Y&R Recap: Claire’s Visitor Surprises Her, Heather and Daniel Reunite, and Victor Gives Sally and Adam His Blessing

Mon Jan 22, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Nikki asks Victoria about Claire and Cole, Nick and Sharon have lunch, and Victor agrees to be nice.

Friday’s recap: After a particularly upsetting nightmare, Claire and Victoria shared a tearful breakthrough, and Ashley had a meltdown with Jack.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Jan 22. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Heather shows up at Daniel’s.

He called her over and Lucy is out for the afternoon.

daniel welcomes heather in

They are awkward as he takes her coat and invites her to sit.

After he offers her different drinks, she assumes she’s not there to hydrate.

He reminds her that she “dropped the L bomb” on him and then left. He doesn’t know what to do with that.

She repeats that she’s falling back in love with him.

He can keep that in his pocket for a rainy day.

heather reminds daniel she loves him

When he brings up their kiss, she admits it surprised her. Thinking about it kept her up at night and she realized she didn’t want it to end.

He reminds her that he’s with Lily now. She’s well aware of that, but if he wasn’t, would they have a chance?

“If I wasn’t involved with Lily, we would have a chance,” he admits.

When his ex asks if he’s in love with her, he laughs uncomfortably and admits it hasn’t reached that level.

daniel doesn't know what to do

Heather offers to respect that if it’s what he wants. But is a future with Lily what he wants, or does he want their family to be whole again?

She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but she will still fight for their family.

When she recalls all the good times they had in Savannah, he points out he ruined it.

That doesn’t matter to her now. She can see how happy Lucy is
when they are together and she can imagine a future with them as a family again.

“I want that back. I want us back,” she says. It means everything to him that she believes that enough to come back.

Heather explains that even when she moved away with Lucy, it was to give him space to recover himself. She always hopes that they could come back together.

heather asks daniel about future

They had an amazing love story and amazing life with Lucy.

That doesn’t have to be over. Would be want to recapture what they had?

She’s sure some people would say it is wrong for her to come between him and Lily, but she thinks it would be wrong not to open the door to the man she loves.

heather tells daniel what she wants

They nearly kiss but he leaps across the room and points out that he hurt her deeply.

She tells him how deeply they loved each other.

How can they pass this up without trying? Daniel thinks this is complicated.

heather and daniel talk future

Heather doesn’t think loving him is complicated and she wants more than romcoms and pancakes; she wants the joy of raising their daughter together.

She wants to wake up every morning in bed with him and end the day the same way.

This is what she believes with every ounce of her being and he can tell her to leave if he wants to, but she doesn’t think that’s what he wants.

heather and daniel kiss

They kiss and then move into the bedroom, falling into bed.

heather daniel sex

After sex, he assures her she’s not alone in feeling what just happened.

heather and daniel in bed after sex

Victoria runs into her mom at Society, who won’t accept any excuses and wants her to sit down.

nikki tired of tip-toeing

Nikki accuses her of avoiding her. Victoria asks if she’s worried about Seth.

Her mom is tired of everyone tip-toeing around her.

There are a battalion of people supporting her recovery so she wants to be useful and help her daughter.

She wants to know all about what’s happening with Claire. Victoria admits she’s more concerned about her father for the moment.

victoria bumps into mom

Getting choked up, Victoria explains that she hugged her daughter for the first time. She thinks things are changing. They are making so much progress and she is sure that she is changing.

That’s why she worries about Victor. He’s been digging into her feelings for Cole. Victoria insists they only want to be there for their daughter.

Nikki asks what happens if their feelings change. Her daughter is offended by the idea she will swoon into her ex’s arms.

nikki and victoria talk claire

She assures her that romance is the last thing on their minds and her father has been drawing lines in the sand he shouldn’t.

In Victor’s office at Newman, he and Adam talk business. He’s glad to hear his sons are working so well together. It warms the cockles of his heart.

adam and victor getting along

Adam admits they owe him for string-arming them into it. His dad is sure they can move mountains if they bury their animosities.

When Adam thanks him for the chance to prove himself to the doubters, his father asks what he’s driving at.

victor and adam talk busiiness

Adam is sure his position is only temporary until his sister returns. Getting him to sit, his father assures him his place in the company is secure as long as he doesn’t give him reason to change his mind.

Since everything is going well in his life at the moment, Adam is determined not to screw that up.

adam thanks dad

When Adam gets up, he gets a text from Sally and his dad sees that’s put him in a good mood.

He knows he’s been seeing Sally again and makes it clear she’s not good enough for either of his sons.

He knows how much she hurt Nick but that’s because she cared for his brother more.

“The heart wants what the heart wants, y’know? It’s an unstoppable force,” he muses.

victor will try to trust sally

Adam takes this as a blessing from him. His father will try to trust her as long as his son does.

adam takes this as blessing

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Nick bumps into Sally at Crimson Lights and they talk about how inspiring what Sharon is doing with her company is.

sally and nick awkward

She’s also inspired by how well he is working with his brother.

Nick guesses she and his brother are giving their relationship another shot.

He claims that he’s happy for her and knows she always follows her heart.

“I’m really pulling for you two this time,” he says.

sally and nick talk adam

She’s sorry but he assures her they are good. They agree to be friends and hug before she walks out.

nick sally hug

Sharon comes out and sees Nick looking a little upset. She guesses he’s hurting more than he’s letting on.

He wishes the best for Sally and tries to avoid this.

Sharon follows him around the room and he admits he doesn’t want Sally with Adam.

Although he welcomes “the new Adam,” he also knows that can go sideways and Sally could be hurt.

sharon giving nick advice

Sharon reminds him that love can also be great and they reflect on recent history. He’s realized that protecting his family is what matters most to him.

She has total confidence he can even manage the “herculean effort” of getting along with his brother.

Nick admits it has been good so far and he’s excited by work again.

Things are pretty perfect right now and the idea of falling in love again just sounds exhausting.

sharon nick talk sally

Sitting down, she says she couldn’t agree with that more.

She just wants to run her company. That’s what she loves.

It took them a long time to find themselves and this is it.

Nick asks her to lunch.

sharon and nick like working

Adam joins Sally at Society and informs him that his father practically gave them his blessing.

adam and sally meet for lunch

She asks if it’s the opposite day or if he started early on the tequila.

Adam says the old man made it clear he’s ready to support them.

This makes no sense to her. She wonders what could have changed?

Adam suggests he sees the truth of them and of his determination to be a better man. She can see that.

sally and adma talk destiny

He adds that they can take this at her speed and he wants to get this right.

Sally thinks they are getting this very right.

As they kiss, Nick and Sharon walk in.

sally adam kiss at society

Sharon tells Nick they can go somewhere else but he’s cool.

He and Sally have cleared the air already.

They wander over and Sally commends Sharon on her new company and they make polite.

shraon nick spot adam sally

Sharon and Nick cross to a different table. Sally wonders if this is a new beginning for them all.

She and Adam talk about destiny.

Sally guesses he’s hoping that Nick and Sharon are more than friends again because it would keep his brother away as competition.

adam stares at sharon nick

He claims that he doesn’t feel like he’s in competition.

She’d glad to hear that because she won’t waver between them.

Adam asks if destiny is involved in their story. Sally says they chose to be together.

At their table, Sharon asks Nick why they are having lunch.

He assures her there is no agenda. He just wanted to catch up.

sharon and nick laughing

He doesn’t want to talk about himself and assures her he’s perfect.

As they laugh, Adam and Sally look over at them.

He admits he’s always felt like some sort of fate was at play between them.

Victoria storms into her father’s office and orders him to leave Cole alone.

victoria tells dad to back off

She tells him she’s not making some fantasy family and the last thing she needs is to have to deal with his interfering.

Waving that off, he asks if that’s what he’s doing.

His daughter explains they don’t need any added pressure.

They just found out they have a daughter.

He’s more worried about her quickly developing motherly feelings for “that Claire girl” and he doesn’t want her to get hurt again.

victor worries about victoria

She loves him for that but she needs him to trust her to make her own decisions. He sighs and crosses his arms.

“Alright, I’ll be nice,” he promises.

victor will be nice

His daughter adds that she needs him to accept Claire into the family when she’s released.

victoria asks her dad to accept claire

He’s happy for her but doesn’t want her to forget that Claire was playing her.

She knows there’s a long way to go, but she wants him to have a little faith in her instincts.

Victor hopes it works out and if Claire manages to become her true daughter, he will accept her.

victor might accept claire

Victoria hugs him.

Claire wakes up in her bed at the psychiatric hospital, startled to see Nikki standing over her.

claire startled by nikki

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