Ben Rescues Ciara and Evan Pulls a Gun on Them

Friday, March 12, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, an explosion hit Ciara’s room and she was left under the rubble, Sarah learns that Kristen is after Chloe, and Rex turns up in Salem at Xander’s party.

Sarah shows up at Basic Black to get her dress when she sees Kristen out of her disguise. Sarah freaks out, realizing she broke out of prison and is pretending to be Susan. Sarah knows it was no wonder Chloe called Susan possessive of Brady. Kristen denies that, citing that Chloe’s always pushing her “muffins” in Brady’s face. Sarah says Chloe told her that Kristen’s the only woman Brady loves. Kristen says that Chloe admitted she wants Brady and she’ll steal him away from her. Sarah asks what happened to Susan. Kristen says she’s in Statesville, pretending to be her. “She volunteered,” Kristen asks her to keep her secret but Sarah can’t. Kristen is surprised she’s marrying Xander after he let her think her dead baby was alive. Sarah becomes emotional and says that Xander did it out of love. She knows what he did was wrong. She cries and talks about visiting the grave with him. Xander was at her side during all of it. Sarah knew she wanted him to stay there for better, worse, and always. Kristen wants her to stay quiet about her breaking out of prison. She says she stabbed Victor and it never would have happened if Sarah hadn’t given her baby back right away. She cries. Sarah feels for her. Kristen says Brady’s alone and each day, Chloe’s moving in on him. It has to stop. “How?” Sarah asks. Kristen just needs to keep an eye on it. Sarah goes to call Brady and is knocked out by Kristen.

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At the pub, Chloe tells Brady that Susan was surprisingly sensitive enough to make Chloe realize something. Brady touches her hand and asks if she’s okay. He notes she’s blushing. Before she can speak, Xander rushes in and tells everyone the next round of drinks is on him, “Because tomorrow is my big fat Greek wedding!” Chloe and Brady don’t care. They get up and go.

brady chloe pub days of our lives
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“More for us,” Xandy tells Jack. Roman gets them some drinks. Xander asks for a toast so Jack says, “To life’s greatest adventure.” Xander says, “Climbing Mount Everest?” Jack says, “No.” Xander says, “Kilimanjaro?” Jack says, “Love.” Rex Brady walks in and eavesdrops before he asks who he’s engaged to. Roman spots his son and they embrace. He brings Rex’s suitcase upstairs and says he’ll fix him food and they’ll catch up. He goes and Rex learns that Jack’s Xander’s best man. “Have you two…actually met?” Rex is astounded to learn that Sarah’s his bride-to-be. Rex and Xandy get in each other’s face and Rex thinks Sarah is crazy to marry him. Xander reminds Rex he cheated on her twice and got one of the women pregnant. He must feel like a stupid idiot daily for driving her away. Jack and Xander leave and Xander calls Sarah but she doesn’t pick up. He leaves her a cute message of love.

rex crashes party days of our lives
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In Ben’s room, Claire and Shawn hear the paramedics. Shawn wishes that Ben would have waited for backup.

shawn shot days of our lives
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Evan takes Ben to Ciara. Behind the glass, the room is a shambles. Ben curses and demands Evan tell him what this is and where Ciara is. “I’m guessing underneath all the rubble.” She must have found a way to blow herself up. Ben wants inside the room but Evan tells him it looks unstable. He opens the door and Ben yells for Ciara. Evan tells him they need to get out of here. “We can come back for Ciara’s corpse some other time.” Ben punches Evan out and drops the gun while he searches through the rubble for his wife. He moves the rubble, tossing wood around. “I know you’re alive,” he yells. Evan’s passed out as Ben searches, finding the Beyond The Looking Glass book. He finally finds Ciara under the bed, face bloodied, unconscious. He kisses her and picks her up. She has no pulse and she isn’t breathing so he starts CPR. She breathes and has a pulse. Ben tries to get a signal to make a call on his cell. He calls for help. Evan gets up and grabs his gun and points it at them. He’s ready to shoot when something falls on his head and he’s knocked out.

At the hospital, Shawn is patched up and Belle listens to their story, upset that this happened at all. Shawn needs to help Ben find Ciara.

At the townhouse, after Chloe sang a lullaby to Rachel, Brady says she has a way with his kid. Chloe wishes she had a daughter, too. Brady says they’re missing Kristen. Brady makes Chloe a sandwich.

brady chloe townhouse days of our lives
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Ben carries Ciara into the hospital. Claire is shocked to see them.

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