Chase Walks Out on Brook Lynn After She Confesses, Curtis Still Can’t Forgive Portia, and Esme and the Baby Move Into Laura’s

General Hospital recap for Wednesday, March 22, 2023. In today’s GH episode, Alexis reaches out to Finn, Liz waits for news from the ethics committee, and Jordan tells Nina about moving on from Curtis.

We also have Tuesday’s GH recap where Drew agreed to help Valentin take down Victor, Willow urged Chase to give Brook Lynn another chance, and Joss realized Michael is Dex’s boss.

At The Invader, Alexis lectures one of her journalists on her lousy work. Once the journalist walks out, Diane arrives and reminds her they have a dinner date.

alexis forgot date with diane

The topic quickly turns to Gregory. Alexis admits she confronted him about why he’s no longer teaching and now wishes she hadn’t.

There’s something seriously wrong with him. She thinks he has a drinking problem, although there is no proof.

Diane is skeptical. Her friend explains he’s been hiding things and wobbily.

diane and alexis discuss what's wrong with gregory

Alexis doubts he will confide in her since she went behind his back. That’s why she’s wondering if she should ask someone else to help.

This worries her friend. Alexis tells her how important Gregory is to her. She just wants to be a good friend to him.

Gregory stops by General Hospital and tries to get an appointment with his doctor. He explains his symptoms are worsening.

gregory has new symptoms GH recaps

Finn pops up.

Liz asks Terry why the hearing is taking so long. Terry explains that Portia is speaking on her behalf right now, trying to convince the hospital ethics committee that she’s not a liability.

liz isn't a liability says terry

Portia comes out. She isn’t sure how the board is leaning but there have been lots of letters of support. They note that a letter from Epiphany never arrived.

Liz wonders how it will look if her mentor refused to weigh in. That could be a red flag.

liz tells terry she doesn't think she has a chance

Her friends suggest Epiphany must just be busy and urge her to keep thinking positively.

After Portia bustles off, Liz goes on about what a great nurse Epiphany is and how inspiring it is that she’s decided to become a doctor.

Finn and his father stop by to wish Liz luck with the ethics committee. She tells them how surprised she’s been by all the support she’s received since it became public that she helped keep Esme in captivity.

Terry gets called in to speak to the ethics committee and Liz walks off to speak to a patient.

Gregory assures his son that Liz will be fine. Finn would love to run in and tell the committee how much he supports Liz but he’s trying to follow her lead.

finn tells gregory about test

They sit down and Gregory admits his relationship with Alexis can’t be salvaged.

Alexis calls Finn. He assures his father that he’s not taking sides and this might not even be about him.

gregory talks about alexis

Gregory takes off.

Liz returns and Finn tells her how impressive she is. She tells him about what she said to the ethics committee. The more she tells her story, the less it haunts her.

finn liz wait for news

He thinks she should be proud regardless.

Gregory storms into The Invader and confronts Alexis for calling his son when he explicitly asked her not to talk to his children about what’s happening with his life.


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Curtis bumps into Trina as he exits Kelly’s. They don’t know how to act around each other.

trina runs into curtis at kelly's

She hasn’t made up her mind about the DNA test. He suggests she take all the time she needs.

They’ve both been avoiding her mom. They can’t seem to forgive her.

Trina never thought her mom would keep such a huge secret from her. Curtis says she promised him there would be no secrets so she blind-sided him too.

They sit down and he explains how he and his father have overcome his secrets. But that was a long time to go without a father.

curtis advice for trina

He’s not telling her to forgive her mom, but he’s grateful of the time he has with his father.

Hugging him, Trina admits she’s wanted him to be part of her family. Portia walks up.

portia asks trina what abut them

She’s about to walk away but her daughter spots her and asks her to stay.

Trina says it’s not a good time and walks off, leaving them alone.

Portia tries some small talk and asks about Marshall. Curtis isn’t saying anything.

curtis isn't happy to see portia

She’s hoping they are still family. He says that what happened between them is still too fresh to face.

She reminds him they are married and suggests they try to work this out. Distance isn’t the answer. The doctor suggests counselling.

He tells her she lied to him repeatedly. He’s not just going to walk into therapy.

Portia is determined to fight for their marriage. Is there hope for them?

Curtis says it’s more complicated than that. She was the woman he wanted to spend his life with but the trust is broken and their love can’t fix it.

Sobbing, Portia says it can if he remembers what they mean to each other. He walks away.

At Spring Ridge, Laura urges Spencer not to get ahead of himself. Esme and the baby come out. She thought they agreed that Spencer couldn’t visit.

laura thinks esme may hate this idea to spencer

Laura announces there is wonderful news. The DA has agreed to drop the charges and she will be released. The charges could be re-filed at a later time.

“Ace and I aren’t leaving,” Esme says. They can understand why she might be nervous.

laura has wonderful news for esme

Spencer explains she’s made arrangements for her to stay above Kelly’s and he’ll cover rent until she finds work. They insist they want what’s best for the baby.

Esme asks if there’s room for herself and the baby in the room.

Spencer admits there isn’t. she camn stay in the room and the baby can stay with Laura. Esme refuses. He snaps and accuses her of not changing. She’s still putting her own self-interest above all else.

Laura says they don’t want to separate them, but she will discover how hard it is to take care of a baby by herself.

The mayor asks her what support she needs. Esme is sure they won’t like it.

laura spencer offer esme help

Trina stops by Laura’s to see Spencer. Esme comes out of her room with the baby.

Jordan tracks down Nina at Charlie’s, who automatically assumes that something must have happened to Sonny. Jordan is confused.

Nina worries about sonny to jordan

Nina claims she’s just stressed out and asks the cop to join her for a drink. Jordan is worried about Curtis.

Nina says he’s sad. Jordan has been avoiding him. She suspected he was Trina’s father but didn’t say anything because Portia accused her of meddling.

nian asks jordan about feelings for curtis

Nina asks if she’s really moved on from Curtis. Jordan says she’s moved on, although that doesn’t mean moving on with anyone else.

She’s busy and doesn’t know if she wants another relationship. The end of her marriage made her hurt in a way she didn’t know was possible.

She’ll always love Curtis but she’s not in love with him.

jordan still in love with curtis

Nina urges her to talk to Curtis if she’s worried about him. After she leaves, upset Curtis arrives and orders a drink. He locks eyes with Jordan.

At the Quartermaine estate, Chase interrupts Brook Lynn as she’s composing. He tells her how much he misses her. She misses him too.

chase asks blq to try again

When he suggests they do something about it, she tells him there’s something he doesn’t know.

They rehash everything that went wrong and how she betrayed his trust. He admits it will take a long time for him to trust her but he’s willing to try.

She thinks he’s emotionally all over the place after spending time with Willow.

Taking her hand, he says he can’t stop thinking about her and wants her back.

They rehash the Linc situation and he tells her how brave she’s been. She says he’s wrong about her.

BLQ explains that she lied about how she got her songs back from Linc. She signed a non-disclosure agreement.

blq confesses about nda to chase

He feels like an idiot and says this has all just been about her get her songs back not taking down Linc.

“You’re not the person I thought you were,” he says, walking out.

chase tells BLQ she's not the woman he thought she was GH recaps soapsspoilers

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