Sister Mary Moira Shames EJ, Ava Makes Murderous Plans For Susan’s Memorial, and Stefan Confronts Li About the Jakarta Trip

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, December 8, 2022.  

In today’s Days episode, EJ receives an unexpected visitor in Mary Moira, Eric and Nicole have it out, and Gabi has a request for Wendy.

In the last Days recap, Nicole found Sloan with Eric, Johnny and Chanel comforted each other, and Abe told Paulina he was considering resigning for Mayor since Cass Winthrop was pushing for it.

Li arrives at DiMera Enterprises. Stefan brings up Wendy taking the company jet to Jakarta.

They both know what she’s up to. Li shifts uncomfortably. He claims he doesn’t know. Stefan says he knows she commandeered the plane the day he wanted to take it to Miami. Li seemed perturbed and then said she was working remotely. “You left to check up on her.” Li recalls.

Li lies to stefan days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Stefan says Li signed off on the trip and the meals. He knew his sister left town and he m just have known the purpose of her little jaunt during the company’s time.

Li clears his throat and admits he knew after the fact and he also knew who went with her.

Johnny, who whisked her away on a romantic getaway.

He signed off on the expense because he wasn’t sure what else to do. “He’s the boss’s son.” He played dumb to protect them. Stefan understands.

They share a laugh and talk about Stefan taking Chloe to Miami on New Year’s.

Li’s surprised. Stefan says Gabi must have told him that she invited them to the wedding.

Li looks surprised but pretends she told him. Stefan thinks he’d be threatened but Li says he wouldn’t.

stefan makes accusations days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Wendy arrives at Rafe’s house to see Gabi who has a request. Will she be her maid of honor? Wendy’s taken aback.

They barely know each other and she figured she’d want a girlfriend to stand up for her. Gabi doesn’t have any friends.

She thinks this could make them friends. She talks about her sister Arianna who died tragically.

She named her daughter after her to honor her. Nothing can replace the sisterly bond, which Gabi calls special.

Soon, they’ll be sisters-in-law and she hopes in time they’ll feel like they’re real sisters.

Wendy says it’d be amazing, but she looks guilty. Wendy thinks there’s something she needs to hear.

She’s not sure she’s up to it. Gabi begs and Wendy agrees. Gabi hugs her hard.

wendy shoked by gabi request to be maid of honor days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

At Chanel’s, Johnny and Chanel discuss the car crash that Ava and Susan got into.

Chanel’s shocked. He says his dad thinks she crashed the car on purpose.

Chanel feels terrible for him and Tripp to lose his mama this way. They embrace and Allie walks in, not happy with what she sees.

Chanel explains she heard about his grandmother. Allie says Tripp told her.

She wanted to tell him in person but she’s had a lot going on. She knew since Thanksgiving.

Chanel’s upset she knew and said nothing. Allie didn’t want to pile it on. She apologizes. Johnny says not to blame his sister.

Chanel says it’s been a lot. She brings up what’s going on with Abe. They discuss Abe being asked to resign and worry about him.

They blame Sloan. Johnny takes off and Chanel leaves a message for Abe, asking how she can help him.

chanel comforted by johnny days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

EJ opens the door at the DiMera mansion. He gasps. “Oh God, it’s you.”

Sister Mary Moira stands there, as stern as ever.

She chastises him for using the Lord’s name in vain and asks if he’s going to invite her in.

She asks where he was during her sister’s untimely death.

“Chasing girls or money or both?” EJ blames Ava.

sister mary moira days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

“My mother’s dead, dammit.” He’s asking for forgiveness, even when he doesn’t deserve it.”

She thinks God is in charge of forgiveness. He’s not asking for that. He’s asking for hers. She’s more concerned about the immortal soul of her sister.

When’s the funeral? EJ says he hasn’t arranged it yet. Moira doesn’t like that. She shames him a few times and then looks at Stefan’s portrait.

“Hmm hot enough for you down there?” EJ asks Moira to stay with him while they work out the details. She can be a guest in his home.

While EJ makes arrangements, Moira wanders and ends up in Susan’s old room. She takes a few whiffs and shakes her head, disgusted.

EJ finds her and she says a maid told her this was her sister’s room.

He tells her a friend is staying there. Moira hopes he’s not “fornicating in this room.”

EJ struggles not to swear. She thinks his soul is in enough jeopardy as it is.

sister mary moira sniffs air in nicole's room DAYS recap soapsspoilers

As they talk upstairs, Ava lets herself into the living room.

She stares at the pad of paper with the plans for Susan’s memorial listed on it.

“Tasteful affair for a tacky lady. Susan Banks won’t be the only one laid to rest that day,” she threatens.

ava threats to kill people DAYS recap soapsspoilers

At the square, Nicole and Sloan spar, verbally. Nic says she’s heard all about Sloan from Rafe and it wasn’t good. Sloan has heard Nicole’s the reason that Jada aborted their baby.

Nicole rolls her eyes. She snipes at Eric for blaming her and then hiring “this lowlife.” Eric finds it curious that she’s casting aspersions when she’s in bed with a low life.

Nicole lets him know that EJ dropped the charges because she asked him to. Sloan’s had enough.

She gives Eric her card. They can settle her fee anytime. She goes and Nicole tells her ex that she’s not seeing EJ.

She had nowhere to go. “So you accepted without any hesitation?”

sloan argues with nicole days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

She huffs and calls him a silly wounded schoolboy. She reminds him Jada made the choice to abort. Eric says nothing.

Nicole’s devastated to see him acting like he’s not the ‘special man’ she thought he was.

She knows EJ has an ugly history but compared to him these past few days, “he’s a saint.”

Eric will keep his opinions to himself. He’s no saint but neither is Nicole.

eric cries over nicole days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

It was Jada’s choice but he still doesn’t like Nicole’s discussion with Jada.

Eric tells her that her opinion doesn’t matter anymore. “You make it sound like we’re breaking up.”

Eric says they’d have to be together to do that. Luckily “we never made that mistake.”

Both of them tear up, realizing it’s over. She thinks their mistake was trying to recapture what they once had and they forgot the things that didn’t work for them.

They cry and say goodbye. She sobs and flashes to making out with Eric.

nicole sobs over eric days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

Johnny spots Wendy at DiMera Enterprises. He says they don’t need to keep their friendship a secret anymore.

He checks in to ensure she’s still on board with keeping their secret.

She was but explains what happened with Gabi.  “I thought she was going to break out one of those heart BFF necklaces.”

She tried to smile but felt dead inside. She almost blurted out what they did. Stefan opens the door to the hall.

“Let’s talk about what you did.”

He doesn’t get why they went to Jakarta. He claims nothing gets by him and takes off.

Johnny sighs. This is getting harder by the minute.

johnny and wendy at dimera enterprises days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

At home, Gabi reads that Stefan has declined her wedding invitation.

Li shows up with a hug. He sees the card. He didn’t know she invited Stefan.

She assumed he’d want high-ranking execs there. He asks if there was more to it.

She denies it. They smooch, calling each other the luckiest. She tells him Wendy’s going to stand up for her though she seemed “weirdly uneasy.”

Li brushes her concerns off. They’ll probably become great friends. They embrace.

li embraces gabi days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers


Eric arrives at Sloan’s to pay his bill.

She didn’t expect to see him so fast since he and Nicole were in the thick of an argument.

He says that’s over and heads inside.

sloan and eric days of our lives recaps soapsspoilers

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