Sheila is Moved by Her Awkward Appearance at Finn’s Christmas Celebration & the Forresters Celebrate the Holiday at Eric’s

In the Friday, December 24, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon visits Hope as the Forresters gather at Eric’s to celebrate Christmas, and Sheila is moved during her uncomfortable visit to Finn’s to mark the holiday. We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Steffy had a change of heart about the outrageous suggestion Sheila be invited to Christmas.

At the Cliffhouse, Taylor tells Steffy how happy she is to be there for her grandson’s first Christmas. Standing by the tree, Steffy still can’t believe that she let her mom convince her to invite Sheila. Thomas worries that this could make their mom uncomfortable, but Taylor explains she invited her old enemy. This way, she can observe her in a safe and closed setting to see if she’s as reformed as she claims.

Sheila arrives and awkwardly hugs her son. She thanks Steffy and Finn for inviting her but has a really hard time thanking Taylor. Steffy lays down the law, telling her she has a few minutes with Finn and the child and then she’s out.

After she’s poured a small glass of wine, Sheila chats with Finn about the importance of healing and understanding. She’s sure his family will be better next year. All these years she’s been having holidays alone but is finally celebrating with her family.

Taylor announces to the family that she is coming back to LA for good. Her children are thrilled. Sheila thanks her for giving her a chance, claiming she was a very different person in the past. “We both were,” Taylor says. Steffy brings out the baby and lets Sheila hold him. Thomas and Steffy have some difficulty watching this, but Sheila looks moved.

sheila with christmas family bold beautiful

After uncomfortably listening to the family chat, Sheila guesses it’s time for her to leave. She thanks them again and says this is the best Christmas she has had in a long time.

At the cabin, Hope and Liam get the children ready for Eric’s. She promises Douglas that she will be coming to Eric’s too, but first she gets to see her father. Hope beams.

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brooke reads to kids bold and beautiful christmas

At Eric’s house, he hands out eggnog to his guests. Quinn and Brooke agree not to say anything to set each other off today. Douglas wishes Paris a Merry Christmas. She tells him she just saw Santa flying over Brentwood and heard he was a good boy. Liam arrives and informs the guests that Hope is paying Deacon a visit. Ridge is just relieved she didn’t invite him there.

Paris, Liam, and Carter comment on the strength of the eggnog and look forward to their busy days doing charity work and opening gifts for the kids.

Eric quinn canoodle bold and beautiful christmas

Eric is using his mistletoe to kiss Quinn and promises that he has it hung up all over the property. He takes a break from this to hand Brooke some non-alcoholic champagne. Quinn brings out a tray of the real stuff to hand around. Eric raises a toast to the holiday and to all the memories they will make.

Deacon stops by Hope’s cabin with a gift. She didn’t get him anything. He says being there is the best gift she could give. He asks her to give everyone his best, or at least Brooke, and thanks her again. She wishes she could do more. He promises she can next year. They embrace.

brooke drinks non alcoholic beverage bold and beautiful christmas

Hope arrives at Eric’s as he is tapping away at the piano. Brooke calls for another toast for them to put aside their differences for the night and celebrate. Eric tells the children about the spirit of Christmas and how they should treat people with kindness throughout the year. Ridge echoes those feelings and says if they can act like that, everything should be fine.

The children unwrap gifts under the tree while the adults exchange theirs. Getting back to the piano, Eric plays as the family sings “Jingle Bells.”