GH Recap: Jason Explains to Michael He Was Forced to Work as a Mercenary, Then Flashes to Working with Cates

Thurs March 14, 2024:  Jason explains where he has been, Lois checks in on Sonny, John asks Carly for help, Sam has trouble hiding her suspicions and Molly speaks to Anna about potential charges.

Wednesday’s GH recap:  Drew Dumps and Fires Carly, Selina Blames Sonny for Curtis Winding Up Paralyzed and Michael is Reunited with Jason

Lois drops by Sonny’s place with Ziti.

Everything tastes like cardboard, he says. She asks how he’s doing.

He tells her he sat by Dante’s bed and tried to be there for Olivia but he’s terrified his son won’t make it.

Lois thinks he’s doing something wonderful for her but he has a right to his feelings.

lois brings sonny ziti GH recaps

She offers to lend an ear. Sonny complains about how unfair it is.

Lois knows and loves him. 

Sonny admits if Jason put Dante in the hospital, he’ll never forgive Jason or himself.

He fills his ex in on how he learned of Jason being alive and his disbelief.

She’s surprised Ava was the one who showed him the photo of Jason.

She doesn’t get why Jason is trying to terminate Sonny. Sonny’s as flabbergasted as she is.

lois talks about dante to sonny GH

Talk turns to Jason and Carly who were in love and how he was the last to know.

It felt like it broke some trust. Lois asks if that’s why he dumped her.

Sonny says he tried to make it work but Carly made it impossible. 

Though Lois thinks Sonny and Dante have a good solid relationship, Sonny feels guilty for telling his son to stay out of his way.

Lois says Dante probably said some nasty things about him.

He’s not God, not responsible for Dante or Jason’s choices. 

lois asks about why sonny dumped carly


Kristina interrupts Sam sitting at Dante’s side at General Hospital to see how she’s doing.

She’s afraid and confused. 

Krissy would be too, especially since Jason’s the prime suspect. 

sam is scared GH recaps

Kristina’s confused too. Sam’s trying to process.

Kristina’s surprised she’s not calling this is a big mistake.

Sam says if she wants to hear that, she should talk to Carly.

Kristina reveals Jason went to her first and asks her not to tell Molly because she’s and ADA and would have to notify the cops.

krissy talks about jason GH recap SoapsSpoilers

As they talk, Danny sneaks up. He’s admonished.

Kristina admits Jason’s a suspect in Dante being pumped full of lead.

Danny has questions, so Sam says she doesn’t know where his father has been or why it was okay that he let them assume he had perished.

He’s drawn to danger and she says he wasn’t drawn to come home.

danny sneaks to the hospital

Danny thinks he might have had a reason.

She says maybe, but his reasons are not like anyone else’s.

Kristina reminds them a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

Sam agrees and hopes there’s an explanation for this.

kristina says jason innocent til proven guilty

Dante will fill them in when he wakes up, but they don’t know when that’ll be.

Danny promises to go straight to the Q’s place and mother and son embrace.

Kristina decides to take him to the donut shop before she takes him home.

sam hugs danny


Anna sits at PCPD and listens to Jason’s 911 call when Molly interrupts to say her office wants an update on the charges on Jason Morgan.

Anna’s not convinced that he tried to off anyone.

anna listens to jason 911 call

Molly seems relieved and hopes she’s right.

Anna says she has multiple conflicts of interest.

A few years ago, Jason saved her life.

She thinks he’s remarkable, cool under fire and a clear thinker.

“And of course, my daughter loves him.”

molly believes in jason gh

He made a difference in Robin’s life but she has to remain impartial and assemble the evidence while trusting the system.

Molly says that’s why she’s there, to see how she’s staying impartial.

She’s not sure she can which means she’s in the wrong job.

She too has conflicts of interest. She worshiped Jason and was someone their family could count on.

anna and molly talk about the case being hard

The women agree they don’t know where he’s been or what he’s been doing.

And he was found on a rooftop with a sniper. The anomaly was the 911 call.

Anna tells Molly about Jason jumping into the river.

She’s sure he survived and thinks he’s long gone and will likely be impossible to trace.

That makes Molly a little relieved so she won’t need to prosecute. Anna thinks there’s something else going on she’s not seeing.

anna sure jason alive

Drew drops by Michaels and since he’s running an errand, Willow takes him in.

Drew tells her that he and Carly broke up.

Willow gets them something to drink as he tells her it was because nothing shakes Carly’s faith in Jason.

He loves her but knows there’s no future.

Willow’s sorry. He has no regrets but knows Carly loves Jason more than him.

drew talks about dumping carly GH recaps

The second there’s a crrisus, she’ll run to Jason.

Willow’s sorry and thinks that he deserves better. So does Drew.

Drew calls her incredible and says she made him happy.

Willow thinks he’s been incredible with her.

Drew says not today. He came down on her hard for something she can’t help.

drew talks about loving carly

Carly’s surprised and unhappy to see Jagger at her back door.

He needs her help. Why is she so adamant that Jason isn’t the one to discharge his firearm at Dante. Carly just knows him.

He thinks some men might have a problem with their ex-wife moving on.

Carly doesn’t believe Jason would shoot Dante because of that.

She asks if the feds have proof and when he doesn’t, Carly continues to lie about not seeing Jason, but she knows that Jason called 911.

carly mossy and jagger in her kitchen

Jagger asks if he did call 911, why did he run away instead of waiting for the first responders?

She assumes he didn’t want to be locked up for something he didn’t do.

Jagger says he probably wanted to remain undetected. He didn’t know that there was footage or photos going around on the pier. 

Caraly’s offended and kicks Jagger out, telling him not to return without a warrant.

Jagger comments on how Jason’s name gets under her skin. 

caraly asks jagger if he has proof  general hospital recaps

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Jason wakes up to Michael at the boathouse, who has a change of clothing and urges him to rest.

They discuss what a good nurse Willow is and Jason gives condolences for Bobbie’s passing.

jason in pain

Michael shares how it happened and Jason recalls that Bobbie’s the one who put Michael in his arms for the first time and taught him how to hold him and support his head.

It was scary.

jason talks to michael

Michael gets it. He can’t wait for Jason to meet Amelia.

Jason gets changed and Michael notices his tattoos and asks what happened to him. 

Jason asks Michael not to launder his dirty clothes.

There can’t be any evidence that anyone helped him.

jason shows his tattoos to michael

When Michael asks where he’s going, Jason doesn’t know so Michael asks where he’s been.

Jason was still alive when the tunnel collapsed at Cassadine Island.

The tunnel was blocked and he couldn’t get to Britt and the others so he followed the tunnel to the beach.

He was headed to the main house but two guys with arms were waiting.

michael asks questions jason cannot answer

He can’t say who but they took him prisoner to Greece and was put in a room without windows.

A man asked him to do a job and had the leverage to force him to agree.

He can’t say what the leverage was but does tell Michael he’s been working as a private military contractor. “A mercenary.”

Jason admits he was working with a sniper — Hamish.

When he learned Sonny was the target, he made sure Hamish missed.

jason's backstory sounds like harris from days of our lives

They were leaving by boat when Dante caught up to them.

Michael asks if he’d returned if he wasn’t sent to take care of Sonny.

Jason’s not sure though he thought of it daily.

michael learns the truth

The job isn’t finished.

He has to finish or he can’t live with himself.

jason admits where he's been on GH

Once Michael is gone, Jason thinks about being held at Quantico in cuffs while Jagger tells him that he’s about to hear proof of Rico violations.

They’re federal crimes that carry a 20-year sentence.

Jason opens his eyes and looks around the room. 

jason working with cates

Michael returns home as Drew leaves. He lets her tell him the news once he’s gone.

She fills him in on the break up and he says, “Wow, uh that’s too bad.”

michael's non reaction to the break up

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