Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 17 – 21: Hope is Headed Straight for Bo, Thomas Is Captured and Anna and Tony Dole Out Advice

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, April 17 to Friday, April 21, 2023.

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Kayla reads some letters she found that Victor wrote to Caroline and gets a shock.

Meanwhile, Harris and Hope’s search for Kayla goes awry, and Nicole and Eric make out and get into his bed after eating some questionable biscuits and Sloan finds them.

Last but not least, Bo goes after Steve’s only good eye.

What’s coming up on Days?

Megan and Kristen bond in prison, Roman is stunned by what he learns, and Nicole has a secret she needs to keep from EJ.

Monday, April 17

Steve and Kayla reach out to Bo.

Stephanie and Chad jet off to Greece is search of Kayla.

Megan and Kristen bond in prison as sisters.

Hope gets details about the man who took Steve.

kayla and steve Days recaps soaps spoilers

Tuesday, April 18

Xander gets a dart to the chest.

Xander and Chloe’s latest set-to ends at the hospital.

Xander asks for a rematch from Chloe.

Kristen attempts to exploit Megan’s secret to her advantage.

Harris and Bo come face-to-face. 

Harris has a major dilemma to come to terms with.

Hope doesn’t yet know Bo’s alive.

Thomas Banks threatens Chad and Stephanie with a gun.

Chad gets one up on Thomas and grabs him and takes him to the Greek police.

xander and chloe outside pub

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Wednesday, April 19

Jada digs for details about the tainted biscuits.

Chanel continues to blame Sloan for the biscuits.

Eric and Sloan resolve things.

Nicole has a secret she needs to keep from EJ.

Li has big news for Gabi.

brady on call with kristen

Thursday, April 20

Eric is startled by what Sloan suggests.

Sloan wants more of a relationship with Eric.

Nicole confides in Anna, telling her not to let EJ know she had sex with Eric under the influence.

Nicole and Eric think about each other while showering.

eric showers

Tony gives advice to EJ about there being a little mystery in their lives and how it’s more important that Nicole is happy rather than what secrets she may have.

Stefan and Gabi reunite, officially.

Li and Johnny discuss how his sister came across him proposing to Chanel while drugged. 

Wendy visits Tripp in Seattle.

Wendy refuses to talk to Johnny.

anna headachey

Friday, April 21

Big news. Dick Van Dyke is coming to Days as a guest star

Bo releases Kayla into a lab in Greece.

Steph has a dream that has her waking up in a sweat. 

Chad and Stephanie finally find Kayla.

Harris tells Hope to go to Victor’s old house in Greece. He doesn’t let her know why.

harris helps hope find bo

Hope goes to Victor’s house and finds Bo. She’s in shock. Bo, meanwhile, doesn’t really seem to feel anything at first.

Andrew calls Megan out for her lies about Banks kidnapping Kayla.

Hope and Steph are reunited.

Thomas Banks’ alibi is that he was at an orgy in a sex club!

Roman is stunned by what he learns. Marlena’s alive.

Roman’s reunited with Marlena.

hope shocked to see bo alive


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