B&B Recap: As Thomas Wonders if His Sister is Right, Steffy Accuses Hope of Using Thomas Like a Toy

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Carter and Liam talk about what could go wrong with Thomas, Thomas asks Brooke how her daughter feels about him, and Steffy calls Hope a user.

Tuesday’s Early B&B recap: Steffy urged Thomas to think of his sanity and end things with Hope and then lashed out at her.

In the Forrester office, Hope tells Steffy she had no right telling Thomas to end things with her.

steffy and hope facing off in the office B&B

Steffy says that if her brother is hurting, she will go to battle for him.

Hope protests she was just trying to be honest with him.

It would have hurt him more if she’d agreed to the proposal without meaning it.

hope says steffy doesn't know how she feels

Steffy accuses her of toying with his emotions because she loves the attention and devotion.

She accuses her of never loving Thomas and tells her that she’s selfish and heartless.

She’s sure she got through to him to end things once and for all.

steffy says hope heartless

Hope says they have been good for each other but Steffy thinks it’s all been one-sided and it’s only been good for Hope.

Steffy is sure her brother finally sees her as user who will leave him to pick up the pieces.

The blonde says she knows nothing of their relationship.

He’s one of her best friends and she accuses Steffy of not caring about him.

hope arguing with steffy

He’s proven to be someone she can count on and who cares about her.

“Not anymore,” says Steffy, adding he’s done with her.

Hope says their relationship isn’t over.

Steffy repeats that she’s being unfair and Hope complains about her butting in.

Hope reminds her that she just got divorced and Steffy accuses her of not considering his needs.

steffy calling hope user

“I love him,” Hope insists.

And they share a son, which should be enough to make Steffy back off.

“How dare you interfere!” Hope objects.

hope protesting steffy

Steffy is concerned about her brother’s well-being and Hope repeats she really cares about him.

“You are using him like some disgusting toy. It’s gross,” complains Steffy.

They keep going around in circles about how one-sided the relationship is.

Hope repeats she said no to marriage but not to the relationship.

“You have gone full Logan. You are exactly like Brooke!” Steffy rants.

steffy declares it's over

If her brother hasn’t ended things with her, she will make sure he does.

“It’s over Hope!” declares Steffy.

Hope smirks and shakes her head. Steffy shakes her head back.

hope smirking at steffy

In the design office, Thomas asks Brooke how her daughter really feels about him.

Before she can answer, Ridge enters.

ridge walks in on brooke and thomas

Wondering what’s going on, he asks his son if he’s alright.

Thomas explains he proposed again, knowing Hope loves him.

But she turned him down again.

thomas asked how he feels

His dad can see he’s disappointed. Thomas says he’s stunned.

He thought that he and Hope were on the same page but now he’s second guessing everything.

Steffy thinks he’s been deluding himself and told him to move on without Hope.

Brooke is appalled to hear Steffy told him to walk away.

They all feel terrible that he’s disappointed, but would he want Hope to accept if she’s not ready?

ridge and brooke listen to thomas' concerns

She’s sorry but doesn’t know what to say and walks out, patting him on the shoulder.

Ridge tells his son he hates seeing him confused.

ridge asks how thomas feels

Thomas wonders if his sister is right.

He and Ridge pace around the office.

Ridge knows how much he wanted a future with Hope.

He imagined them running the company.

thomas and ridge talk about the future

Thomas did but now he can see she won’t accept it.

His sister has been telling him for a long time that she won’t commit.

His dad gives him a hug. Thomas furrows his brow.

thomas thinks it could be over

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At Il Giardino, Carter and Liam eat salad and talk about whether Thomas might lose it again if Hope can’t commit to him.

liam and carter eating salad B&B

Liam will admit he’s seen some “apparent” change in Thomas.

Carter works with him every day and is sure he’s changed.

He’ll admit that it is worrying how he might react if things end badly with Hope.

Liam thinks they have reason to fear the worst. Things could get ugly fast.

liam thinks thomas could lose it

Carter can concede all that. Steffy is right to be concerned and this whole situation must be eating away at Thomas.

Liam thinks Hope agreeing to marry Thomas is a non-starter. But turning him down will also be a disaster.

Either way, Hope is risking making an enemy out of Steffy.

carter and liam talk hope and thomas

Carter eagerly orders another drink and tells Liam worrying doesn’t help. Liam worries.

He thanks him for being such a decent listener and makes sure he won’t gossip about all this with Ridge.

Carter is reassuring him and adds no one wants a jilted Thomas.

Liam says they can only hope that Steffy will take command.

As he goes on about how beautiful watching her is, Carter reminds him that she’s also married.

liam hopes carter isn't a gossip

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