Y&R Recap: Amanda Returns and Faces Devon and Abby, and Lauren Suggests Danny May Have Real Feelings for Phyllis

Wed Feb 21, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Danny runs away as Lauren and Phyllis fight, Devon shoots down Jill’s request, and Amanda goes after Abby.

Tuesday’s recap: Sally learned Adam went behind her back, Seth connected with Jordan, and Tucker lied to Audra after Ashley’s confusing visit.

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Feb 21. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Phyllis rings Daniel’s doorbell.

Danny answers and tries to chase her off but she offers him a peace offering.

danny answers door

She barges in and insists she’s not the one doing the competing here.

The old her would have loved ticking off the most sanctimonious person.

But she’s had a brutal year and feels she’s changed.

He encouraged her when no one else would.

She’s not proud of what she’s done and filling his life with turmoil but she’s changing and wants to do that with him.

phyllis barge sin

“I kinda think you feel the same way,” she says.

He says they are just co-parents and he doesn’t want these complications.

She suggests that Christine is using their unresolved issues to keep her claws in him and she’s threatened by their bond.

Getting close to him, she says she can see the future they could have.

phyllis getting close to danny

The doorbell rings and she asks him not to get it.

He does. It’s Christine, who rolls her eyes when she spots Phyllis.

danny phyllis interrupted

She enters with a gift and Phyllis laughs that her gift is big bold and red while Christine’s is just to help him nod off.

christine brings tea

Danny has work to do and thinks they both should leave.

The lawyer wants a moment alone with him to apologize for things she regrets saying.

Her enemy is sure she said something childish and says they were in the middle on an intense conversation.

Cricket accuses her of making everything a scene and Phyllis thinks she can’t accept that there is something between them.

christine rants at phyllis

The lawyer says she’s stalking him and he asks them both to leave. He asked for some boundaries.

Phyllis doesn’t believe in boundaries and is going after love. Christine thinks she’s just trying to make her life hell.

Christine accuses her of being a nasty, mean girl and Phyllis tells her she’s boring and suggests she’s “glomming” on to Danny.

They continue to bicker about their history as Danny grabs his stuff and walks out without them noticing.

Phyllis accuses her of using Danny just to get back at her and Christine lists her crimes.

phyllis says christine boring

Eventually, they notice he’s gone and blame each other.

They keep bickering and Cricket insists that the strength of her connection to Danny will always bring them back together.

Phyllis thinks she’s clinging to moldy memories and a love that should have died years ago.

Sarcastically clapping, Christine accuses her of being the same old, manipulative person, using her own son.

christine insulting phyllis

She accuses her of being scared of getting old alone because no one wants her after she kills the love in every relationship.

“You are a bitch!” Phyllis shoots back.

The lawyer challenges her to do something so she can press charges.

phyllis lurching at christine

Phyllis tells her she’s not worth the risk.

She’s in control and has been getting very, very close to Danny.

Cricket thinks she’s pathetic and the redhead just thinks she’s pathetic and walks out.

Christine punches a pillow.

phyllis gets in cricket's face

Lauren finds Danny in the bar of the GCAC.

She guesses something is wrong.

lauren runs into danny

He’s starting to feel like his next tour can’t come soon enough.

He wonders if it’s his fault that his exes are fighting over him again.

Lauren can guess all that’s happened.

They both think Phyllis is trying to be better.

danny wants to get away

Danny admits he still has feelings for Christine and he’s told them they all need to take a break.

She points out that it sounds like he has feelings for both of them.

If he is willing to put his relationship with Christine in jeopardy, maybe he sees Phyllis as more than a friend?

lauren asks danny about feelings

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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns


Chance runs into Nate at Crimson Lights and they talk about how busy they are at work.

nate and chance at crimson lights

Nate asks how things are with Billy.

Chance asks why he has issues with him.

chance and nate bump into each other

They sit and discuss Billy’s mistakes.

Nate will allow that maybe Billy has learned from his like he has.

He is concerned that Billy was brought back unilaterally and seems to have something to prove.

Chance admits he had doubts at first, but Billy has been a great mentor and has nothing but enthusiasm for the company.

chance and nate talk billy issues

Nate doesn’t want petty office politics distracting everyone.

Chance suggests that only he and Devon have been pushing that and suggests that Billy could really surprise them.

“That’s what we’re worried about,” says Nate.

They talk about how they both came to the corporate world from very different fields.

nate talks billy mistakes

Nate thinks that could be a strength for them and they should work together.

He smiles as Chance tells him about his idea for a music festival.

He’s surprised when Nate suggests they run with it.

He had the same idea and he thinks they can talk Devon around.

Summer arrives and smiles at them.

summer smiling at chance

She joins them and Nate takes off.

Chance tells her that Nate likes one of his ideas.

She knew he’d rock this.

Devon stops by Billy’s office and informs him that he’s spoken to his sister and they’ve agreed that changing the brand name could be confusing for people.

devon says no to name change

That doesn’t make much sense to Billy but Devon insists they aren’t changing the name.

billy devon talk name

“Jill will be very sorry to hear that,” Amanda says, as she walks in.

They’re surprised to see her.

She announces she’s acting as Jill’s chief counsel.

She says this is important to Jill and that should be enough for them to say yes.

Devon says that’s not how it works. “Please, tell me how partnerships work?” Amanda asks.

amanda interrupts billy and devon

After he swallows that dig, he says this change could have been made years ago when it would have made more sense.

The lawyer says Jill wants her son there for the long-term and she wonders why he’s bothered about publicly recognizing the Abbotts in this family…especially since they are practically his in-laws.

Billy thinks that Devon is blocking this for no good reason.

Devon says they should shelf this.

Amanda makes it clear Jill wants this resolved sooner rather than later.

amanda between devon and billy

She’s sticking around for awhile and Devon says his sister won’t be rushed returning.

Once Devon stomps off, Billy welcomes Amanda back and says that was a little intense.

amanda billy catch up

She admits his mom sent her to get a read of everything.

Billy explains Devon doesn’t trust him and keeps him out of decision making.

She claims she has no hard feelings against her ex but Billy is just glad she’s on his team.

She suggests that he try playing good cop with Devon while she plays bad cop.

billy and amanda talk jill

The lawyer leaves for her next task.

As soon as she’s gone, Devon shows up and they argue about trust issues.

devon arguing with billy about jill

Devon accuses him of being a smooth talker and it raised red flags when he brought up this name change.

They rehash Billy’s career and Devon finds it hard to trust someone who is so all-in on themselves.

Billy offers to rectify his perception and explains he’s spent most of his life trying to honor John’s legacy, but the truth is he’s more like his mom. He wants to honor his mom and that means they need to find a way to work together.

They talk about how Billy is just filling in for Lily.

The Abbott knows and asks how they work from that.

billy wants to prove himself

Devon accuses him of having trust issues and Billy suggests that he’s afraid of working with other people. He’s attitude just won’t work in a corporate structure.

They bicker about his history of fighting with colleagues and Billy asks for a second chance the same as he’s given to Lily and Nate.

Devon claims all he’s done is ask questions while Billy has leveled accusations. He’s not holding his breath that things will get better.

devon not impressed

Abby and Mariah are at Society waiting for Tessa.

abby mariah wait for tessa

Amanda shows up and asks what they are celebrating.

She asks if she can borrow the blonde for a minute.

amanda smiling at abby

Once they are left alone, the lawyer assures her she’s not back for old news but asks how serious Devon’s objections to Billy are.

amanda making face at abby

Things are tense and Abby accuses her of wanting her to push Devon into supporting Billy.

Abby refuses to be manipulated just because she hurt her in the past.

That’s shameless.

abby thinks amanda being manipulative

The lawyer says that’s not what she’s doing.

She just wants what is best for the company and thinks that Devon is being unfair to Billy.

Amanda thinks that they can all work together but Abby suggests they let Devon and Billy work things out themselves.

amanda listens to abby

Once Amanda is gone, Abby worries to Mariah that she has come back and made things personal.

She’ll have to wait until the board meets to know how personal.

abby vents to mariah

Amanda returns to the Chancellor-Winters office and Billy informs her that Devon has no intention of working with him.

amanda wants everyone onside

She tells him that Devon resents him and Jill and is suspicious of everyone.

He doesn’t think going after Abby helps and suggests she back off.

billy wonders about plan

Amanda explains that Jill wants her to get everyone on the same team against Mamie whether they like it or not.

amanda there on jill's orders

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