Dex Panics When Michael Backs Out of Their Deal, Obrecht Refuses to Reunite With Scott, and Sonny Makes Demands on Pikeman

General Hospital recap for Friday, May 12, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Diane can’t represent Carly and Drew, Liesl tells Willow they are family, and Ava tries talking Nina out of coming clean.

We also have Thursday’s GH recap where Tracy blackmailed Brook Lynn into becoming a corporate spy, Sasha agreed to return to TV, and Selina gave Cody and Gladys a warning.

At General Hospital, Joss jogs over to Drew and Carly to welcome him home. She feels like everything will be okay now.

joss asks how long it will take

She thanks Drew for rescuing her best friends and bringing Liesl back. Carly says he didn’t get the heroes welcome he deserved.

They fill Joss in on the SEC investigation. Diane is on her way and she will work it out.

carly explains to joss

Drew leaves to take a call from his lawyers. Joss tells her mom how great it is to see her and Drew out in the open.

Diane arrives and Joss leaves the ladies to their meeting. Drew joins them and the lawyer tells them things will get worse before they get better.


She explains that Carly’s accounts will all remain frozen as the investigation is ongoing. Drew can’t lend her money because that would make things worse. The lawyer adds she can’t represent both of them.

If this goes to trial, they will be separate defendants. Drew says Carly should have Diane. The lawyer agrees, tells them they look great together and takes off.

diane tells drew and carly cute

Drew tells Carly they can take on the world as long as they are together.

Dex goes up on the roof and sends Michael a text. Michael reads it and thinks about Willow telling him that keeping the family together is more important than bringing Sonny to justice.

dex sends michael a text

Michael meets Dex on the roof. Dex is surprised when Michael explains that he won’t be turning Sonny in at all. Willow convinced him not to for his sister’s sake.

michael tells dex he's backing out

Dex knows he’s the boss, but he’s spent a year risking his life, being tortured, and nearly killed for this. Where does this leave him?

dex is tight spot

He is stuck working for Sonny or putting him away. Michael says he can disappear.

That’s not what Dex agreed to. His boss knows this puts him at great risk. Dex feels like he’s screwed.

Michael repeats his offer to help him vanish. Dex isn’t ready to give up his life in the city.

His boss assumes this is about Joss.


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Obrecht looks in Willow’s window and calls her, telling her she is happy to be alive and back. She donated her bone marrow and feels fine.

liesl talks to willow by phone

Willow says thanks don’t even begin to cover how grateful she is. She’ll be able to watch her children grow just because of her.

Liesl did what she had to. Willow is her family.

Obrecht knows that she is worried about accepting her into her life because it can mean letting Nina in too.

She explains she’s lost almost all her relatives and that makes her latch on more. She’s not pressuring her about Nina and Willow’s not making any promises.

willow on phone to obrecht

Obrecht can see what a strong woman she is. She’s a survivor.

Liesl walks down the hall and bumps into Scott. He tells her that he was chloroformed trying to help her.

scott asks obrecht how she feels

He knows they have a lot of problems to work out but he thinks about her all the time.

The lawyer wonders if they might be able to get things back on track.

She admits she’s dreamed of him calling her “schnitzel” and when she was facing death, she thought of him. He has her heart, but so do Nathan and Britta.

Sadly, he can’t make things up to her. The place where Britt had the best night of her life is gone. Scott played a role in destroying it.

obrecht faces scott

As much as she loves him, all she can see is how he sided with Liz. She has to side with the memory of her daughter. That truth doesn’t set them free.

Joss visits Willow and talks to her by phone. They have chit-chat and Joss says she’s been sort of seeing someone.

willow says don't let it happen again

“Is he anyone that I know?” Willow asks. Joss doesn’t say. Willow is just glad she’s happy.

She thanks Joss for being there. Joss says they will all be there for her, every step of the way.

Willow loves them all and is hopeful for all their futures.

Turning away, Joss says to herself that she feels the same way.

Joss goes up on the roof to meet with Dex. He tells her he has to go away.

Valentin is brought by Sonny’s office. The mob boss tells him they have matters to discuss.

sonny says no one leaves room

He thanks him for his help bringing Liesl back. He won’t forget that.

Sonny changes the topic to his associates nearly getting him killed. He thinks the Cassadine left out some details.

Valentin insists he was only a middle-man. Sonny tells him about the sniper attack and reminds him he warned that there would be significant risks.

valentin and sonny discuss pikeman

It’s not a surprise to Valentin but he didn’t know anything about it. The Pikeman people will only act on a need-to-know basis.

He adds that his contact with Pikeman were happy by how things went and want to work with him again.

Sonny says he’s not interested.

Valentin says their primary client is the military, who move it to small countries.

sonny asks valentin what he knew

The mobster doesn’t want to be collateral damage. If Pikeman figure out who came after him, they can move forward.

Valentin will bring them the message.

After the Cassadine exits, Michael wanders in.

Nina joins Ava the The Savoy. The Jerome assumes she’s there to celebrate but soon notices she’s not in the mood.

ava listens to nina

Nina suggests she go and see Trina but Ava says she’s with her parents. Besides, they have lots to celebrate.

Her friend explains that she already screwed up her last shot at making things right with Willow. She asked her to drop her vendetta against Carly.


Ava thinks she should do it. Nina reminds her it’s too late since she called the SEC.

Her friend is sure Carly will weasel her way out of the mess, but she hopes she suffers a bit first. What’s done is done.

Nina’s not so sure. Maybe the damage can be mitigated by telling her daughter the truth.

“That’s a terrible idea,” Ava tells her. She laughs about all Carly has lost.

ava thinks carly will weasel her way out of the charges, but hopes it's not before she suffers a little.

Her friend is still determined to come clean so Ava reminds her the Corinthos family are not forgiving people. They will be out for blood and so will the Quartermaines. Sonny won’t be accepting either.

Nina thinks she should face the consequences and her friend reminds her she reported an actual crime. Honesty will cost her everything.
She’s gotten away with it and should leave it at that.

Scott mopes in and tells them he and Liesl are finished. They don’t believe it. They’re sure Liesl loves him.

He explains that she thinks he messed with her family and there’s no coming back from that.

scotty upset liesl not coming back to him

After he walks off to get a drink, Nina tells Ava she’s decided not to clear her conscience. Ava toasts to everything going her way.

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