Sheila Plots Her Escape, and Deacon Plans to Leave the Country After Erasing the Security Footage

In the Tuesday, December 13, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila promises to disappear, Hope reminds Brooke that Deacon still wants her, and Steffy is frustrated.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Sheila escaped after Steffy recognized her and she assured Deacon she’ll never be found.

At Il Giardino, Finn continues blaming himself for the Sheila mess and Steffy keeps assuring him none of this is his fault.

bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Still almost in disbelief, she repeats that Sheila is alive.

She reminds him he’s one of Sheila’s victims.

The cops arrive.

Baker sends his men around to speak to the staff and asks Steffy what happened.

bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

She tells him she saw Sheila in disguise.

There was something familiar about her and that’s when her blood went cold. She was so shocked she just stood there.

The cop is surprised she didn’t follow Sheila.

Finn points out it didn’t go well the last time she followed Sheila into an alley.

They tell Baker that Deacon is looking at the security footage now.

Baker says that if they get a decent image and some DNA, they can send a note out to the airports.

In some motel room, frustrated Sheila flashes back to bumping into Steffy in the bathroom.

Deacon calls her on his burner phone and explains he’s looking at the security footage and it has him worried.

bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

The footage shows her bumping into Steffy.

Sheila tells him to get rid of it.

“Delete it…now!” she demands.

footage of sheila and steffy in the bathroom bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Reluctantly, he deletes it. She tells him she owes him so much for giving her a place to stay and never treating him like a monster.

He warns her that the cops know she’s in LA.

Running is not the answer and she will end up in prison for longer.

He urges her to turn herself in.

“There’s always a way out,” she tells him, hanging up.

sheila gets ready to put on another mask bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Baker, Steffy, and Finn show up at Deacon’s.

He explains that he didn’t see anything in the footage.

Sometimes the wi-fi goes out and there are gaps.

Steffy is furious and insists she saw Sheila and they need to do something.

steffy yells deacon bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

After they leave, Paul comes up and Deacon explains he’s thinking of buying the restaurant and turning it into Deacon’s Place.

He has to jet off to Italy and try to put together some backing.

Back in her motel room, Sheila tells herself that she is never going back to prison.

She will be a free woman again.

Forcing a smile, she laughs and sobs.


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New B&B comings and goings

Brooke congratulates her daughter on the latest sales numbers at Forrester Creations.

She thinks Hope should be proud of how well her line is doing.

bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Hope admits it’s bittersweet since Thomas played such a big role in it.

The topic changes to Sheila and how hard it is to relax knowing that she’s out there.

Brooke shakes her head, worried.

Hope keeps hoping that Sheila isn’t really alive.

Her mom is disturbed by the thought.

They talk about what will happen if the case is re-opened and what a nightmare this must be for Steffy and her husband.

Hope asks if she’s nervous alone in the house without Ridge.

She’s noticed her spending a lot more time at the office.

Brooke claims there’s a lot more work to do with him gone.

bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

Her daughter asks what she will do when he gets back.

Brooke says she loves him and wants to be with him but he has to make a choice to be completely committed to her and no one else.

Hope is glad to hear her say that because it’s what she deserves.

She’s sorry her relationship with Ridge has become all about him not making up his mind.

hope wants her mom to bone her dad bold and beautiful soapsspoilers

She reminds her there is another man who actually loves her unconditionally: Deacon.

Hope trusts her to do what’s right for her and Ridge is not the only man out there.

As they hug, Finn and Steffy bustle in and announce that she bumped into Sheila, who ran off in disguise.

Finn says the threat is very much alive.

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