Stark Returns, Heather Shocks Daniel By Confessing She’s Seeing Someone Else & Ashley is Surprised Tucker’s Fatalistic After She Kisses Him

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Kyle learns that Diane has moved into the Abbott house, Phyllis lashes out at Summer, and then commiserates with Jack about their disappointments. In the previous episode, Sharon and Victoria react to news of Sally’s pregnancy and paternity conundrum, while Victor gave Nikki a diamond necklace on Valentine’s Day.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 14, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 15. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Summer joins her mother at Society and gives her a hug. Phyllis is glad she has one child who doesn’t hate her.

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There is champagne waiting. Phyllis hopes she is going to talk her brother out of doing something else he will regret.

They discuss Daniel firing her. She complains that her son needs saving. She keeps throwing him life preservers, but he doesn’t catch them.

Phyllis insists that jetting off to see Heather in Portugal was an act of love. Summer points out she went behind his back.

Her mom complains about her feelings being hurt. She holds the champagne away from her. Only people who want to help her are allowed to drink it.

Summer explains that her “helpful” trip to see Heather may have put the kibosh on Daniel’s own plans for a reunion.

Phyllis refuses to take any blame. Her son is stressed out and can’t make good choices.

Summer accuses her of jetting off to Portugal as a knee-jerk reaction. Her mom vents about no one seeing her point of view and her kids hating her.

Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Summer says she needs to let her children fix whatever is broken in their lives.

Phyllis apologizes to the world for raising two “negative nellies.” She went to Heather to enlighten her about the man that Daniel has become.

She’s expecting an apology from Summer and her brother when this works out.

Summer says they just don’t want her meddling in their lives.

summer tries to get phyllis to stop phyllising Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

Her mom vents about the hell of motherhood. She would lay down her life for her kids and she’s tired of being treated like the devil.

Grabbing her bottle of champagne, she storms out.

Daniel is startled when he arrives at his suite and finds Heather waiting for him.

Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

They share an awkward hug.

She explains that Lucy is well, but she thought they should talk privately.

He gets the feeling this won’t be an easy conversation.

Daniel apologizes for his mother ambushing her. She says it was quite a surprise.

Heather thought how much his mom loves him was sweet. It was good to hear he’s been reinvigorated.

“It’s been a healing journey,” he says.

Seeing him in person convinces her that he’s changed. He looks good.

Daniel explains that the journeys you make alone are the hardest. He had a lot of time to think about the people who love him.

What he did to her and Lucy was inexcusable and he needs to show he’s back on track.

Shaking her head, she sobs. He leaps over to her and says that if he can fix his glitch, anything is possible.

“I’ve met someone,” she informs him. He’s in disbelief.

heather tells daniel she met someone Y&R early recap

Heather is sorry that she’s hurting him, but the wounds were really deep.

Daniel hates himself for hurting her but thinks they deserve another chance.

She can forgive but can’t forget. She’s moved on. If he’s honest with himself, he’ll realize it’s best for him to move on too.

Ashley arrives at Tucker’s suite. He hands her some wine. He’d love to exchange witticisms all night, but he asks why she’s there.

Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

She was hoping he would explain the voicemail he left offering to fly to Paris to confess something to her.

He brings up her fight with her brother. She reminds him that he plotted against Jabot.

He points out he didn’t actually do anything. However, he apologizes for lying to her. He admits he’s in some deep water financially.

Although he found peace at the ashram, he also allowed people to make decisions for the company that he shouldn’t have. The whole thing fell apart after his accident.

He took out massive loans but couldn’t turn things around fast enough to cover the debts,

Tucker insists that he was not trying to use her or Devon. She thinks that’s a hollow claim.

Ashley reminds him that he offered to set up a company for her when he had no money.

tucker confesses to ashley Y&R early recap

McCall claims he would have found the money. He would sell all he had to make her dreams come true.

Tucker wonders why she’s come for a face-to-face. He’s sure she can feel the passion between them.

She hops across the sofa and kisses him and then declares there is no passion between them.

ashley tries to kiss Tucker to see if there is still a pull Y&R recaps today

He accuses her of being incapable of being honest. Ashley asks what’s next for him.

He doesn’t know. McCall is running out of options and the Newmans are trying to take over what he has left.

Tucker wonders if it’s time to let it happen. He returned with the plan to work with his son and the love of his life and now that’s all gone.

“My karma is catching up to me,” he says.

She doesn’t believe he would walk away without a fight.

Tucker claims he’s letting go. The only way to be free is to let go of things. He’d let everything go to spend the rest of his days with her.

She’s endlessly alluring to him.

Swirling her wine, she doesn’t see how he can hold onto a shred of hope after all his shenanigans.

“Maybe it’s because I love you! Immutably!” he blurts.

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Diane arrives at the Abbott estate and Jack welcomes her home, bringing her bags in.

Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

It feels good to her to hear him say it’s her home.

He pours them wine and she toasts to their future and coming home again.

Kyle arrives. He mopes across the room about Summer fighting with him. He doesn’t know how he will get her to forgive him.

Jack suggests he ask Victor. They bicker about that. Kyle insists that Victor’s only goal was to get Adam fired.

His father points out that he lied to him and put the company in jeopardy.

Kyle is sorry he didn’t think things through. Jack isn’t sure he can trust him anymore.

Y&R early recaps SoapsSpoilers

After he leaves for some air, Kyle asks his mom if she can see any good has come out of this.

She’s not taking sides. Her son just wanted to get Adam fired.

Diane assures him that Jack will forgive him eventually. She’s living proof of how forgiving he is.

When he notices her bags, he wonders if she’s leaving town. She explains his father asked her to move in.

Telling him how much she and Jack have changed, she insists they are not rushing things. As an added bonus, she will be closer to him and Harrison.

He’s sure this will send his son over the moon but he’s not exactly giving his blessing.

Summer arrives and asks what else went wrong today.

Diane says there is great news. Summer seems skeptical. They explain Diane is moving in.

diane happy moving in Y&R recaps

Summer doesn’t say anything. She leaves to check on Harrison.

Diane realizes that went badly. Her son tells her she’ll need to figure out what to do on her own.

Jack bumps into Phyllis as she drinks at the bar in the Phoenix.

phyllis and jack taunt each other Y&R early recaps

She tells him she is emancipating herself from her children. He finds that hard to believe.

She says you can only try so hard until people let you down in the cruelest way.

He knows exactly how she feels and complains about being disappointed.

Phyllis assumes he’s talking about Diane, but he quickly corrects that impression.

Jack decides that opening up to her was a mistake and walks off.

jack calls phyllis her own worst enemy young and restless recaps

As she sits alone, Stark shows up.

Jeremy finds Phyllis alone and vulnerable Young and the restless recaps soapsspiolers

When Jack gets home, Diane explains that she told Kyle their news.

He was “diplomatic” about her moving in.

jack and diane home young and restless recaps

He assures her their son will come around to accepting this.

She wants him to be happy for them and hopeful.

Jack tells her the worst is behind them. They kiss.

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