Chad Walks Out On Abby After Learning She Kidnapped Gwen

Tuesday, March 9, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Paulina and Kate butt heads, Gabi lets Gwen free, and Jake tells Gabi to let go of him.

A shirtless, muscular Eli flexes his abs in front of the mirror at home. Lani laughs. He jokes around about her aunt finding him hot. Lani loves her aunt but sometimes… she trails off. Eli understands the overbearing type. Lani just realized Julie has to meet Paulina one day. “When I was younger, Aunt P was like my Fairy Godmother.” Paulina spoiled her rotten as a kid and even got her a pony once. Of course, the pony pooped on the floor and Tamara forced Paulina to clean it up. “She was scarred for life.” Eli asks if it’s because she didn’t have kids but Paulina has one daughter. Lani says, “You do not want to get on Paulina’s bad side.” He laughs and takes off for work. Later, Lani receives a gift in the mail from Paulina for the babies.

Aunt Paulina leaves Salem Inn and runs into Abraham Carver. He greets her and she tells him he doesn’t need to be afraid of her. She was upset that he wouldn’t host the party for the twins. She’ll make sure the party is a success. She has a business proposition for him. She mentions again how rich she is and tells him about the two parties in a dispute with the landlords about the Gabi Chic building. Paulina wants to lease the space instead. Can the Mayor put in a good word? Abe asks if this means she’s staying. Paulina doesn’t know about ‘staying’ but she wants her brand here.

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Kate and Jake work at DiMera. He boasts about how good of a CEO he is and tells Kate that their stocks are high and taking over the Flagship store of Gabi Chic was genius. He can’t stop picturing Gabi’s face when they told her. Kate snaps at him to stop thinking about her. “Here we go again,” Jake says. They argue over Gabi again and he asks when she’s going to let this go.

Chad wants to go down to the wine cellar to get wine and Anna stops him, knowing he’ll find Gwen tied up down there. Anna says she drank the Meritage wine. Both bottles. He laughs. He’ll find another. Anna offers to find one for him but he refuses. She fakes being drunker than she is and she admits she is lying but asks him to trust her and skip the wine in the cellar and take Abigail out for a dinner. Chad asks what’s down there that she doesn’t want him to see.

Downstairs, Gwen doesn’t think Abigail has the guts to inject her with Rolf’s serum. Gwen taunts her and Abby tells her sister she underestimated her. She’s ready to jab Gwen with the syringe when Gabi grabs her arm. She grabs the syringe and tells her this is a bluff. “She needs to pay,” Abigail argues. Gabi won’t go back to prison. “I’m done.” Gabi asks her to think of the kids. Abby refuses to help Gabi get Jake back. Gabi shakes her head and tells her it’s over. “Get out of here and get yourself together, please.” Abby goes and Gwen thanks her. Gabi sniffs. She’s going to leave her down there. Gwen calls it murder. Gabi asks, “If it if nobody knows.” Gwen tries to reason with her. If she leaves Gabi’s name out of the kidnapping, will she let her go? “Deal,” Gabi says. She unties Gwen.

Abby heads into the living room and Chad realizes she’s who Anna was hiding. Chad thought she was at work. He asks Anna to leave them alone and then asks Abby what’s going on. She can’t tell him. Gwen wanders into the room through the tunnel door, with the binds around her wrists. “I’ll tell you what happened,” she says and reveals his wife kidnapped her. Gwen tells Chad everything and he asks if this is true. Chad says Gabi stopped her. “She had murder in her eyes.” Abby says, “I can’t believe Gabi let you out.” She tries to get at Gwen but Chad grabs her. Gwen admits she made a deal with Gabi. She’s leaving her name out of it but Abby’s going down. Once she leaves, Chad goes after his wife for ruining their life together on a revenge plot. Chad wants her to move on but Abby doesn’t know how that’s possible. Chad’s sorry but this isn’t her. Abby says it is her. She’s fighting back the way she should have. Chad tears up. He doesn’t know what to say. He walks out on her.

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Kate interrupts Aunt Paulina and Abe in the square after hearing that Paulina wanted to lease the Gabi Chic space. Paulina asks who the hell Kate is. Abe tells her that Kate used to work for him. Kate tells her she’s an executive at DiMera Enterprises. Paulina thinks she should go back to the Mayor’s office and she’ll take over the lease. When she learns that she works for Basic Black she snorts. “Basic Black. What an interesting name for a white-owned business. Some would call that cultural appropriation.” Kate isn’t even black. Abe tells her that it’s named after John Black. Paulina snipes that the town square doesn’t have any black-owned stores. What’s he going to do about it? Paulina has looked up Basic Black and says they’re all white people. “What are you the diversity police?” Kate asks. He agrees to make an introduction to the building owner, which has Kate upset.

Gabi rushes into Jake’s office to tell him she stopped a murder. Gabi tells him all about how they kidnapped Gwen. Jake asks why she’s coming to him. He’s her only friend. He reminds her they’re not friends. He asks what Abby gave her in return for this fiasco and she admits the truth, that she said she’d help break him and Kate up. Jake has a fit. When is she going to let it go? He’s in love with another woman. Gabi doesn’t see how that’s possible since he’s hot for her. Jake admits it’s true. He does have feelings for Gabi. But he tells her to stop chasing a man who is never going to be hers. Gabi says goodbye.

Gwen turns up at SPD and ruffles her hair and clothing. She sees Eli and starts breathing heavily. She says there’s been an attempted murder. Eli thinks she’s crying wolf again. Without proof, he tells her to work this out with her sister.

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