Days Opinion Jack, Kate, We Love Ya But You’re Being Stupid

Welcome back to another week of Deconstructing DOOL, picking apart what happened this week, scrutinizing what was said, and maybe gently mocking our beloved Salemites. Our show isn’t perfect, the characters are far from perfect, but we love it, we love them, and the humor and the high energy are appreciated during a time when we’re all feeling the challenge of life during the pandemic.

First up…


Kayla. We love ya You’re the only doctor in Salem. You do everything, you’re nearly perfect, but for goodness sake, please don’t tell your husband what to do. You’re not his mother. Advice is great and all but I just don’t think that everyone in Salem needs to love Bonnie. This whole Kumbaya crap in a soap opera isn’t what I’m here for. Maybe some are here for that and that’s just fine but give me the angst. Let me be annoyed with Steve when he runs into Bon Bon and treats her like garbage.

Xander in a kilt

This was the highlight of the week. I polled over 400 Days viewers on Facebook, asking if they liked the way Xander looked in a kilt. 98% of viewers said yes. They also called this the highlight of their week. Beyond him looking insanely good, his scenes with Odelia and Sarah were also as usual, well done — really funny, romantic, and sexy.

Xander’s has a seamstress on her knees in front of him while she gets his kilt adjusted. He complains that she’s rough. Odelia, “It’s just a little prick.” Xander, “Hmm not so little.”

Jack defending Gwen

It’s way too soon to even consider seeing Jack defend Gwen. He can feel whatever he wants, privately but to defend her to Abigail and then Chad and expect some other outcome than what happened was short-sighted and just plain stupid. He just drove Abigail and Chad away for Gwen. Gwen. Yeah. I mean I get the guilt but he’s being ridiculous.

And yet, this is the drama I’m here for. Here’s the amazing clip if you missed it. Chad stepped up and told Jack everything we wanted to but couldn’t.

Gabi and Abby, Frenemies

I love Gabi and Abby Gabigail(?) as frenemies. The episodes with them working together to take care of a common enemy has been fun. Deliciously campy. This is why I watch Days — for entertainment. But I’m not the only one who watches Days and here’s the other side of the coin that many fans think. Many find it’s stupid and many have also expressed concern that it’s only going to cause more mental health issues for Abigail. I’m pretty sure Gwen’s taunts and the stress of hiding this from Chad are going to do just that but isn’t that what we’re here for? Drama? Angst? Plus, have you guys seen Marci Miller’s pregnant belly? She’s glowing and more gorgeous than ever, which means she’ll be going on leave soon. They’ll have to do something with Abigail for a few weeks unless Kate Mansi returns while she’s on maternity leave.

Kate’s deluding herself

I love my Kate. Everyone knows this. But that doesn’t mean she’s safe from mocking. I also know when she’s being stupid. Right now, after everything she’s seen happen between Gabi and Jake and after Philip reminded her that when old lovers are at each other’s throats that things can quickly turn sexy, she should be thinking a little more clearly. Everyone can see that Jake and Gabi want each other badly. I think this Kate and Jake relationship has run its course and most seem to want to see Gabi and Jake make another go of it. Still, it’s juicy drama, isn’t it?!

Best lines:

Abigail, “How dumb do you think we are?”
Bonnie, “Well I dunno, this is Salem.”

Gabi, “You want Rolf’s drug stash?”
Abby, “Well not all of it. I just want the one you gave to me. I’m just gonna threaten her with it.”
Gabi, “If that’s all you’re trying to do, why do you need the real one?”
Abby, “Because Gwen has seen it before and if it doesn’t have Rolf’s label on it, she’s gonna know that I’m bluffing.”
Gabi, “They don’t all have the same label. It’s not a fricken spice rack.”

Worst lines:

Jake to Gabi, “Believe it, Chica.” (Um. No. Nobody wants to hear lines like this. We thought Julie said the last of them in her racist vents against Gabi.

Gabi to Abby, “What do you think you’re gonna use it on Gwen, are you nuts? Don’t answer that.” (Again, nobody wants to hear lines where a person calls another who is mentally ill ‘nuts’.)