B&B Recap: Steffy Tells Eric It’s Okay to Go Toward the Light, and Frustrated Zende is Comforted by Luna

Wednesday, Dec 20: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Finn and Bridget update the family on no news, RJ and Steffy visit their grandfather, and Zende vents to Luna.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Zende told Ridge he needs to be the one to finish Eric’s final collection since RJ is too green.

In the Forrester Creations office, Zende tells Ridge that he doesn’t want to have to think about what could happen to Eric.

He just wants to work and suggests that they work together to finish Eric’s last collection.

zende says rj doesn't have the chops

He insists that RJ is not ready for the kind of work that this demands.

Zende knows he wants to work with his son but this needs seasoned professionals.

Ridge knows how talented he is but RJ started this and needs to finish it.

They can use his help.

ridge listening to zende

Steffy comes in and declares it’s time to head to the hospital.

On the way out, Ridge tells Zende they can continue this ready.

Down the hall, RJ tells Luna that his dad wants to work with him to finish Eric’s last collection.

rj tells luna news

James from PR (played by Matt Klotz) pokes his head in to say that the press is looking for information.

RJ suggests he talk to Katie.

james from pr

Once James is gone, RJ feels bad because he’s feeling greedy for more time with his grandad.

She assures him he doesn’t need to feel bad and he says she’s almost as good as his grandfather at pep talks.

Steffy and Ridge come in to sweep him off to the hospital.

ridge and steffy ask rj to hospital

Zende comes in looking for RJ. Luna tells him he’s at the hospital.

Zende keeps visiting his granddad but it would be nice for Ridge to invite him along.

luna tells zende rj at hospital

Sometimes he feels like he’s not fully part of this family.

zende feeling left out

James pops up to say that Katie in on the PR.

He pats Zende on the arm, saying they are pulling for his grandfather and then walks out.

james updates luna

Luna assures Zende that his family isn’t trying to shut him out.

He’s sure they aren’t conscious of it, but it’s getting hard to ignore.

She tells him that Ridge wants to finish the line with RJ. He knows but he says RJ is a little kid compared to him.

He wanted to use his skill and talent to honor his grandfather, but he’s not the chosen one. He’s not Ridge Jr.

Luna can see he’s frustrated and understands, putting her hand on his shoulder.

luna tells zende she understands

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At the hospital, Finn and Bridget are in Eric’s room with Dr Martin.

They discuss his blood and Bridget wonders if Ridge was right and they should have let him go.

bridget and finn check on eric

They thank Dr. Martin (played by Cirie Fields) for the consult and she leaves, hoping Eric pulls through.

dr martin consults

Finn tells Bridget her dad still has a chance.

She wants him back the way he was.

bridget wants dad back

Donna and Brooke arrive and see how upset Bridget is. They ask if Eric will pull through.

Bridget doesn’t know. Finn has ordered more tests. They need to wait and see.

donna asks finn for answers

Donna is desperate for a sign something is working.

Brooke takes her sister to the waiting room, gives her some coffee and tries to calm her by stroking her head.

brooke tries to calm donna

Ridge, Steffy, and RJ arrive and they discuss how Eric crashed and is now being kept alive by a machine.

Ridge is upset. They could have spared his father this. Donna shakes her head.

ridge is getting upset

Bridget and Finn come in after going over the latest panels. There is no change.

eric's family wait

RJ goes off to see his granddad and Finn explains that Eric isn’t ready to be taken off the ventilator.

Ridge thinks that exactly what his father didn’t want to happen is happening.

RJ sits with Eric in his room. Holding his hand, he tells him that his hands made some great art. He hopes he knows that.

rj holds eric's hand

Tearing up, he can’t tell him how honored he was that he asked him for help when his hands stopped working.

Laughing and learning from him meant so much. They really want him to fight. This isn’t his time.

rj tells eric how talented he is

RJ isn’t ready to let go of him yet.

eric on ventilator

RJ returns to the others and Finn and Steffy file off to see Eric.

ridge tells rj he's brave

Ridge is proud of how mature his son is being and thinks the tougher things get, the more they all have to pull together.

In Eric’s room, Steffy weeps by his bed. She tells Finn about her special connection to him.

steffy and finn at eric's side

She tells Eric he made this family great and strong. Now she has her own family, but it won’t be the same without her grandfather.

She wonders if it’s selfish that she wants him to fight his way back rather than be at peace with Stephanie.

Steffy wonders if it’s right to keep him alive like this against his wishes. She’s sorry.

steffy sobs to eric

If he’s found a moment of peace, he can go and they will be okay.

She kisses his head and then weeps into Finn’s shoulder.

steffy says it's okay to go

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