Maggie is Found, Heather Gifts Ryan a Shiv for Valentine’s Day, Along With an Escape Plan and Portia and Curtis Marry

General Hospital recap for Tuesday, February 14, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Dante and Sam find Maggie, Heather gives Ryan a shiv for Valentine’s Day and the wedding goes off without a hitch.

We also have Friday’s GH recap Spencer lashed out at Dex, Liesl asked Carly for a favor, and Jordan urges Portia to come clean just before the wedding began and Portia walked down the aisle to Curtis.

In church, Portia and Curtis wait for someone to speak out against their marriage and Portia goes pale as she flashes to Jordan urging her to tell Curtis that Trina’s his kid.

portia and curtis wedding day valentines gh recaps

Laura asks the bride and groom if either knows a reason they shouldn’t marry.

Portia stares at Trina who nods.

Nobody speaks, but Portia looks worried.

portia wedding day GH recaps

They say their vows and Curtis says is personal ones about how it’s been a long and winding road with them being together and apart.

He vows to love her with all his heart and make their lives better.

Portia’s up and talks about not imagining a world without him in it.

His courage and conviction leave her breathless.

curtis and portia wedding GH recap today

Curtis puts a ring on her finger and pledges to love her. She does the same in return. Laura pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss. 

In her hotel room, Stella reads the bible as she thinks about Jordan and her discussing Curtis being Trina’s father.

Stella worries she’s being cowardly hiding out there.

Jordan defends Portia’s actions.

They agree it wasn’t the time to tell the truth but Stella hoped Portia would have said something by now.

She takes a pill and Jordan worries but Stella says to relax.

stella reads bible GH recaps

Her doctor told her she’ll outlive “all y’all.” Stella asks about Jordan’s love life.

She blames herself for her ex- daughter-in-law’s marital issues with Curtis.

Again, Jordan defends Portia when Stella grumbles about her. They read from the bible and Jordan goes.

jordan quotes bible GH recaps

Heather visits Ryan in his room in Spring Ridge.

She gifts him a Valentine and a way out for the four of them.

She made him a shiv in arts and crafts.

He asks who the fourth is and she says, “Esme’s baby. Duh!”

ryan and heather valentines GH recaps today

She’s got it all figured out. He grabs her arm, realizing Esme doesn’t know.

Heather presses the shiv to his neck and they laugh.

Heather tries to assuage his concerns but Ryan’s too worried about Dante and Sam looking for Maggie.

Heather’s not worried. She can’t wait for them to become a family.

Ryan says there’s a potential glitch if Esme refuses to go with them.

She’s not worried and vows nobody will hurt their daughter once they’re out of this place.

heather and ryan standoff valentines GH recaps

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GH opinions

In England, Dante and Sam joke about driving on the wrong side of the road.

They look in on a pub and wonder if Maggie’s a drinker or at least if someone knows her is.

They head inside. A waitress gets them some ale.

dante sam england General Hospital recaps

They’re delighted and make up a reason to come visit her tiny hamlet.

Dante asks if she knows a friend of a friend in Maggie Fitzgerald.

The waitress knew a Marjorie who used to come on trivia night.

waitress serves dante and sam general hospital recaps

They inquire about her knowing Esme Prince and the waitress looks a little shocked.

They admit Maggie’s in trouble. They fill her in just a little and she has nothing to say so they go.

Outside, they agree she’s lying about not knowing Maggie. Or Esme. 

Inside, the woman looks in a box and finds letters from Esme addressed to Maggie.

Maggie told Esme not to go looking for her father. 

waitress England General hospital recaps


At the reception, Drew introduces Portia and Curtis as newlyweds and they dance the first dance.

Ava doesn’t look happy and Trina and Joss hold hands as they watch.

curtis portia wedding dance General hospital recap

Couples and family all look on happily.

Spencer looks at Trina as they discuss true love existing and Nina thinks of Willow.

Molly pinches Marshall who can’t believe he lived long enough to watch his son marry.

finn and liz drink wedding GH recaps

Zeke and Molly think that Portia looks stunned that they tied the knot.

Finn and Liz talk about how it looks so simple watching those two in love.

portia and sterling dance as trina and taggert do GH recaps

Sterling dances with Portia as Taggert dances with Trina.

Curtis cuts in on Trina and Taggert and Portia watches.

Sterling asks her what’s wrong.

Nearby, Sonny asks Nina to dance, like they did at the Tan-O to get her mind off of Willow.

portia watches daughter dance with real father GH recaps

Nearby, Terry goes dancing with Yuri and Spencer asks Trina to dance.

He admits he was never pretending to be her friend.

Trina thinks Stella needs to be at this wedding.

Drew says a nice speech to his friends and everyone drinks to them.

Drew asks for Trina who has left to go get Stella and leaves before her toast.

trina and spence dance GH recaps

Trina and Spencer arrive at Stella’s hotel room, surprising Stella.

trina and spence visit stella GH recaps

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