and made it the flagship title for Aurora.

What kind of father would tank this company and ruin his child’s legacy? “Don’t you dare bring my daughter into this!” he barks.

drew confronts nina

He asks if he hurt her somehow. She insists it was all about Carly.

Drew accuses her of not caring about him, treating him like collateral damage, and not caring about his daughter.

He suggests this is all about insecurity and thinks this about her trying to destroy the unbreakable bond between Carly and Sonny.

drew argues with nina

She gets livid and tells him he was responsible for putting himself and Carly at risk.

He accuses her of wanting to take Carly out and he will take her out.

She reminds him he needs to talk to legal. Without her, there is no magazine.

nina screaming at drew

Drew knows and he will do anything to make her pay for what she’s done. Pulling out a paper, he says she can sign it to terminate her contract or the business will shut and the staff will all lose their jobs.

He gives her a second to think it over. She looks at a photo of Willow and Wiley and then Drew returns, demanding an answer.

She signs the papers for the sake of her employees.

nian signs papers for drew

He makes it clear he never would have sabotaged the company just to get at her.

She says the magazine is nothing without her. She made it and she’s irreplaceable.

“And yet, I’ve already replaced you,” he says.

Carly strolls in, smirking. She’s the new editor-in-chief.

carly new editor

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