B&B Spoilers Dec 11 – 15: Eric Hemorrhages During Surgery and Later Dies

Monday, Dec 11 to Friday, Dec 15.

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What’s coming up on Bold & Beautiful the week of December 11?

Eric collapses at his party and is rushed to the hospital, where Ridge takes over his care as Eric declines even further.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, December 11:

Monday’s B&B recap had Ridge refusing Finn’s treatment.

Finn (Tanner Novlan) delivers optimistic news to those at Eric’s (John McCook) hospital bedside.

There’s a radical treatment that could save Eric.

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life.

Ridge refuses treatment while Donna seethes.

donna shocked in the B&B spoilers

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, December 12:

In the B&B recap for Tuesday, Donna’s in shock when Ridge refuses her request.

Finn really thinks that they should do the treatment but tells them Eric’s quality of life would not be the same.

Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Steffy (Jacqueline McInnes Wood) fight with Ridge to do the right thing. 

Donna gripes about Ridge playing God but he says that’s unfair.

Hope and Carter argue about what should be done with Eric. 

Eric’s loved ones remember their best times together.

Eric lies in a hospital bed on life support.

finn asks ridge what his choice is B&B recaps

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, December 13:

In Wednesday’s B&B recap, Ridge says it’s time to pull the plug on his dad but Eric wakes up.

Finn explains how there still might be a chance for Eric.

Ridge allows Donna to say final goodbyes to her Honeybear.

the button finn almost touches to say goodbye to eric on Bold and Beautiful recap

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Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, December 14:

In Thursday’s early B&B episode recap, Eric hemorrhages during surgery.

Bridget and Thorne (Winsor Harmon) advocate for Eric against Ridge.


rj luna kiss B&B spoilers

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, December 15:

In Friday’s B&B recap, Eric dies and Stephanie greets him.

Finn and Bridget (Ashley Jones) race to save Eric’s life.

Ridge struggles with his choice as Eric takes a turn for the worse.

Finn and Bridget perform surgery and Eric survives.

Stephanie appears to Eric and takes him home as he dies. (Not that we are convinced he’s dead.)

eric on life support on B&B

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