Bill Proposes to Sheila to Trick Her Into Confessing, and Steffy Questions Hope About Having the Hots for Thomas

In the Wednesday, March 22, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke fills her father in on her life, Bill tells Ridge the next stage of his plan, and Steffy looks for reassurance from Hope.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where after watching how electric Hope and Thomas were working together, Steffy questioned Hope’s feelings for Thomas.

Sheila drinks coffee at Bill’s while he watches her from the surveillance bunker and curses “Nine Toes” being in his home.

bill wants to marry sheila

Ridge interrupts his grimacing and Bill announces the next step in his plan. He’s going to ask Sheila to marry him.

“Samurai Sam” Forrester thinks he’s lost his marbles. Bill explains he’s not “marrying the bride of Frankenstein,” but he needs to show his total commitment to get her to confess.

ridge with the fbi guy

The only way to get “the thing” to open up, is to tell her what she wants to believe: that she’s lovable.

Ridge agrees. He wants to get this done so he can get back to his life.

Bill is sure that slipping a ring on her finger is a sure way to a confession. When Ridge tries to crack a joke, Bill suggests he stick to sewing.

Sitting on the couch, Sheila thinks of Bill telling her how much he loves her. Bill arrives and she leaps up to greet him.

He tells her he still has a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

Telling her how great it is to come home to her smiling face, he takes her hand and reminds her of how intensely they connected. He’s been proving himself to her ever since.

She knows he put everything on the line for her. It chokes her up to think about it.

Sheila admits that she doesn’t know what he’s thinking some times. He admits he can be a bit withdrawn but he’s been open with her and wants her to be the same with him.

Bill knows she’s holding dark things in and he doesn’t want any barriers between them. He’s one hundred percent committed.

To prove it, he wants to show her she can believe in their life together. Dollar Bill Spencer was giving up on love until he saw her on the beach that night.

He would put everything on the line for her again. He can see their future and he knows exactly where she belongs. In the house, by his side forever.

Stroking her face, he says he wants to change her life permanently. She gasps as he takes out a ring.

bill asks sheila to marry him on bold and beautiful

Dropping to his knee, he tells her he wants to give her everything she deserves and asks her to be Mrs. Bill Spencer.

She looks at the ring and then at Bill.

sheila shocked at proposal

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Stephen and Lucy stop by Forrester Creations to catch up with Brooke. They rehash the end of her marriage thanks to Thomas.

lucy and stephen with brooke

Brooke explains how Steffy saved the day and her new dynamic with Taylor. Stephen wonders why Ridge didn’t fight for their marriage.

He doesn’t get an answer. His daughter tells him how much she and Taylor are enjoying being friends.

stephen tells brooke some good advice

Stephen is amazed so much has been going on and Ridge is off licking his wounds rather than helping his family. He wants to call him and give him a peace of his mind.

Leaping up, he calls Ridge and starts lecturing him. Ridge says he’s busy but assures him he’s doing all in his power to keep the people he loves safe.

stephen calls ridge

Stephen doesn’t like him hanging up on him. Brooke tells her father that there is nothing Ridge wouldn’t do for the family.

Hope tracks down Steffy in the office, eager to discuss her concerns about Thomas. Steffy reminds her that she admitted she’s attracted to him.

steffy and hope talk about thomas

Hope claims she just said he was “hot” in passing. Steffy demands to know if she’s attracted to him.

Hope moves her head around a lot and asks why they are having this conversation.

hope reacts to steffy asking if she's hot for thomas

Steffy has already talked to her brother about that and he assured her there will be no issues. Hope reminds her she’s married.

Steffy knows but wants her to be honest with herself about her attraction to Thomas.

Fuddled Hope admits Thomas is attractive but thinks lots of women would say that. She insists her feelings for him are not complicated, she just needs his help with her line.

She assures Steffy that she has no reason to be worried.

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