General Hospital Spoilers March 15-19, Valentin is in Shock

Soaps Spoilers is back with all-new General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 15-19.

Last week refresher!

Franco offered Peter the chance to come clean before he threatened to cut out his tongue. Peter came clean and Franco recorded it. The two struggled over the gun and when Franco went at Peter, the gun went off. Franco was shot, dead. Later, when Cam found out, he was forced to face the truth about Franco, that he’s not faking his death in order to protect them, Jason deeply suspected that Peter was the one to have killed Franco, and Jackie decided she would confess all to Chase. Meanwhile, Liz accused Jason of murdering Franco and then Sam asked Jason straight out. Of course, he told her that Franco was already dead when he arrived at the studio. Anna tried to reason with Maxie about who Peter really is, a dangerous man.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 15-19

Monday, March 15

Peter denies any wrong-doing.
Sam looks to help Maxie.
Alexis reflects on a lost love.
Valentin meets with Michael to discuss the future of ELQ.
Jackie apologizes to Gregory.

Tuesday, March 16

Alexis makes a hard decision.
Kristina lashes out.
Maxie is determined to do what’s best for her child.
Michael gets an unexpected surprise.
Sasha pays Brando a visit.

Wednesday, March 17

Liz is somber.
Nina is apologetic.
Laura has her doubts.
Curtis congratulates TJ.
Dante meets Sam at Kelly’s.

Thursday, March 18

Carly is defiant.
Brando questions Gladys.
Jax tries to reconnect with Nina.
Britt refuses Valentin’s help.
Olivia offers a little advice of her own.

Friday, March 19

Sam intervenes.
Elizabeth and Carly have words.
Valentin is in shock.
Peter makes an unlikely ally.
Phyllis is stunned by a surprise visitor.

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