B&B Recap: Ridge Refuses Finn’s Radical Treatment and Declares They Need to Let Eric Die

Monday, Dec 11: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Eric’s family ponder the moments before he collapsed, Ridge tells his father how much he loves him, and Finn tells Steffy he’s been working on a treatment. 

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Family sobbed as Eric realized Ridge lied about winning the fashion showdown and collapsed.

At Eric’s, Zende and Thomas discuss how their grandfather has collapsed in the past. Katie adds it’s different this time.

Bridget gets off the phone with the hospital and announces he still hasn’t regained consciousness.

bridget says they can't all go

Thorne wants to rush over their but Bridget says they need to give the doctor some space.

thorne wants to go to hospital

Pouting Steffy says she’s not ready to say goodbye to her granddad. Hope takes her hand.

steffy pouting about eric

The guests pace and wait. Bridget admits that things do not look good for Eric.

eric's guests pace

Steffy tries calling Finn but still can’t reach him. She decides to head to the hospital.

This waiting is killing everyone.

the guests wait for news

RJ realizes this party was a bad idea. Hope says that Eric wanted to be surrounded by family.

rj and zende recall what happened

They talk about Ridge giving Eric the win and how it convinced Eric of how much he loves him.

They aren’t sure how to read his last moments. Eric was laughing before he collapsed and now he’s fighting for his life.

Eventually, tearful Thorne declares he can’t do this any longer.

weeping thorne

Hope and Thomas worry about how they are going to tell Douglas about this.

He’s still hoping there is nothing to tell but they will get through this together.

hope and thomas worry about douglas

When Zende and RJ want to go to the hospital, Bridget reminds them that it won’t help.

RJ asks her what she thinks Eric’s chances are. She’s not sure there’s anything to be done.

bridget reminds everyone to stay put

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The doctor has to keep Donna out of the exam room as Eric is rushed in.

doctor keeps donna out

She watches through the door and prays for a miracle.

donna looks in at eric

Ridge and Brooke arrive. The attending doctor comes out and admits to Ridge that they don’t know if his father will make it.

Eric’s condition is extremely critical.

doctor fills ridge in

The doctor allows the family in. Sitting at his side, Donna begs honey bear to come back to her. She needs him.

donna tells eric she loves him

After kissing him, she cries and walks away.

Brooke approaches and tells Eric about their incredible bond. She can’t imagine him not in their lives.

brooke at eric's bedside

He’s supported her and she loves him for that. She urges him to keep fighting.

brooke tells eric how important he is

Ridge knows his father didn’t want them crying at his bedside, but this is love, not pity.

Eric is his father and his friend and he loves him very much.

ridge tells eric he loves him

When Ridge is left alone with his father, he recalls a family trip to Ireland when he was a child. He wandered off on his own and fell down a hill into a forrest.

ridge tells eric story

He couldn’t move. It got dark and started to rain. He knew fear and worried that a tiger would come to eat him.

When he heard something coming, it turned out to be Eric. He wrapped him up and took him away.

His father became a superhero to him that day and that’s never gone away.

ridge tells his father he's a hero

He hates that he thinks he wanted him out of the company. He just wanted him to enjoy his retirement.

Seeing him at the big desk with his stapler has only reminded him of how he’s taught him how to be a man and be a designer.

ridge alone with eric

He loves deeply and his kids have always needed him. Ridge assures him that they will be okay without him.

Choking back his tears, Ridge tells him that if he wants to go, he can go. It’s okay.

ridge sobbing

Steffy arrives in the hallway and is told that Eric is still unconscious.

Finn rushes over to her and she demands some answers.

steffy asks finn for news

He doesn’t have any, but he’s been working on something for Eric.

finn has bene working on something

All of his late nights working have been spent looking for a treatment for Eric.

Ridge, Brooke, and Donna join them and Steffy blurts out that her husband has been working on a treament.

ridge brooke hear about treatment

Finn warns that it is very experimental and there are no guarantees. It would be a big chance.

finn tells family about treatment

It’s a blood cleansing treatment combined with a transplant and both of these things will be painful.

Ridge has the medical power of attorney so Finn tells him he needs to make the decision.

finn explains treatment to eric's family

They can try or they can transfer him to comfort care and let him go.

Ridge says he loves his dad too much to put him through all that.

ridge says let eric die

“We gotta let him go. Let him die in peace,” he says.

Donna’s jaw drops.

donna shocked

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