Y&R Recap: Drunk Phyllis Kisses Nick and Tries to Get Him in Bed, and Victor Offers Jordan Millions to Leave the Country

Mon March 11, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Nikki tells Claire all about Eve, Phyllis vents to Nick about her life, and Victor offers Jordan a deal.

Friday’s recap: Nikki wanted Jordan ro suffer, Victor caught her and Jack with a bottle, and Tucker knew something wasn’t right with Ashley.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on March 11. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Nick is drinking in the jazz lounge when Phyllis wanders in, bumping into a waiter before stumbling over to him.

nick drinking in lounge

She offers to tell him what’s going on if he buys her a drink.

He feels like she’s had plenty.

“Sometimes you just need to annihilate the darkness,” she says.

She had an epiphany that told her that trying to change is a waste of time.

phyllis says change is waste of time

He tells her that’s not true.

Pulling out her earrings, fake eyelashes and hair extensions, she thinks of how her kids teach her and she has no friends.

nick listens to phyllis vent

Nick looks baffled.

He assumes this is all about Danny.

She can’t even handle hearing the name.

The rockstar told her who he really wanted and it’s not her.

When she was humiliated, her first impulse was revenge. That’s her default.

She’s been trying to change but that’s obviously who she is so why should she try?

phyllis claims she can't change Y&R

Nick reminds her she can change. They’ve seen her do it.

Phyllis dismisses this and wants a drink.

He offers her all the junk food she wants instead.

She’d like room service junk food so no one can see her eating and she can change.

nick laughing with phyllis

He agrees, helping her walk out.

nick helps phyllis up

Nick and Phyllis go up to a suite.

She wanders into the bathroom and he sits with her hair extensions before calling room service for burgers and mac and cheese.

nick hair extension

Phyllis returns in a robe, happy to hear about all the carbs on the way.

She thanks him and says he can go.

He won’t let her have all the food herself.

She asks him to tell the kids about this. He agrees.

phyllis asks nick no judgement

When she gets herself a nightcap, he suggests she put it down and get whatever she has on her chest off.

He promises no judgment.

nick and phyllis in suite

They sit together and she tells him about the night she planned with Danny.

Now he’s leaving town.

He showed up with Christine. “Ouch!” says Nick.

She felt like they had a chance this time and she was being rewarded for changing.

It was like fate was giving her a do-over.

nick and claire talk about her trying to change

He urges her to see this not as good vs bad but just Danny and Christine clicking.

Phyllis feels like she’s not enough. How can that be?

Nick assures her she will be enough for someone else. “Where are they?” she asks.

It’s weird talking about this with him.

phyllis cries about how hard it is Young & Restless

She’s been working so hard at being better. It’s difficult to be the person other people want her to be.

At the end of the day, she just feels alone and lonely.

She kisses him.

phyllis kisses nick

He backs her off.

They can’t go back to that and he needs to be a gentelman.

She offers him no strings.

They can just be lonely people in love and reminds him of Sally leaving him for Adam.

nick says no no no

That’s an instant cold shower for him.

The carbs arrive.

Phyllis knows he loves her just a little.

phyllis knows nick loves her

As they eat, he says they will always be woven into each other’s lives, both because of Summer and their amazing history.

He hopes she knows she can always count on him.

She loves talking to him but they could have done this in bed.

nick phyllis eating room service

He thinks she would have regretted that. “No, I wouldn’t have,” she says.

Nick decides it’s time to go and she thanks him.

Showing him out, she kisses his cheek and thanks him again.

phyllis kisses nick goodnight

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At the ranch, Nikki is frustrated that her husband will not give her a straight answer when she asks where he is going.

nikki frustrated by victor

He admits that he heard from Jordan and she took the bait.

It’s all under control.

He’s sure she is planning a trap of his own but he’s also sure he has the upper hand.

victor tells nikki jordan took bait

Michael jogs in and asks if it’s really happening tonight.

The lawyer is not crazy about the legal risks they are taking.

Nikki panics but her husband repeats he has it under control and the less she knows the better.

victor tells nikki not to worry

Kissing her, he says he adores her and then exits with Baldwin.

Claire comes in, surprised to see her still awake.

She offers to distract her again.

claire asks why nikki still awake

When Claire asks to hear the story of how she met Victor,

Nikki grudgingly agrees and tells her to fasten her seatbelt.

nikki tells claire story

Nikki recalls her promiscuous and naïve teen years.

She joined a modeling agency that was a front for prostitution and a commune that was a cult.

When she became a dancer, she met a much older man: Victor. That was the first time they met.

He took her under his wing and was determined to turn this punk kid into a sophisticated lady.

She learned how to dress and how to have cocktail conversations and play music.

nikki flashback

Nikki fell in love with him but it took him a lot longer.

They’ve been married a few times but always find their way back to each other.

Family is very important to them because Victor was an orphan.

Claire heard about that but Jordan said it was a fraud.

Nikki explains he makes sure nothing happens to his family now that he has one.

This doesn’t sound like the man Claire grew up hearing about.

claire asks about victor story

Claire asks about Eve and then takes it back, sure she doesn’t want to discuss that.

Nikki thinks it may be good to get it out there and tells her how Eve was a menace and tried to harm Victor with drugs.

She didn’t want to get well and followed a path of destruction.

She even tried to use a knife on her during her wedding.

nikki tells claire about eve

Claire didn’t know about any of this.

That’s no surprise to her grandma but she deserves the truth.

This makes Claire think of all the bad things she did but Nikki reminds her it was all Jordan’s influence.

claire worries about madness

Claire worries the madness could be in her.

Nikki assures her she’s nothing like Eve and Jordan. It’s clear she’s already changed.

This means a lot to Claire. Nikki means it.

Jordan tried to destroy both of them but look at them now.

nikki tells claire nothing like eve

She mentions that things may change tonight to rid them of Jordan forever.

Nikki doesn’t know the details, but if the plan works, they have Claire to thank.

She’s proven that she is a Newman by her courage.

nikki says claire is a newman

Jordan is an alley, dancing as she sings stripper music and brandishes a firearm like she’s one of Charlie’s Angels.

jordan with weapon

Michael and Victor arrive in an alley.

The lawyer thinks agreeing to this was a mistake and asks him not to make him a liar to his wife.

michael and victor wait for jordan

He promised to come home safe.

Victor assures him that Lauren has nothing to worry about.

Jordan pops up with her weapon out, doffing her wig.

jordan michael victor alley

Victor admires her ability to pick a spot where a sniper couldn’t get her.

He kept his word and has kept the cops out of this.

She’s getting bored and asks about the restitution he offered.

Victor is offering her a bag with new IDs, a bank account with ten million in it, a deed to a house in the south of France.

victor offers jordan millions

“With or without a pool?” she asks. It’s tempting.

Victor says all she has to do is leave the country and never come back.

She wonders what the catch is and asks if he’s rigged her chateau to blow.

jordan points weapon at victor

As a solution, Victor offers to be her hostage.

She can take him to a hideaway and lock him up until she makes her escape and then call his lawyer.

Michael will make her account disappear if she doesn’t call.

Victor urges her to consider the life she can have.

Does she want to live like an animal or take his deal?

Jordan grips the weapon with both hands.

victor urges jordan take offer

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