General Hospital Spoilers May 3 – 7; Brook Lynn’s Plans are Thwarted

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new General Hospital spoilers! The week of May 3-7.

Last week refresher!

Peter complained to Maxie about not being able to see her, while in turn, she was concerned about her high blood pressure. When he asked to visit, she refused. Willow asked Chase to trust Finn, who spent time in the lab analyzing the antidote. Meanwhile, Chase started to convulse. Dante visited Olivia and they worried together about Maxie, who Olivia thought could be helped by Dante. Brook Lynn asked Tracy if she could help find her a baby to buy on the black market, and then faked that the baby was kicking when Olivia and Dante almost caught her yelling about it on the call. Jax woke up and Nina explained that he’d have a full recovery. Portia revealed that Joss’ injury was almost a torn ligament and told her to have complete rest. Ava confessed to Nikolas that his deal with Cyrus had her terrified, and Nikolas visited Alexis. And Carly visited Jason when he was in the hospital.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 3-7.

Monday, May 3 

Carly makes her presence known.
Jordan assesses the situation.
Cyrus ties up a loose end.
Mac hopes to bring Dante back into the fold.
Brando questions Sasha’s behavior.

Tuesday, May 4

Cyrus is livid.
Britt remains committed to help Jason.
Elizabeth is beside herself.
Nina considers a major life change.
Jax tries to get Josslyn to open up.

Wednesday, May 5

Big news. Kimberly J. Brown to General Hospital. Remember her as Mariah on Guiding Light?

Jax begins to worry when he can’t reach Carly.
Portia drops by The Savoy to see Curtis.
Spinelli gets a call summoning him.
Sam makes a pact with Dante.
Trina stops by Jordan’s house hoping to see her father.

Thursday, May 6

Cameron apologizes to Josslyn.
Carly feels the weight of Sonny’s absence.
Olivia confides in Robert.
Valentin questions Anna’s decision.
Brook Lynn’s plans are thwarted.

Friday, May 7

Carly feels helpless.
Britt and Jason grow closer.
Peter bumps into Cyrus at the Metro Court.
Maxie and Sam find a moment to catch up.
Brook Lynn overhears a tender moment between Ned and Olivia.

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