Adam Makes Comments About Nate Defending Victoria, The Gala Begins, and Jack Blows up at Ashley For Going With Tucker

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, the Gala begins.

In the previous episode, Jill killed the IPO, Amanda told Devon she was grateful to learn he’s not a good man, Billy accepted Jack’s job offer, and Kyle worried that Stark is still around while Mamie Johnson visited Jack.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 22, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 23. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Victor and Nikki walk the red carpet at the Genoa City Bicentennial Gala.

Photographers and reporters clamor.

nikki and victor on red carpet at gala Y&R recaps

They head into the GCAC and agree it feels good to throw a big party here.

Victor’s looking forward to the celebration and thinks it’ll be memorable.

He jokes that all hell will break loose after.

nikki and victor at the gala

Tucker arrives at the Abbott mansion to ask Ashley out to the gala.  

She’s surprised to see him there. Jack appears and Tucker puts on his mask. Jack starts in on his sister, hoping she’s not bringing Tucker with her.

tucker ashley going to gala

Tucker says he has had all of his shots and he’s housebroken.

“Mostly,” Ashley says she hasn’t even agreed to go with him yet but tells Jack to have a rest.

Their ancestors won’t care if she went with “this miscreant.”

summer and kyle day of the gala

Jack gets ragey and Ashley decides to go with Tucker. They spot Summer and Kyle on the stairs as they leave and Tucker thinks she looks lovely.

Kyle asks his scowling dad what they missed. Jack explains it and Summer and Kyle decide to stay out of it.

Jack says Traci and Mamie will meet at the club and Diane says they want to announce their engagement tonight.

The kids balk at that and Summer asks them to wait until after the party. Summer’s worried about how her mom will act.

diane and jack want to announce engagement

She won’t take it well. After conspiring with Stark and lying to her maybe she shouldn’t care.

Nobody says anything. Summer realizes they should not hide their happiness. Kyle agrees before they head to tuck their kid in.

Later, Jack puts Diane’s engagement ring back on. They can’t wait to tell everyone. They kiss.

diane jack kiss

Abby stammers when she sees Amanda in Crimson Lights outside. Abby says it’s so good to see her.

Amanda says she looks surprised. Didn’t she know that she’d be there? Abby wants to talk but Amanda is busy.

Abby apologizes and says it came out of nowhere and emotion. Amanda tells her to stop.

She doesn’t need to hear it. She also knows it took time. Amanda was hurt and angry but didn’t let it dictate her life.

She’s got too much to focus on. Abby asks why she returned, and asks if she was punishing Devon.

Amanda denies it. Abby asks him not to punish him for their mistake. Amanda isn’t seeking revenge. She’s doing a job.

“Why don’t you just let the grown-ups figure this out.” She has no interest in Abby and takes off.

amanda run in with abby

Devon and Nate run into each other outside their penthouses.

Devon asks about how the arbitration is going. Devon doubts he cares.

Nate thinks they can still turn things around.

nate offers devon help

He offers his help and thinks it’s the least he can do but Devon turns him down.

He thanks him and heads into his suite.

neil photo

Abby arrives and Devon says he didn’t keep his cool at the hearing.

He tells her the biggest shock that Jill killed the IPO.

devon tells abby about what happened

At Society, Jill thought Devon would let go of the lawsuit since she killed the IPO. “He just rejected it,” Lily says.

Jill won’t give up on him. Lily complains that they were winning the case and now it’s over.

Jill hated how contentious things were between her and Devon.

n old friend reminded her of what Katherine would want and after some sage advice and an alternative, she decided to kill the IPO.

Jill has to get ready for the gala.

jill the day of the gala

Nick lets himself into Sally’s suite. She’s never been to a masked ball. He tells her it’s no big deal.

She says she’s starting to show. He touches her belly. “You are?”

She tried on her dress and you can see the baby bump.

Nick is sure it looks great. She’s insecure that people will talk.

They have sex and it calms Sally’s serves so they get ready.

nick feels sally pregnant belly

Victoria strolls into Crimson Lights and flashes to her talk with Nick.

Adam arrives and she mocks him for being unemployed. He shrugs. He’s waiting on something interesting.

She hopes it’s not McCall since they have their sights set on it. He won’t be in charge.

adam and victoria talk about mccall

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Adam says he was about to say the same thing to her.

She knows their father offered it to him but it’s a pity offer.

Adam says he’s qualified to run the company.

They think each other is deluded in their thoughts of being in charge at McCall.

Adam tells her he doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Nate strolls up and tells Adam he’s out of line. Adam finds this very interesting.

nate defends victoria's honor

Either he feels strongly about the acquisition or strongly about defending his boss. It was so passionate.

He jokes that they can talk about it at the gala. He learns Victoria’s going to the gala.

Adam asks if they’re going as a couple or if Elena’s going.

Victoria’s annoyed and they take off. Sharon appears and he learns she’s going to the gala herself.

He has an idea. He asks her to the ball. They agree to go together.

sharon agrees to go to the gala with adam

Back at the Athletic Club, Michael visits Nikki and Victor.

They’re excited to reveal the lounge and their surprise.

They head to check that everything is in place.

michael nikki and victor at the bicentennial gala

Ashley and Tucker arrive outside. The reporters take photos and ask if Ashley’s dating Tucker.

Ash says they’ll print whatever they want so what’s the difference?

ashley and tucker at reporters at gala

Tucker says he’s the chauffeur but has the hots for her.

Devon and Abby walk up and they talk about how excited they are to celebrate the community.

They see Jill, Lily and Daniel and ask for a group photo.

Lily says of course.

They take one and it’s awkward.

group shot gala

Inside GCAC, Devon and Abby get champagne and in walks Lily and Daniel to do the same.

Lily turns her nose up and puts her mask on.

daniel and lily at the gala

Victor approaches Ashley and Tucker. He learns she bought Tucker’s debt.

Did she do it to piss him off? If so, why is she his date? 

Outside, Jill is still on the carpet when Sally and Nick turn up.

Jill goes and photos are taken.

sally and nick gala

When Adam and Sharon turn up, it’s a bit awkward.

Everyone smiles brightly.

sharon and adam at gala

Phyllis and Jeremy finish getting ready for the gala in his suite.

Jeremy asks Phyllis if she’s ready to go.phyllis and jeremy gala

CBSShe seems quite nervous and says it’s time to go.”

She puts on the mask. “It’s time to make things right.”

phyllis ready for the gala


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