Victoria Asks Nate Up to Her Room, Nick Worries About Sally’s Feelings for Adam, and Phyllis’ Reveal Stumps Jack and Diane

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sally dreams about Adam, Kyle and Summer worry his parents are moving too fast, and Phyllis tries convincing Lauren she’s changed.

In the previous episode, Elena confronted Nate about his relationship with Victoria as Audra taunted Victoria, and Phyllis and Stark planned to rob Diane.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 13, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 14. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

“Uhhhh wow,” Summer says after Jack informs her and Kyle that he and Diane are engaged.

Kyle thinks this is sudden. His father thinks the timing was right.

summer and kyle angry Y&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

Kyle thinks the timing is weird and wonders if it has something to do with the threat of Stark.

Jack insists he doesn’t want to look backwards anymore. Diane knows forgiveness has to be earned and she will continue to win people’s trust.

Jack explains he fell back in love with her when he realized how much she loves their son. She’s a different person with different priorities and doesn’t have to prove herself to him.

He hasn’t been this happy in a very long time and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Their flame has not extinguished and they won’t deny it.

Summer looks horrified.

Diane adds they have matured into different people and are better together than apart.

Jack beams and declares this is the natural next step.
His son isn’t convinced other people will react to it that way.

kyle upset jack Y&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

Summer admits they seem happy. Kyle is still struggling with the timing and needs to let it sink in.

His mom hopes they will eventually offer their blessings.

After Jack and Diane ask them to keep this quiet, they exit. Summer wonders what the hell that was.

She has to drink some wonder and thinks this is all crazy. She wonders if it was Diane’s plan all along.

summer talks about diane's secrets Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Kyle says his mom would have to be pretty diabolical for that. His wife worries that he and Jack are turning a blind eye to things. There’s a red flag waving.

He wants his parents to be together and happy but it’s happening too fast. It’s like his dad is setting himself up to be hurt again.

They’re both sure no one will welcome the engagement news.

Summer is sure it won’t be pretty when her mom hears about it.

Outside of Society, Phyllis reminds Stark over the phone that her family cannot be hurt in their plan against Diane.

phyllis calls stark and tells him off Y&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

Lauren interrupts and Phyllis forces a friendly smile.

They head inside and Lauren says that call sounded intense.

Phyllis claims she was just trying to get a mani-pedi appointment and says she will call the salon to apologize if she was too intense.

When she changes the subject, Lauren asks her what’s going on. She’s vibrating with “some sort” of energy.

Phyllis admits she’s been self-sabotaging and doesn’t want to do that. She’s sorry.

Lauren wants to believe she’s making a positive change but still thinks she needs perspective. She suggests they take off to Vegas for the weekend.

Phyllis would love that some other time. Lauren reminds her she doesn’t have a job and is fighting with her kids.

laura thinks phyllis is scheming Y&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

Her friend insists she can’t leave town at the moment.

“You can’t run away from your problems!” she shouts.

Jack and Diane enter. Phyllis forces a huge smile.

She tells them they look amazing. “That almost sounded sincere,” Diane says.

The women begin bickering. Phyllis admits she played a game and lost. She wants what they have: romance, love and beauty.

She’s surprised to see them back in town given their “current circumstance.”

He wonders why she’s surprised they’re back in town. Phyllis is sure they know about Stark leaving Paris.

jack and diane don't believe phyllis sincere Y&R day ahead recaps

She explains that Stark approached her to be part of his scheme but she rejected him. After some bickering, she admits her fight with Diane cost her her relationship with her kids.

She ushers them off to enjoy their dinner. Lauren laughs and tells her friend that was quite a performance.

“What the hell are you up to?” Lauren asks. Phyllis claims she wishes nothing but happiness for Diane and Jack.


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Y&R Opinions

Y&R comings and goings

Nick wanders into the Phoenix and notices his sister sitting in the lobby.

She assumes he’s on his way to see Sally.

nick sees his sister Y&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

He worries about her tough emotional situation. Victoria assumes Adam is to blame. Nick gives their brother some credit for following the rules…so far.

She admires Nick’s ability to see the best in people because of his big heart. He jokes she doesn’t have one of those.

She says that comes in handy when dealing with Adam. He has alarm bells in his head about their brother but still appreciates the reminder.

Victoria still thinks that Adam and Sally seem like a more natural couple. He doesn’t agree but can see why she would say that.

His sister suggests he should be more concerned.

victoria has no heart nick jokes eY&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

Nick explains that Adam confirmed that their father is planning to put him in charge of Tucker. His sister laughs at that.

Nick suggests they leave him to run McCall so he’ll be out of their hair. That’s not what his sister wants. She’s sure it will end in disaster.

Victoria is not in the mood to fight about this.

Nate shows up and asks the boss if they can have a strategy discussion. They invite Nick to join them but he had to get upstairs and walks away.

Nate and Victoria discuss how unpredictable Tucker is. She wonders if he’s getting soft or if he really wants to build bridges with Devon and Ashley.

nate at grand phoenix with victoria Y&R day ahead recaps

She thinks buying up all his debt was a powerful move.

It’s something she would have done. They need to figure out what she wants.

They discuss the appeal of control and try to figure out the logic of Tucker and Ashley’s decision.

Nate assumes she’s testing him to see how far he’s willing to go.

nate uncomfortable Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

Victoria thinks most men like to play that game.

They realize they are talking about each other.

She asks what’s going on between the two of them.

victoria asks what's going on between her and nate Y&R day ahead recaps soapsspoilers

She announces she’s getting a room and would like him to join her.

She won’t hold it against him if he doesn’t and it has nothing to do with their professional relationship.

“Either way, it’s up to you,” she says.

Sally sleeps in her suite and dreams about Summer combing her hair and reminding her of her eternal connection with Adam.

Summer turns into Adam and tells her they are meant to be.

summer brushes sally's hair in her dream Y&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

He hands her a bouquet of roses and reminds her of when he gave her some when she started at Newman Media.

They giggle and she tells him how much she appreciates his belief in her.

adam and sally dream Y&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

Adam says he knows her like no one else ever will.

Sleeping Sally smiles.

sally sleeps and dreams Y&R day ahead recaps Tuesday March 11, 2023

Dream Adam tells her they are meant to be and reminds her of how perfect they were.

He loved her in a way that made her feel like she didn’t know what love was until then.

The baby represents their real love. A tear runs down he cheek.

Nick knocks and yells through the door until she wakes up.

She pulls him in, kissing him and tearing off his clothes.

sally hot from her dream about adam kisses nick Y&R day ahead recaps

They get under the covers and have sex.

nick and sally sex in her room young and restless recaps

After, he says that was amazing but wonders why it was so urgent. He wonders if she was trying to lose herself in the sex.

She admits that Summer has been bothering her. He offers to speak to his daughter again, but she’s actually more concerned about her trying to make peace.

It was strange and Summer told her she was meant to be with Adam. Nick asks if she thinks she’s a better match than his brother.

He assumes Summer’s words are hitting her on a level she hasn’t acknowledged and she’s conflicted.

Nick doesn’t like the effect his daughter is having on her and wants her to exist in a bubble of peace and harmony. She tells him there is no such thing.

He asks if she’s feeling any more conflict about Adam.

She claims she’s just been having “stupid thoughts and anxiety dreams.”

He knows it won’t be easy but they will make it through. She’s not sure she’ll be able to handle the onslaught from his family.

nick sally bed after sex Y&R recaps

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