Days of Our Lives Spoilers October 10 – 14: Rolf Demands to Know Kristen’s Plan, and Chloe Wants to Break up

Soaps Spoilers full list of spoilers for DOOL from Monday, October 10 to Friday, October 14, 2022.

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SoapsSpoilers has the Days of our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks.

First, take a look at the Days October 3 -7 spoilers for Peacock.

Then check below for what’s ahead the week after! Coming up, EJ exposes Ava, Pauline tells Stephanie and Chad she’s being blackmailed, Marlena thinks it’s the end, and Jada comforts Eric.

Monday, October 10

Monday’s Days recap: Alex, Allie and Chanel have a threesome

EJ exposes Ava’s deception for Johnny.

Things get hot between Chad and Stephanie.

Sloan has a shocking message for Paulina.

Alex is on the receiving end of a wild proposition from Allie and Chanel.

Tuesday, October 11

Tuesday’s Days recap: Stefan remembers Gabi’s love

EJ tells Gabi he now has the advantage.

Wendy Shin arrives in Salem to get help from her brother, Li.

Paulina informs Stephanie and Chad that she’s being blackmailed.

Johnny figures out a way to get revenge on EJ.


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Wednesday, October 12

Wednesday’s Days recap: Wendy and Johnny team up

Li attempts to crack a deal with EJ.

Wendy and Johnny discover they share the same goal.

Chanel is disturbed when Paulina tells her someone knows their secret.

Alex faces off with Stephanie and Chad.

chanel dumped days of our lives

Thursday, October 13

Thursday’s Days recap: Roman and Kate marry

As Kate lays dying, Roman proposes to her.

Marlena admits to John that she thinks the end is near.

Eric prays.

Eric marries Kate and Roman.

Rolf has questions for Kristen about her plan.

Brady is shocked by what Chloe suggests.

Chloe wants to break up.

Brady confronts Kristen.

marlena reads orpheus letter days

Friday, October 14

Tripp and Joey rush to Kayla’s bedside.

Nicole confesses to Chloe she still has feelings for Eric.

Kristen forces Brady’s hand.

Jada comforts Eric about Marlena.

krsiten tries fire chloe days

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