GH Recap: Trina and Spencer Spend Christmas Eve Together, Aiden Comes Out, and Spinelli Moves in with Maxie

Wed Dec 20, 2023: Today on General Hospital, Joss invites Adam to her place, Liz and Finn listen to their kids, and Laura worries about Charlotte’s role models.

Tuesday’s GH recap: Brennan was arrested, Cyrus learned Michael and Nina’s secret, and Tracy threw a martini is Scott’s face.

At Maxie’s, Felicia snaps pictures of Georgie and Maxie making a gingerbread house. When the little girl walks off, Felicia wonders why her daughter isn’t in the seasonal spirit.

felicia georgie and maxie in kitchen

Maxie is thinking about how much things have changed since last year. She just broke up with Austin and now he’s dead. Her mom assures her things will be better next year.

spinelli on maxie's doorstep

Wet and shivering Spinelli shows up, asking Maximista for her assistance. He has a shower and they give him spare clothes.

spinelli needs help

Spinelli explains that a pipe burst and flooded his apartment. Maxie insists that he move in.

He’s reluctant to impose but she says he can have the guest room. He can provide in-house child care.

maxie asks spinelli to stay

Georgie jogs in and says it would be great if her father could spend the night.

Felicia looks over at her daughter.

felicia smiles at maxie

Spinelli says he might stay longer than a night. That sounds great to his daughter and Maxie gives in, ushering her daughter off to set up the guest room.

spinelli and georgie ask for him to stay

Felicia and Spinelli laugh that Maxie bought it. She thought they were going to go with mold as the cover story but he thought this was more effective.

felicia spinelli scheme

His moving in means he can pay rent and help with Maxie’s finances.

Dex drops by the dorms to pick up Joss. On their way out, she spots Adam and wonders what he’s still doing there. She thought he was flying home.

joss dex ask adam why there

He’s not going. Dex says some people enjoy the quiet.

adam is still there

Joss thinks this is pathetic. Adam snaps that he can’t go home. His parents would nag him so he made up a lie to cover staying.

The flights are too expensive for him to go home now anyway. He hopes they have a good Christmas and mopes off.

Joss tells Dex they should bring Adam to her family Christmas. She calls her mom, gets permission, and then asks Adam.

joss thinks adam should come for christmas

At home, Charlotte is surprised to find Laura and Kevin in her living room and wonders where her father could be on Christmas Eve.

charlotte sees kevin and laura

She’s happy that they are there and shows Kevin how to tie a bow.

Laura and Charlotte agree to watch a Christmas movie that she and Lulu used to watch together and hug. She goes off to get her gifts and Laura misses Lulu.

laura faces question from charlotte

In her room, Charlotte admires the “first battle wound” she got from the gunshot. Putting on a necklace, she looks in the mirror and vows, “Anything for family.”

charlotte with necklace

Kevin interrupts and apologizes for startling her. He asks about the necklace and she explains that it was Helena’s.

kevin interrupts charlotte

Kevin goes to Laura and immediately tells her what he just encountered with Charlotte. They assume this has something to do with Victor.

kevin tells laura what he saw

When he mentions the necklace of Helena’s, she goes pale. She wonders why Charlotte would ever want to emulate Helena.

Kevin is sure she’s looking for role models and using people like Victor and Helena.

She can’t believe it. After all the years she spent trying to save Nikolas, she never dreamed Charlotte would have to battle the family demons.

kebvin and laura talk chalrotte

Valentin stops by Anna’s apartment. He was surprised she called him and asks if they can make this quick so he can get back to his daughter.

valentin drops by anna's

He wishes he told her the truth from the start. She says he owed her that.

Anna fills him in on everything that happened with Forsythe and Brennan. He says she’s lucky to be alive.

Valentin knows he should have warned her about his daughter. She’s sorry his daughter was collateral damage in all this.

anna and valentin talk charlotte

She feels like she’s no longer in any danger and she’d be happy if the WSB reinstated her pension.

She may still have enemies but he and his family would be wise to keep their distance. He has plenty of enemies of his own but she always stood by him.

anna tells valentin not part of family

“We were a great team,” she agrees, but pulls away from him. It’s easy being with him. She can feel them again but when she closes her eyes, she just sees shooting his daughter.

As much as she loves him, they can’t go forward from this. His daughter needs him and she can no longer be part of his family.

valentin glaring at anna

He can’t let her go and doesn’t know where he would be without her.

valentin always love anna

She’s grateful for their time together. Part of her will always love him. He says part of him will love her too.

But love isn’t enough. She kisses his hand and says it’s time to call it.

anna valentin says goodbye

Holding her, he says he always knew that if he could ever have her, he could never keep her. They say goodbye.

He leaves. She cries.

anna weeps

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At home, Liz helps Aiden in the kitchen until the doorbell rings. It’s Finn and Violet.

She’s pretty glum so they try to cheer her up. She just wants to color.

finn liz wonder what's wrong with violet

Finn tells Liz that Leo told Violet Santa isn’t real. He’s not sure if something else happened. The nurse says they need to give her some time.

Liz returns to Aiden and they talk about Cam staying away with his girlfriend. She wonders if he feels left out now that his brother’s are dating.

liz and aiden make cookies

He says there’s someone he likes. She coaxes him into telling her more. “His name is Tobias,” he says. He’s really into renewable energy. They hug.

aiden tells liz about tobias

Jake helps Violet with her crafts. He senses something is wrong. She tells him her daddy is going away.

violet jake talk parents

He takes her to Finn and she explains that she heard him talking to Chase last night about going to court.

Finn tells his daughter that he’s not going to jail. He’s just being investigated at work but didn’t do anything wrong.

violet tells finn she's worried

Things just have to be made official and he pinky promises he’s not going away.

finn hugs violet

At Curtis and Portia’s, he announces to the family that he has life changing news.

curtis shares news

He says it’s been a challenging year and he couldn’t have made it through it without them.

Then he explains that he’s under consideration for a treatment that could have him walking. His family thinks that’s amazing.

Portia answers the door and has to force a smile when it’s Spencer. Trina hops over to welcome him and show him the tree.

portia answers door

The family welcome him and Marshall suggests they put some Christmas tunes on.

Curtis notices that Portia is not happy that Spencer is there but suggests she may not want to start the new year at odds with her daughter.

Spencer follows Curtis and Portia outside to help fix the lights. He assures Portia that he hopes to make her daughter very happy next year.

spencer helps curtis and portia

She snaps that he doesn’t really know much about love. He knows he has a lot to prove to them but he’s determined to do that because of how much he loves their daughter.

spencer asked about love

He hopes he can earn their forgiveness, love, and trust.

Once he walks off, Curtis asks Portia if what he said moved her at all.

curtis asks if portia was moved

Spencer joins Trina inside and tells her that her mom is tough. She’s sure she will come around but he’s not so sure.

trina thanks spencer for trying

She loves him for trying anyway. He gives her some earrings and they kiss.

Marshall goes outside for some air and Stella joins him. He tells him that he’s overwhelmed by everything that he’s got over the past year.

marshall laughing

He never thought he deserved a life like this. She tells him not to beat himself up.

Marshall says he talked to Irene the other day and she told him that too. She talks to her sister all the time too.

He thanks her for doing such a great job with his family and always having his back.

They think they are both special and she’s sorry for him losing the women he’s loved.

stella talks family

He’s sorry that she gave up love too.

They start dancing.

stella and marshall dance

As they embrace, their eyes lock and they share a moment.

They back away, blame it on the music, and she rushes off.

stella and marshall dance

They join the others and Portia declares it’s time to start decorating the tree. Spencer offers to leave them to it but Portia asks him to stay.

spencer joins trina family

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