Brad Confesses to Britt He Poisoned Peter and Victor Realizes Maxie is the Key to Revenge on Brook Lynn

SoapsSpoilers’ General Hospital recap for the Thursday, January 13, 2022 episode. Today, Felicia spars with Peter, Victor looks for clues, Brook Lynn and Chase come up with a new living arrangement, and Brad admits to Britt that he did something terrible. We also have Wednesday’s GH recap where Tracy was released and Sonny threw away his lithium after Carly walked out on him.

brook lynn talks truth about bailey general hospital

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn gets off the phone after leaving a message with Tracy begging her to stay quiet. Chase arrives and she breaks the news that Tracy knows Bailey is Maxie’s daughter. He freaks out internally and urges her not to overreact. She’s sure that her grandmother will have her back when push comes to shove.


Brook Lynn says that Tracy thinks the best way to keep Bailey safe is to send her across the ocean to Amsterdam. He suggests they just hire security or he can move back in. She thinks that’s a terrible idea. They try to come up with a good one. He suggests she move in with him.

Brook Lynn refuses since his place is so small so he proposes they rent somewhere bigger. That sounds so good to her she hugs him. This gets awkward. She worries about what Ned will say but he reassures her.

hot chase reacts to news tracey knows about bailey general hospital

When she finds a place, he thinks it’s pricey but agrees. He insists they talk about boundaries. She thinks about seeing him naked and he complains about her socks and watching The Bachelorette.

anna worries for maxie general hospital

Maxie joins Anna at the Metro Court expecting another grilling session about Louise. Anna and Felicia are worried about her. Maxie isn’t concerned about that, she’s concerned about Peter and her daughter. Anna admires how she is handling this but says she doesn’t have to do it alone. She suggests that they look at the trail with fresh eyes. Is there anything she didn’t tell the police?

They rehash things. Anna is sure Peter is lying about knowing where Louise is. If Peter had an accomplice, they must have been a magician. Whenever she reviews the evidence, she always comes back to Maxie and Austin. Maxie needs a minute and walks away.

sam comes between drew and victor general hospital

Victor approaches Drew at the bar and asks if he wants to break bread. He leaps up and Sam jumps between them. Drew lashes out at Victor, blaming him for his captivity. The Cassadine remarks that he looks like he’s fully recovered. Sam smiles as Drew threatens to kill Victor if he even twitches the wrong way.

When Sam and Drew step away, she thrills him when she hands him a picture Scout drew for him. She’s impressed that he managed to restrain himself from strangling Victor. He brings up Valentin having his ELQ shares and asks how all that happened.

Sam explains Scout’s shares were in a trust and she ended up in prison and then had to stay away from Jason on parole. Valentin took the voting proxies in exchange for clearing the way for her to see Jason again. In the end, she changed and Jason couldn’t so they fell apart.

With Dante now, she has a balance in her relationship. If Drew wants his shares back, there must be grounds to pursue that. He’s sure that would make his family happy but doesn’t know what he wants. She’s glad he’s back and they’ve managed to retain this relationship. He says their bond is unbreakable.

anna wants help maxie GH

Victor joins Anna at her table and starts quizzing her about Maxie. She insists that she is none of his business. Thinking about the deal he made with Peter, he claims he’s just being compassionate. When Maxie returns, she demands to know why he’s there.

He tells them that Peter is also looking for Louise. When he gets a text, he takes off. Anna has an idea about what to do next and needs her help. She wants to take her and Austin back to the woods to relive the night she lost Louise.

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brad abd britt talka selina general hospital

In her office at General Hospital, Britt complains to Brad about why he’s insisted on having cold takeout instead of eating brunch at the Metro Court. She assumes this is about his aunt warning him to stay away from her. Brad claims he’s just acclimating to life outside of prison. Half the town is off-limits because of Lucas and his career is dead.

brad reveals poisoned peter august general hospital

Britt apologizes for being insensitive and says she missed him. She hopes he can process his release fast because her new wingman isn’t cutting it. Brad admits that he’s afraid of his aunt. She made him do something horrible and he doesn’t want anyone he knows to pay the price. He won’t explain but she pushes a little and he quickly admits he poisoned Peter.

peter calls out felicia general hospital

Felicia brings a coffee to the guard at Peter’s door and talks her way into August’s room. She’s come to see if he has a soul to is coming up empty. When she demands to know where her granddaughter is, he reminds her she’s a PI and suggests she find her herself. She lectures him and he insists he did everything out of love.

felicia goes to peter at gh general hospital

The sad thing to her is that he let everyone who loved him down. “You wouldn’t know anything about letting anyone down, princess?” he shoots back. He accuses the former royal of seeking adventure to avoid the mundane and leaving her daughters to grow up without her.

She admits she made mistakes. He reminds her she was absent when her child was murdered. That’s not something he would ever let happen. She doesn’t think he knows anything about Louise. Felicia survived his father and he doesn’t scare her.

austin on a call general hospital

In his office, Austin calls Valentin and suggests they plot retaliation against Brook Lynn. They mull over the limited legal options and the doctor suggests they talk in person to figure out how to take her down.

Victor arrives, looking for his son. He asks for a moment of the doctor’s time and quizzes him about why he suspected Brook Lynn of lying about her baby’s paternity. Austin suggests he talk to Valentin about this but Victor doesn’t want to open old wounds.

austin victor talk maxie GH

The doctor admits that he and Valentin have discussed options for retaliating against Brook Lynn. Austin says she’s a manipulative, scheming person who cost him dearly. When he mentions Maxie, Victor pricks up his ears.

He tells him how in awe he is of Maxie’s strength. As he probes, Austin explains the strange relationship between Maxie, Brook Lynn and her baby. He quickly realizes that Maxie could be the key to getting back at Brook Lynn.