An Emotional Steffy Agrees to Give Thomas Another Chance, and Sheila Weeps After Telling Deacon She Can’t Attend His Opening

In the Tuesday, February 28, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Wyatt and Liam pressure Bill to drop his threats against Taylor, Steffy vents about Sheila, and Deacon reminds Sheila of what they had.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Steffy needed to put an end to Sheila, and Deacon planned a grand opening bash at Il Giardino.

At Deacon’s, Sheila tells him she can’t come to his grand opening. He knows that she has feelings for him and is afraid to give in to them.

deacon still wants sheila B&B recaps

He’s not asking her to give up her freedom, just to come to the grand opening.

She thinks he’s asking for the impossible but he says that’s her specialty. This is the most important night in his life and he wants her there.

He recalls their first night together in her redhead outfit. He still can’t believe it took him a day to figure out it was her.

She wonders why he took her in when he was so frightened.

“You know the answer to that,” he says. There’s something very special about her, maybe because she’s capable of anything.

She says Bill says all the same things to her. It’s really sweet that Deacon thinks she’s such an inspiration, but she can’t be at his grand opening because of Bill.

They joke about how they used to play rough. Sheila won’t deny the wonderful times they had, but it can’t be that way any more.

Deacon doesn’t want to screw anything up for her. He asks her to make sure Bill is good to her.

She wishes him good luck and they hug.

deacon and sheila hug goodbye B&B recaps

When she gets outside, tears run down her cheeks.

At Bill’s, Wyatt and Liam are trying to get through to their dad about Sheila. Wyatt gets a business call and his father orders him to take it.

liam and wyatt yell at bill B&B recaps

Liam urges Bill to drop the threat against Taylor. Wyatt returns and tells his father that Sheila does nothing but lie and hurt people. There’s no way he can trust her.

Bill refuses to explain his relationship to anyone.

The outrages Wyatt. His father insists that Sheila accepts him and then takes a drink.

wyatt yelling at his dad at his house B&B recaps

Wyatt repeats that no one can trust Sheila. They ask their dad if he can hear them.

He does. They ask if he would dump her in prison if she betrayed him. He insists she won’t.

wyatt and liam stricken B&B recaps

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At the cliff house, Taylor asks Steffy how she and Finn and handling having Douglas there.

taylor drinks coffee B&B recaps

Steffy picks up toys and explains they have mostly been worried about Sheila. Plus, work hasn’t been going well and Finn is on-call all the time.

She could strangle Bill for putting them in this position. She doesn’t know how, but she will see Sheila behind bars.

steffy cleans up her place B&B recaps

Taylor wonders if Bill and Sheila are really in love. Her daughter repeats she will find a way to get Sheila out of their lives once and for all.

The doctor says they all need to pull together right now. Thomas arrives on cue and his mom admits she set this up.

steffy and thomas not happy with each other B&B recaps

She reminds them she told them to dig deep and find the love. She threatens to be super annoying if they don’t start filling the void.

“C’mon! Let’s go! Let’s do this!” Taylor chants. They remain motionless.

Their mother orders them to talk it out. They start bickering.

Thomas apologizes to his sister again about the mistakes that he’s made. It hurts that Douglas was affected by what he did.

He doesn’t like feeling exiled from the family but he only has himself to blame. That’s also motivating him to fix things.

He’s been seeing a therapist and working on himself. Taylor beams and nods.

Thomas needs his sister to help him become a better man. He begs for another chance.

She shakes her head and asks what will make this time any different.

steffy ready give brother chance B&B recaps

She doesn’t know how to believe he’s ready to change. He says he needs to change to get his son back.

Steffy loves her brother. She spent her childhood looking up to him but they are adults and need to be responsible. He keeps breaking their faith in him.

She’s not sure how long it will take, but she lost her sister and doesn’t want to lose her brother. She’s willing to give him another chance.

He tells her she won’t regret it.

Taylor tells him not to make promises, just keep doing the work.

taylor bites lip B&B recaps

Their family has been through so much but they always heal and overcome. Holding their hands, she tells them she will always believe in them.

As a family, they are a force to be reckoned with and no one can break their bond. They are the Forresters. They hug.

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