Days Spoilers April 1 -5: Stefan’s Arrested, Holly Comes Clean, Xander Tries to Prove His Innocence & Johnny Helps Chanel at Work

Full list of spoilers Monday, April 1 to Friday, April 5, 2024.

What’s ahead in Salem?

Harris and Ava get intimate, Everett gets hypnotized by Marlena, and Jada is eager to prove she’s not married.

Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks — Mar 25 – 29 spoilers.

Have you seen the Days promo trailer for the rest of the season? We’ve broken it down and added a bit of commentary. It also includes a gallery of the cast from Day of Days!

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Monday, April 1:

Everyone is stunned when Holly finally comes clean with the truth about when she overdosed.

EJ watches as Eric attempts to lend his support to Nicole.

Tate and Theresa have a frank talk about the problems that come up in relationships.

Abe and Paulina finally get the verdict on whether she is free of cancer.

As he looks for a way to prove that he is innocent, Xander goes over the evidence amassed against him.

nicole and ej listen to holly

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Tuesday, April 2:

Chad stops by Abigail’s grave.

Julie lends her ear as Stephanie tells her about what’s happening with Everett.

Marlena puts Everett under hypnosis.

Seeing how she’s struggling at the bakery, Johnny offers to help Chanel at work.

Ava and Harris lounge in bed for a day.

everett session with marlena days of our lives spoilers

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More Days spoilers into April

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Wednesday, April 3:

Xander and Sarah turn to Rafe with what he has cobbled together to prove his innocence.

After his session with Marlena, Everett fills Stephanie in on what he saw when he was hypnotized but Jada remains skeptical.

Tripp notices that Wendy has been traumatized.

Ava and Harris have a date.

jada spots everett

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Thursday, April 4:

Nicole confronts Holly, telling her about the fallout from what she did.

Brady and Theresa are thrilled that they can finally take Tate home.

Alex asks Theresa to move back in with him.

Marlena and Paulina bond as they discuss the treatment she will have to undergo.

Kate vows to Lucas that he will be a free man.

theresa says kristen is crazy

Days of our Lives Spoilers for Friday, April 5:

While he’s spending the day with Brady, Tate can’t stop thinking of Holly.

Nicole won’t back down on the punishment she has allotted to Holly.

Eric doles out some advice on how to forgive to Stephanie.

Jada is desperate for a way to show Rafe she isn’t still married to Everett/Bobby.

Everett stops by The Spectator with news about Stefan’s arrest for Chad and Leo.

jada tells rafe the jig is up, the mayor knows they're having sex

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