GH Recap: Drew is Determined to Get Revenge on Nina, Esme Goes to Cyrus for Help, and Jordan is Abducted

Thur Jan 18, 2024: Today on General Hospital, TJ and Jordan discuss the surrogacy, Drew and Anna commiserate, and Carly tells her son that he’s just like her.

Wednesday’s GH recap: Michael was confronted by Carly and Drew after Nina exposes him, and Esme was livid Spencer gave Ace away.

At the Quatermaine estate, Carly reminds her son that he accuses her of playing god with Willow’s wife a year ago. He was right about that.

michael tells mom he's a hypocrite

Michael knows he did the same thing with what he knew about Nina. She knows they all have tunnel vision about protecting family.

He admits that he chose his dad’s happiness over hers and is a hypocrite. “I think that makes you your mother’s son,” she says.

Michael just wanted everyone to be happy and his mom reminds him that keeping things buried always has unintended consequences.

carly talks about consequences

They sit down and worry about Drew’s state. He’s sorry he’s put his mom in this position.

She says he’s struggling since what happened to him in Pentonville. Michael says no one comes out of there the same and it will take time.

michael and carly discuss drew

She’s sure that she can talk to Drew. Her son thanks her for her forgiveness.

She’ll always forgive him but the apology tour isn’t over and he needs to make things right with Willow and stop Nina from hurting the family.

carly and michael talk apologies

The nanny interrupts to say the kids need to be tucked in. Michael goes up to do it.

She calls Drew to leave a message saying she loves him.

Michael returns and they get back to venting about Nina.

carly and michael vent about nina

The silver lining of all this is that Nina is out of the family and she no longer has to co-exist with her or listen to her sappy speeches.

She may want payback, but she wants peace of mind more.

Losing Bobbie taught her it’s best to move on and suggests he do the same.

carly tells michael to move on

Jordan sighs as she sits with TJ at the Metro Court. She says this meal was long overdue. They talk about how busy she is with her new job.

jordan and tj have dinner

He hopes she’s leaving room for a person life because they may need a babysitter soon. If all went to plan, her grandchild was conceived today.

His mom congratulates him. He never thought this would happen, especially with Kristina. They had a talk about it.

He asks his mom if she’d comfortable with this.

tj asks jordan if she's comfortable

She avoids answering. When he admits that her opinion won’t change his mind, she doesn’t see the point in giving it.

She makes it clear she will love his children no matter what and she’s proud of his ability to determine his own destiny.

jordan and tj catch up

Her phone keeps going off. She explains she’s digging into Curtis’ shooting and assures him she is being careful about it.

When her phone keeps going off, he tells her to take care of it and she leaves.

Outside, Jordan takes a call and agrees to meet someone about the gun.

Two men pop up and corner her.

jordan cornered

She orders them to identify themselves. They shove her in a car.

Blaze drops by Kristina’s place to ask if she can come out and play.

Kristina was planning an easy night in.

blaze surprises kristina

The singer offers to keep her company and enters.

She apologizes for not calling first but it hasn’t been easy to get her on the phone.

“Why does it feel like you’ve started pulling away?” she asks.

Kristina claims she’s been really busy.

blaze asks kristina about finishing things

Blaze assumes she’s done something to hurt her. The Corinthos says she pulled away first.

They held hands and then Blaze dropped hers when BLQ and Chase came.

Blaze is sorry. Kristina asks if that’s because she’s not out to her family.

Blaze isn’t big on public displays and wants to keep her private life public.

Can she wait for her to be comfortable with being more public?

Kristina’s not sure she can do that. It took her a long time to authentically live her truth and she won’t go back.

krtistina in hoodie

She adds that her life is about to change a lot. She might be pregnant right now.

This complicates things. Blaze reminds her they talked about juggling this but it does seem more difficult now that it’s real.

Kristina assumes that’s an end of it.

They like each other a lot, but she doesn’t think that’s enough.

blaze likes kristina

Blaze feels stupid for not picking up on the distance earlier.

Kristina thinks they should call it and the singer leaves, wishing she hadn’t let go of her hand.

blaze kristina end

Alone, Kristina eats an apple and talks to the baby that might be there, asking if she did the right thing or not.

kristina apple

Blaze comes back and tells her she may be right about anything.

But how will they know this won’t work if they don’t try.

She’s not a quitter and asks her to take a chance.

Blaze brought groceries to make her dinner. Kristina lets her in.

blaze returns to kristina's


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Drew sits beside Anna at Charlie’s and orders a scotch.

He’s been having a tough decade and it keeps getting worse.

drew and anna drink

He apologizes for bringing her down. He hasn’t.

He’s feeling like a stranger to himself. She feels the same.

A lot has happened to both of them since Greenland.

The life she’s chosen has shown her a lot of terrible things but shooting Charlotte was the worst. He’s sure it was devastating.

drew says she may be onto something

Anna has been cycling through emotions.

They both find that exhausting and realizing that the people in your life are unrecognizable makes you sad.

“Mostly what I feel right now is anger,” she concludes.

She adds that anger is just a symptom of fear and shows him the therapy book she’s been reading.

anna and drew talk

They wonder if fellowship is an antidote to betrayal. He says her company has been very medicinal.

That’s a new one on her. He’s eager to get the toxicity out of his life. “Let me know how that goes,” she says.

She doesn’t know what her life looks like now. Carly calls but he doesn’t answer. Anna says it’s nice to have someone wondering about them.

She points out that he has someone who loves and wants to support him.

drew and anna talk anger

Carly joins them and Anna tells her how beautiful the service for Bobbie was. They will all miss her so much.

Anna leaves them alone.

carly joins anna and drew

Sitting down, Carly tells Drew that she can understand why he’s angry with Michael but she’s made missteps dealing with Nina too so she understands.

carly tells drew move on

Drew says he and her son will hash it out. Most of his anger is reserved for Nina.

She understands all that but they don’t have to play nice with Nina anymore and get beyond her. “Not me,” he says.

drew can't move on

He needs her to pay and he know how.

Anna calls Jordan and leaves a message, asking where she is.

When Willow gets to the Quartermaine house, Michael offers to give her some room.

She asks about his day.

willow michael talk nina

He fills her in on being attacked by his mom and Drew and she tells him about her fight with Nina at work.

Willow can understand why he went to the lengths he did to protect her from Nina. But she thinks she had the right to know how awful her mother really is.

Michael wants her to forgive him. She’s too tired for that now. Wiley pops up and asks if it’s time to go home.

michael wants to be forgiven

He likes their house better and wants to be there. His dad offers to take him home and read to him.

When he says he won’t stay the night, Wiley asks when they will all be together again.

wiley asks to go home

Cyrus is baffled when Esme shows up in his hospital room.

She tells him he needs his help since her child’s father kidnapped him.

esme asks cyrus for help

Esme fills him in on his nephew conspiring with Nikolas to steal her baby.

She can’t go to the cops because Spencer will turn them against her.

She has no faith the authorities will help get her son back from the mayor’s son. Laura got her into this whole mess.

He suggests she talk to Martin but she doesn’t think a lawyer will help.

cyrus and esme talk ace

Cyrus asks if this is about protecting Ace or possessing him. She doesn’t want a lecture.

He wonders why she thinks she can trust him. She doesn’t trust anyone but she needs help. There must be something he can do.

Ace is part of both of their families. Is he going to let him be taken stand?

esme asks if that's all they can do

He makes it clear that his means are greatly reduced but he knows people who can make enquiries.

That doesn’t sound like much to her so he offers to pray with her.

She won’t waste her time with that and flounces off. He immediately makes a call, asking someone to come and see him.

cyrus asks why they should trust him

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