Days’ Linsey Godfrey Bravely Reveals Borderline Personality Struggle

Urges folks, ‘Stop scrolling, let’s talk about mental health’ as she reveals a personal struggle.

“My disorders are very manageable for me.” Linsey Godfrey (Sarah Horton) posted an Instagram video where she opens up about her mental health struggles, telling her fans they’re not alone when it comes to mental health issues. She explains, “I’m what’s called a Border Polar, which means that I have Bipolar 2,  and Borderline Personality Disorder.” She goes on to explain that Bipolar is a mood disorder and personality disorder is just that — a personality disorder.

The Days of our Lives actress admits, “It’s very scary to talk about this publically because of the stigma around mental health.” Depression, anxiety, and OCD plague the actress, who states, “I have a tougher time regulating my emotions.” She’s able to experience a change in moods within hours or weeks with both diagnoses. Godfrey works with a psychiatrist, she takes daily medication and goes into therapy weekly, which for her has meant that her disorders are very manageable for her.

Godfrey says in her Instagram post, “I’m genuinely terrified to speak publicly about this but I think it’s more important than my fears to talk about it. Mental health issues are so much more common than we realize. There is such a terrible stigma around those of us that may deal with mental health disorders. We aren’t broken, we aren’t unhinged, our brains just work differently. We aren’t any less deserving of love. We aren’t any less capable of being anything that a person without these or any other disorders can be. It’s time to destigmatize mental health and stop dehumanizing mental health sufferers. You’re not alone. I’m here. 💚”


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