B&B Recap: Steffy Flips Out After Spotting Sheila in Kelly’s Selfie so She Tracks Her Down and Smacks Her Down

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Zende urges Luna to stay silent, Luna and RJ have sex again, and Liam tells Steffy to leave Finn.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Things got hot for Hope and Thomas while Zende wanted Luna to dump RJ for him.

Lucy (played by Amanda Koots) picks up Steffy and her friend Danny from Steffy’s.

Liam runs in, looking for his daughter and asks her to fill him in about pizza later.

lucy picks up kids

After Lucy leaves with the kids, Liam asks Steffy how she’s doing.

She’s always anxious when she’s not around her kids.

He knows that’s because of Sheila.

steffy worries about kids

Liam reminds her that as long as Finn is in her life, Sheila will be.

Pacing, Steffy wonders why they have to live this way and Liam repeats it’s all because of Finn.

Steffy will never forgive the monster Sheila and flashes back to her shooting.

She wants her to pay for her crimes and suffer the way she did.

If it were up to her, Sheila would be dead.

steffy wants sheila dead

He says she will always feel this way and the only way to stop it is to stop being married to Finn.

Steffy says he’s her husband and not going anywhere.

She’ll do whatever is necessary to keep the kids safe.

steffy and liam vent abotu sheila

At the apartment, Sheila is painting her nine toes when Deacon shows up and jokes a nail salon would give her a discount.

sheila toes

He knows this may not be the best time to ask but someone called in needing cover at the restaurant.

“I thought you wanted nothing to do with me,” she says.

He’s sorry if he hurt her feelings, but she should understand his worries about losing his family.

deacon apologizes to sheila

Sheila gets it but warns him not to take her for granted.

When he leans in for a kiss, she tells him it’s too soon.

He kisses her anyway and she playfully slaps him and giggles.

sheila giggle

At Il Giardino, Deacon tells Sheila he’s keeping an eye on her and hopes she is staying out of trouble.

deacon jokes with sheila

She assures him she only has eyes for him.

Someone from her past came to town but he has nothing to worry about.

If she misbehaves, will he spank her? “Again,” he asks.

She laughs and he wanders off.

sheila old friend in town

Lucy comes in with the kids and Sheila stalks over to seat them, asking Kelly if she remembers her.

Flashing back to Sheila rescuing her, Kelly says she’s the nice lady from the beach.

kelly recognized shiela

The trio sit down and Sheila watches them take a selfie.

Kelly texts it to her mom.

kelly takes picture

The second Steffy gets the photo, she zooms in and spots Sheila in the background.

kids pic

Gasping, she calls Lucy and orders her to get the kids out of there immediately.

steffy gasping

Later, Sheila is doing her nails in the apartment when Steffy pounds on her door.

She storms in and reminds her that she told her to stay away from her family.

steffy wants sheila out of life

Kelly was just in the restaurant. Sheila asks if she was supposed to leave work when she saw her.

They saw each other for five seconds and she was just doing her job.

She thinks Steffy is overreacting.

Steffy reminds her of the shooting and Sheila says she never meant to shoot her son.

As Steffy calls her a psycho, Sheila orders her out.

sheila orders steffy out

When Sheila grabs her arm to lead her out, Steffy clocks her in the face.

Steffy vs sheila B&B recaps

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B&B Rant: Recycled lack of consent storyline upsetting viewers

B&B comings and goings


RJ towels off as he heads into the beach house.

He immediately sends Luna a text saying how much he wants her to come over.

rj texts luna

At Poppy’s place, Zende tells Luna how good they could be together.

She reminds him she has a boyfriend.

zende urges luna drop rj

He knows and he knows she feels bad about what happened but he thinks things happen for a reason and what happened is not something she should be ashamed of.

“I am crazy about you. Give us a chance. Leave RJ,” he urges.

zende thinks they could be good together

She’s flattered but didn’t know what she was doing that night. The mints made her think he was RJ.

RJ calls and she answers. He really wants to see her and she’ll be right over.

Zende knows asking her to leave RJ was a stretch, but he wanted her to know how he feels. He can see he’s not the guy for her…right now.

luna reminds zende she has bf

Will she tell RJ what happened or stay silent like her mom suggested?

If she wants to maintain the life she built, she needs to keep their secret.

zende urges luna keep quiet

When Luna arrives at the beach house, RJ offers her her favorite kombucha.

He knows she hasn’t been feeling like herself lately and asks if he did something wrong.

rj luna talk mood

She assures him he didn’t and he urges her to let go of whatever is bothering her today.

They laugh about how nice it is to live there and imagine what it will be like in the summer.

It sounds amazing to her. She thinks he’s amazing and loves what they have so much she never wants it to end.

luan says rj did nothing wrong

He says she could never let him down. He can’t stop thinking about how amazing the night they shared together was.

She says it was perfect and she never felt more loved.

Taking her hand, he leads her to the bedroom and they undress before having sex.

rj luna sex

After sex, he tells her he doesn’t take it for granted that he’s the only person she’s been with.

She flashes back to Zende urging her to keep what happened a secret.

She giggles when RJ asks if it bothers her he was with other women before her. She knows he had a life.

He says it doesn’t feel like he had one until he met her and hasn’t looked at another woman.

rj loves luna

She hasn’t been interested in anyone else either.

They tell each other how much they love each other and kiss.

luna rj talk love

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